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The Pemberton Scrapbook G. Daniel Buckley’s and Ernest L. Pemberton’s early research PowerPoint Presentation
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The Pemberton Scrapbook G. Daniel Buckley’s and Ernest L. Pemberton’s early research

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The Pemberton Scrapbook G. Daniel Buckley’s and Ernest L. Pemberton’s early research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Pemberton Scrapbook G. Daniel Buckley’s and Ernest L. Pemberton’s early research How the Scrapbook enters the research stream How I fit into this picture. George Daniel Pemberton Buckley, Jr’s Website. Pemberton Family Page Introduction: Growing The Pemberton Family Tree

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The Pemberton Scrapbook G. Daniel Buckley’s and Ernest L. Pemberton’s early research

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    1. The Pemberton Scrapbook • G. Daniel Buckley’s and Ernest L. Pemberton’s early research • How the Scrapbook enters the research stream • How I fit into this picture

    2. George Daniel Pemberton Buckley, Jr’s Website Pemberton Family Page Introduction: Growing The Pemberton Family Tree The Descendants of George Pemberton I The Ancestors of Muriel Grace Pemberton Related Web SitesAncestrees by Linda Coate DudickAquilla's Orchard by Sandra BarberWhite House Farm by Curt Mason The Washingtons of Jefferson County W.V.The Pembertons of Spotsylvania/Culpeper, VA

    3. Table of Documents For Parts 1,2, 3 List Of Documents From Barbados By E.L. Pemberton Will Of James Pemberton Of St. John's Parish, Barbados Died 8 Aug 1701 Deed To George Pemberton From Richard Littlepage dated 20 Jan 1702 Table of Land Transactions for Pemberton and Related Families 1702-1780 Fairfax Grant to George Pemberton - 15 Oct 1750 Fairfax Grant to Isaiah Pemberton I - 16 Oct 1750 1750 Map of the area of Old Frederick Co. showing the portion that became Jefferson County, West Virginia The Will Of George Pemberton - probated 4 Oct 1757 The Will Of Isaiah Pemberton II - dated 18 Jan 1801

    4. Part One – Barbados In February, 1627, 80 English settlers and 10 slaves, captured on the crossing, began the first settlement of Barbados naming it Jamestown (today known as Holetown). They began by cultivation of tobacco and cotton which they obtained from Dutch settlements in Guyana on the northern coast of South America. These crops were only moderately successful but in 1637 sugar cane was introduced. This crop proved to be a gold mine for the planters and by the 1640's had replaced tobacco and cotton as the principal crop. They became the first in the new world to establish large sugar plantations and their wealth grew rapidly. This evolution to large land holdings by a few planters led many of their young sons to seek opportunities in Virginia, Massachusetts, and the Carolina's.Barbados' surviving parish registers were all copied during the mid-19th century and deposited in a central registry. And it is these copied parish registers, housed in the Barbados Department of Archives, which form the basis of excellent reference works In 1982 Mr. E.L. Pemberton visited the island and copied many documents related to the Pemberton surname. William Pemberton was listed as a landowner of more than 10 acres in a 1638 census of the island. This listing coming only 11 years after the colony was first settled indicates William was likely one of the first settlers,although we have not found a passenger list or other document to confirm this. As you can see from the map the island is quite small and this coupled with the fact E.L. Pemberton found only one Pemberton plantation on a map of the island dated 1685, leads us to believe that William was probably the progenitor of all of the Barbadian Pembertons. Although there is no clear evidence that he was the father of James we are listing him as such in our files for reference purposes only. This will give his name exposure on the web and, perhaps, generate additional leads from interested researchers who read it there.

