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Abraham Lincoln. BY SABRINA . The Early Years…. Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 He was born in Kentucky with his mom, dad, and the rest of his family. When he was young he moved to Indiana with his family.

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Abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln


The early years
The Early Years…

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809

He was born in Kentucky with his mom, dad, and the rest of his family.

When he was young he moved to Indiana with his family.

As a matter of fact he loved school and another one of his hobbies is to study the laws.

A interesting fact is that he went to school for less than a year.

Birth place.

Why is abraham lincoln famous
Why is Abraham Lincoln Famous?

He was famous because he was a political leader and was the 16th president.

He also served in the civil war while being the president.

He gave a speech to help all the slaves and became famous for it.

He was a very good layer everybody said “he was the best layer we have ever seen”.

The later y ears
The Later Years…

In his later years he had become the 16th president.

He also married Mary Todd when he was about 24.

He became the state legislature around 42 years old.

He became a layer after a long urge.

Mary Todd

Abraham lincoln s impact on other s lives
Abraham Lincoln’s impact on other’s lives…

He wanted everyone to be treated fairly.

With out his help some of my friends might be slaves.

With out his help I might be a mean slave owner.

With out his help I might be very selfish.

With out his help every won would be treated unfairly.

My opinion
My Opinion…

My opinions about him is he shows caring to everyone…

People call him Honest Abe because he is always honest…

He is respectful to others and their things…

He is responsible for his actions and his belongings…

Also he is a very good leader to kids these days.

Extra facts
Extra facts…

Abraham’s mom died when he was 10.

His dad had married anew woman her name was Sarah Abe loved her as

Much as his other mom.

when Abe was 20 they moved to Illinois.

He served briefly in the voluntary army fighting Indian war’s.

In 1863 Abraham singed a paper called the emancipation proclamation it

Helped free many slaves.

He was in the republican party.

In 1865 he had died from John Wilkes Booth.

Emancipation proclamation.

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