    5. James Pemberton is the only Pemberton listed among property owners of 25 or more acres in the next census dated 1679, which would seem to indicate the demise of the above mentioned William prior to this date. This census also contained a listing of baptisms and another of burials. Here we find John Pemberton son of James baptized on 9 Aug 1679 and John son of James buried 11 Aug 1679. Two additional sons of James, William and Charles are shown baptized on 28 Aug 1679. James wrote a will on 7 Aug 1701 in which he divided his property into two estates; first the portion located in St. George's Parish he left to his son John and second that in St. John's Parish was left to son Charles. The will states that John was to inherit his share when he reached the age of 21 and Charles on the death of James' wife Rebecca. Our main concern is with John Pemberton bp 9 Aug 1679 and whether or not he could be the same person as John Pemberton of Virginia and father of George described in many different Pemberton family histories and other references. The dates 9 Aug 1679 and 28 Aug 1679 are given in one account by Mr. Eli Jay who wrote: "We do find this name in the early records of St. John's Parish in Virginia when on August 9, 1679John Pemberton, son of James was baptized and on August 28 of the same year, William and James Pemberton, sons of James.....". There can be little doubt that Mr. Jay and other writers were incorrect in assuming that John Pemberton of Virginia was one and the same person as the John Pemberton of Bardados: 1. The Census of 1679 shows a John was buried on 11 Aug 1679. 2. The John mentioned in James' will is referred to as a minor in 1701 which clearly rules out the possibility that John bp 9 Aug 1679 could be the same person. 3. If the John of Virginia was the John bp 9 Aug 1679 then, unless he was baptized at a very advanced age, how could he have been able to execute a real estate transaction with Mr. Richard Littlepage, Sr. who died 20 Apr 1688 a little more than 7 years later? (See deed of 20 Jan 1702.) 4. The records of St. John's parish were destroyed in the Civil War 40 plus years before Jay wrote his account. We can find no reasonable way to link the Pembertons of Barbados to those of Virginia however we will include them in our file as an unlinked family beginning with William Pemberton.

    6. Part Two - Virginia To The Year 1746 Some say that George Pemberton's mother was Francis De Rochelle daughter of George Xavier De Rochelle and wife of John Pemberton. These same sources claim that Francis was baptized in St. John's Parish, Virginia on the same date as John Pemberton's brothers (28 Aug 1679), and that after John's death she married Richard Littlepage and had several children by him. Furthur they state that George Pemberton's middle name was Xavier perhaps in an effort to tie him to George Xavier De Rochelle. None of these sources quote any documents that would go to prove their statements. The use of St. John's parish in Virginia and the date 28 Aug 1679 are almost certainly incorrect for the reasons discussed in Part One. There was a St. John's parish in Virginia, in what would become King William County, but all of it's records were destroyed in the Civil War. George Pemberton's name appears on a number of documents that we will discuss below and in none of these was the name Xavier ever used. It is clear though that he signed his name with an X. Perhaps some well meaning researcher gave him this middle name to relate him to George De Rochelle but there are no documents that show he used the name either.There was a George (de) Rochelle who lived in Virginia in this time frame according to Doris Ross Johnston in a file at Rootsweb World Connect. In her notes for George De Rochelle she states: "by way of Low Countries; shipwrecked off Long Island and the Governor offered them land to settle, but they landed at Princess Anne Co., VA, thence via Nansemond Co., VA to Wake Co., NC -- from thence the SC Rochelles came. SOURCE: Huguenot Soc of TX application of Maggie Smith, Travis Co., 2 Apr 1956“

    7. From: Dixie Ann Pemberton [] Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 11:31 AM To: Dan Buckley Subject: George Pemberton: Long Creek Dear Dan: Looked up your website; had seen it once before. But wasn't sure we had a common ancestor until the 1757 will. Now, I've re-read your site twice; and decided last night to download and print out so I can go over it. I have only a few xeroxed pages of the Pettis Co History, but I'm asking my brother Gordon to bring it to a family gathering Saturday. I want to reexamine it for additional delineating clues to the exit from VA to SC to KY to MO. I love maps. How great to have a map of Long River! I know my brother Gordon will be excited. He is not online... Cordially, Dixie Ann

    8. From: Dan Buckley [] Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 11:54 AM To: Dixie Ann Pemberton Subject: RE: George Pemberton: Long Creek I am glad you read my site. I am busy researching the report you sent me and when done hope to write you some interesting things, some of which are not on the website. Dan

    9. From: Dan Buckley []Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 5:25 AMTo: Jblloyd1@aol.comCc:; Ernie & Arlene Pemberton; Dixie Ann Pemberton; Dale Nicoll; Rhonda Mefford; Betty Buckley; Sandra Barber; Pamela Service; Linda Coate; Joyce Lesich; Gwen Foraker; Hope Chamberlain; Stuart Lloyd; Eileen Lloyd; Carole Ann Hudson; Robert PritchettSubject: Re: MORE CONFIRMATION OF THE PEMBERTON FAMILY SCRAPBOOK James Again my comments in red. Dan ----- Original Message ----- ; ; Sent: Monday, October 06, 2003 8:21 PM Subject: Re: MORE CONFIRMATION OF THE PEMBERTON FAMILY SCRAPBOOK Dan,  I was excited to see the Carney name in Scrap I and had not had a chance to look up the link before I got your email.  I went to check the index and was surprised to find out it no longer existed!  I don't know what happened to it.  I will have to recreate it and resend the book.  I think something got lost in going back and forth between Microsoft Word (at my office) and Open Office Writer (at home).  Does your version have an index? No but it's not a big problem because I can use the search in Word.

    10. Your detective work seems sound to me.  Thomas' brother John was said to have been born about 1717.  If Thomas was a little older or younger, he would still be a reasonable age to have married a girl born in the late 1720's or early 1730's (around the 1727 birthdate of George III or Jr (we really need to agree on his nomenclature). • agree except we need to correct the scrapbook on Geo III's age, we calculate his dob as 1717/18 based on info in scrap 2. I have additional info on Carney which I will send you when I document his file.I • There was certainly a strong tradition of marrying the girl next door, wasn't there?  A look at the Baptist records of those years might help cement all this, since I believe that was a common bond among all these families.  I have requested a published version of the church minutes through our local library.  The originals are at the U Penn library in Philadelphia and I'm hoping one of our extended family will be able to sift through those microfilms for additional clues. • I also have been struck by this especially after finding so many additional links to the "Pioneer Families of Old Frederick Co.". I don't if you have seen my map showing what I knew prior to the scrapbook so attached is a copy. Below the map is where I live. Dan

    11. G. Daniel Buckley’s Introduction to his WEB research on PEMBERTONS • My research on our Pemberton line began about ten years ago when my mother and her sisters gave me, both verbally and with documents and photographs, the information we needed to complete most of the family back to Orlando Davis Pemberton. Then, over the years, several cousins came forward with additional information that brought us as far back as David Pemberton. Still later the internet has given us many new sources and documents both directly and from many correspondents who kindly volunteered their information making possible a clear line of descent from George Pemberton I  of Cheshire, England  in the 1600's to the present.  • Since George Pemberton II is the earliest ancestor that we can prove, the first three parts  will be concerned with him. The problem with George is that practically everything about him prior to the year 1746 is in controversy: his name, his marriage(s) and his ancestors.   In the first two parts we will deal with a number of family myths and legends that surround him, keeping some and discarding others.  • We have divided our information into several parts based on the way our documents seem to be best organized. First the information on Barbados from our cousin E.L. Pemberton throws new light on some old family stories. Then we will explore in Part Two the body of documents and other facts in Virginia that predate 1746 concerning Pemberton families there.  Part Three is a discussion of George M. Pemberton's scrapbook which came to our attention in 2003. This amazing document gives, what we believe to be, the best source of family information yet found. Part Four will cover the family  history  from Cheshire, England down to the marriages of George II's children and some of their subsequent histories. •     This article is an attempt to bring all of our information together in an organized format. Our hope is that family members and others may find this useful both in understanding our family history and for further research.

    12. Scrapbook: Vol. I: Walnut Baptist Church Records, Gifted April 15,1853

    13. George Middleton Pemberton,Sr., 1/23/1810-11/10/1878, SCRAPBOOK

    14. ANCESTORS – DIXIE ANN PEMBERTON George Pemberton I b 1660, & Sarah Middleton, England Son George Pemberton II b 1685-1857, & Elizabeth Brooks, VA Geo II lands in VA, 1710; marries 1st, Elizabeth Brooks Son George Pemberton III b 1718 1827,& Judith Brooks, Virginia Son Jesse B &Tabatha Brooks -Son George IV & Judea Mason Son of JBP, George M. Sr., marries dau of Jesse M, G IV’s son, Melissa GMP, Sr & Melissa: Family of eight children; upon her death, marries Sarah, her sister, and they have four children My grandfather, Thomas Mason Pemberton, was their youngest, b 1870- d 1963. He married Constance Taylor, both of Missouri. They moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1922, where my father was already living. Gordon Taylor Pemberton, 1904-1975, my father, marries 1928 M. Kathleen Wurth, 1909-2001, born in KY and her family moved to Phoenix, AZ 1909 Dixie Ann Pemberton, 2nd daughter

    15. Picture: George Middleton Pemberton, with granddaughters Dixie Virginia P.Clarke and Cecilia P. Marks, my paternal aunts

    16. Bottom Row: 3 Generations-Thomas Mason P, Gordon Taylor P, Gordon Lee P, Top Row: other brothers of Gordon and Dixie Ann Pemberton

    17. FAMILY TREE OF DAN AND DANNIE (LITTLE) BUCKLEY ID: I11223Name:George PEMBERTON ISex: MBirth: in Cheshire Co., EnglandDeath: BEF 1800Reference Number: PPEM09Note: THE PEMBERTON FAMILY SCRAPBOOKTranscribed by Dixie Ann Pemberton and G.D. Buckley, Jr. 2003{Dixie's remarks}[Dan's remarks] SCRAP 1 --:H I S T O R Y O F P E M B E R T O N S:--------------------------------------------------------(From George M. Pemberton's Scrap Book)"My great great Grandfather, George Pemberton, lived in Cheshire County orparish England. His residence was known by the name of "Pemberton Huff," andreceived its name from some circumstance that took place between the kingand himself, and the king ordered the following notice to be put up at thePemberton's gate post:"While olives are green and commodities roughHere is the place for Pemberton's huff."He married Sarah Middleton. His son, George Pemberton came from England toAmerica and settled in Virginia in 1710, and married Elizabeth Brooks."

    18. CHILDREN OF GEORGE PEMBERTON AND ELIZABETH BROOKSGeorge Pemberton who married Judea BrooksIsaaiah " " " Dr. Hall's daughter of Va.THREE DAUGHTERS: -- one married Henry Loyd" " Charles Sneed" " Thomas CarneyCHILDREN of GEORGE PEMBERTON and JUDEA BROOKS PEMBERTONJesse B. Pemberton who married Tabitha BrooksGeorge " " " Judea MasonDavid " " " Margaret LevelThomas died singleMary married Daniel BrownElizabeth " Thomas WadlingtonJudea " Thomas Worthington[sic]Margaret " John StedmanPhoebe died single[Taken from a typewritten, later transcription given me by Dixie AnnPemberton. GDB][In SCRAP 3 there is no Judea listed and we belive the above to be an errorof transcription however we are listing her under Geo III for researchpurposes only.]

    19. Part Three George M. Pemberton's Scrapbook Transcribed by Dixie Ann Pemberton and G.D. Buckley, Jr. 2003 Part One - The Scrapbook Part Two - Commentary -:H I S T O R Y O F P E M B E R T O N S:--------------------------------------------------------(From George M. Pemberton's Scrap Book) [SCRAP 1] "My great great Grandfather, George Pemberton, lived in Cheshire County or parish England. His residence was known by the name of "Pemberton Huff," and received its name from some circumstance that took place between the king and himself, and the king ordered the following notice to be put up at the Pemberton's gate post: "While olives are green and commodities roughHere is the place for Pemberton's huff."He married Sarah Middleton. His son, George Pemberton came from England to America and settled in Virginia in 1710, and married Elizabeth Brooks.

    20. Marriage 1LIVING Children George PEMBERTON II b: in Cheshire Co., England Sources:Title: Pemberton Family ScrapbookAuthor: George M. PembertonPublication: Courtesy of Dixie Ann Pemberton Note: Part of the text was dictated by George Pemberton III (d. 1817/18) to his son Jesse B. Pemberton; part was dictated by Jesse B. Pemberton to his son George M. Pemberton.[For complete text see notes for George Pemberton I]Note: See notes for George II.

    21. [SCRAP 1]"My great great Grandfather, George Pemberton [ I ], lived in Cheshire County or parish England. His residence was known by the name of "Pemberton Huff," and received its name from some circumstance that took place between the king and himself, and the king ordered the following notice to be put up at the Pemberton's gate post: "While olives are green and commodities roughHere is the place for Pemberton's huff."He married Sarah Middleton. At this writing no one has been able to verify the above information although Geo I and Sarah Middleton are mentioned in Scrap 3. What I believe gives this version of our origins credibility is the accuracy of the balance of the scrapbook along with it's age and it is most likely correct since Geo III would certainly have known who his grandparents were and is known to have given this information to his son Jesse B. The fact that we now have the name Sarah Middleton may, hopefully, give us a lead to verify this part of the scrapbook but for now we must accept it on faith. His son, George Pemberton [II] came from England to America and settled in Virginia in 1710, and married Elizabeth Brooks

    22. [SCRAP 2] "My [top of page missing but probably reads: My father George Pemberton] whodeparted this life in the one hundredth and tenth year of his age, was insome particulars an extraordinary man. He was born in the State of Virginia; moved from there to South Carolina about the year 1771 and in 1801 moved to Kentucky where he died in Caldwell County in the year 1827 eight miles a little south of east from Princeton and was buried on the farm owned by his son George Pemberton [IV].He was a stout, robust, athletic man; he could say at his death what few mencould say. He never was sick a day in his life; never took a dose ofmedicine; never was bled; never was drunk; never was sued; neither sued anyperson; never had an arbitration with any person. When he died [he] justseemed to have fallen asleep. He was a Captain in what was called Bratosks (Braddocks?) war. He was a respectable member of the old Regular Baptist Church for about 80 years."The above is my father's statement to me written by me George M. Pemberton

    23. As mentioned in my article Growing The Pemberton Family Tree : In 1732 George received three Colonial Land Patents totaling 1180 acres. On 5 Nov 1734 he transferred something to a Jno Garth. In 1738 he received another patent for an additional 416 acres. All of this property lay in what is now Hanover County which was formed in 1720. One of the tracts acquired in 1734 lay on both sides of the Newfound River (see map above) and we believe his other property was either adjacent to this or nearby. It is possible that this George was our Geo II but we have no way to prove it so far. The date range of 1732-1738 is consistent with his span in the scrapbook of 1710-1756/7 but there were other Georges in VA at the time who could also qualify. The transaction mentioned above with Charles Sneed is probably our Geo II because, as I will show, Geo II's daughter married a Charles Sneed. One thing is clear at this point, if we are working on the assumption that the scrapbook is correct, then we can rule out George son of John who inherited by deed in 1701 from Richard Littlepage and at the same time all of the De Rochell information. This slide shows the change in Dan’s and Ernie’s research and thinking about their common ancester George Pemberton II.

    24. SCRAP 3History Of Our Relations -This statement was given to me by my father Jesse B. Pemberton down to the name of Col. Bird Burfort where my narrative will commence."Jesse B. Pemberton's father was born in Virginia whose name was George, his mother's maiden name was Judea Brooks; his grandfather's given name was Geo.; his grandmother on his mother's side was named Betsey Warren that was her maiden name after marriage called Brooks.My father's grandmother was Sarah Pemberton before called Middleton.I had three brothers, (named) David, Geo. & Thos.David married Margaret Level who died in the city of Charleston, So. Carolina.Geo. married Judea Mason,Thos. not married. I married Tabitha Brooks.I had 4 sisters (named) Betsy, Margaret, Polly, & Phebe. Betsey married Tho. Wadlington,Margaret married John Stedman,Polly married Dan'l Brown one of ablest old Baptist preachers of his day.Phebe never married.My father had only one brother (named) Isaiah he married Dr. Hall's daughter of Virginia Frederick Co.My grandfather on my father's side came from England when a young man, married Betsy Brooks. James Burfort married my grandmother's sister on my mother's side her maiden name was Mary Warren, her oldest sister married Warren Burfort, her youngest son was known by the title of Col. Bird Burfort."The above was written by Geo. M. Pemberton a son of Jesse B. Pemberton whose name heads this narrative.

    25. SCRAP 4 -Geo M. Pemberton History of his relations"My Grandfather on my Mother's side was named Thomas Brooks an uncle of myFathers (Jesse B.) He was the youngest of ten children. His brothers wereJesse, Mathew, Williams, James, Daniel, David and Joel. Jesse was an oldBaptist Preacher. David was a Quaker Preacher. His brother Thos, myGrandfather, was a Quaker by Profession. His sister Mary married a Mr.Thornberry. My Grand Mother on my Mother's side was named Susan Teague. HerFather was Elijah Teague, a captain in the old Revolutionary war, wascaptured by a squad of 8 Tories and hung. He had 3 sons, they followed the8 and killed them all except one - Ned Mitchuseson. My Mothers maiden name was Tabitha Brooks. She had 4 brothers & four sisters. Thomas, Jesse, Elijah, and David, was her brothers names her Sisters names were Polly, Betsey, Susan, and Rebecca. Thomas married Franky Bond. had ten children, (namely), ?__Warren, David Given, Williams Bond, Furdy Wadlington, John Johnson, Elijah Teague, & Jesse Pemberton, Polly, Susan, Tabitha, & Rebecca- the girls name- uncle Elijah married Betsey Young had eleven children 7 sons and 4 daughters namely Young Draton, Alney McClain, David Allen, John Goodlow, Napoleon, Jesse & Geo., girles names Susan, Mary Jane, Polly, & Elizabeth. David never married, Aunt Betsey married Thomas Goran had 5 sons & 3 daughters named Pesley Edwards, Benj. Franklin, Geo. Pemberton, JohnJohnson, (girles names) Emily, Susan, & Nancy. Aunt Polly married JamesMercer had 2 sons one daughter - sons named Thos Brooks & Cursen (sp?) - girls name Helen................“

    26. COMMENTARY ON GEORGE M. PEMBERTON'S SCRAPBOOK G.D. Buckley, Jr. 2004 As far as I know the scrapbook of George M. Pemberton had never been made public until I posted it to the web a short time ago. This has made it easier to verify it's contents with other sources that could not have been based on it. This document is an effort to compare these independent sources with the scrapbook on a line by line basis.The book itself was the work of George M. Pemberton who got some of his information from his father Jesse B. Pemberton who in turn was given information by his father George III who was the son of George Pemberton II who lived in the part of Old Frederick County, VA that today is known as Jefferson Co., WV. After George M. died in 1878 the book was passed down through the generations until coming in possession of the brother of Dixie Ann Pemberton who gave me copies of four pages in photo static format.Before going into the detail of it's contents here is part of what we know of it's compiler George M. Pemberton:"George M. Pemberton, who was the eldest son of Jesse B and Tabitha Pemberton, was born in Caldwell County Ky, March 5, 1810. He was one of the leading stock dealers of his township (Pettis Co. MO), and contributed largely to the development and prosperity of the county. He was also at one time an extensive land owner, having owned in connection with his brother, Dr. Thomas B. Pemberton, nearly 4,000 acres. He died November 10, 1878. He had been a member of the Regular Baptist Church for many years, and was a good neighbor, widely known and respected. He came to Missouri in company with his brother, Dr. Thomas B, in 1836, and was married in 1839 to Miss Malissa M. Pemberton, daughter of Judge Pemberton, by whom he raised a family of eight children. Mrs. Pemberton died in 1859 with typhoid fever, and also near the same time, two of the eldest sons and one daughter died. In 1860 George M. married Miss Sarah E. Pemberton, sister of his first wife, by whom he had four children. "[(Quoted from page 977 of the "HISTORY OF ELK FORK TOWNSHIP") courtesy of Dixie Ann Pemberton]We will show the scrapbook's contents in red and our comments in black. Items in blue are hyperlinked.

    27. In a book by Harry Wright Newman, The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia we find a chain of title that would seem to place a George Pemberton in Prince William Co., VA at an early date judging by the length of the chain: "In 1764 Edward Smoot purchased from William Mitchell, of Prince William County, Virginia, 153 acres of land lying in that county, the tract being a portion of 300 acres bought by Luke Cannon from Thomas Young, conveyed to Young by George Pemberton and conveyed to him by Charles Sneed to whom the land had descended by inheritance."Charles Sneed is mentioned later as marrying Geo II's daughter Ann. (See Below) Elizabeth Brooks is pointed to indirectly in Reah Lloyd McGaffey's, Lloyd Notes and Facts, 1709-1990 (Electronic version transcribed by James Lloyd). Used with permission of James Lloyd. "JUDITH was not HENRY'S first wife, for if we have the right Judith Pemberton, she was JUDITH BROOKS, daughter of MATTHEW and ELIZABETH (Warren) BROOKS of "Opekon". Elizabeth's will is dated Dec. 12, 1759 and it named a daughter, JUDITH PEMBERSON (sic). The chief evidence for thinking this is the Judith who married HENRY LLOYD Sr. is that her granddaughter was named CATHERINE BROOKS MCCONNELL. Some doubt is thrown on this theory by a paper handed down in the White family, descendants of Henry and Judith, which says that it was Judith Pemberton that married Henry. This paper says that Judith's mother was a cousin of SALLY FAIRFAX, but gave no name. If the name BROOKS came through the Lloyd family it had to be an early Brooks girl (the cousin of Sally?) who married a Pemberton and had a daughter Judith."

    28. If the scrapbook is correct then the wife of Geo II given as Elizabeth "Bettsy" Brooks would certainly fill the bill as Grandmother of Catherine Brooks McConnell. I have been searching the family of Sally Fairfax who was rumored to be George Washington's mistress although no proof has ever been found. What I have is this: Sarah CARY1730 - 1811ID Number: I56729RESIDENCE: VABIRTH: 1730DEATH: 1811RESOURCES: See: [S2066]Father: Wilson CARY Esq. of CeleysMother: Sarah PATE?Family 1 : George William FAIRFAXMARRIAGE: 12 Dec 1748Notes"Sarah Cary((4)), b. 1730; d. 1811. She, in a letter of Dec. 12, 1802, to her nephew, Thomas, ninth Lord Fairfax, states her age as then seventy-two. She married (Dec. 12, 1748) George William Fairfax." [S2066] [] So far I can find no mention of a Brooks in the Cary linage.

    29. There is no doubt that George III married Judith Brooks: Fact: George Pemberton, III was a son of George Pemberton, II Will Of George Pemberton II Transcribed by E.L. Pemberton and G.D. Buckley, Jr. from a photo copy: I give and bequeath unto my son George Pemberton his heirs and assigns all my messuage or tenement whereon I now live in the County aforesaid containing as by survey made four hundred and twenty two acres as appears by my Deed issued in my name for said land to him and his heirs and assigns forever, together with a Negro girl called Jean about thirty years of age to him and his. Assigns forever also a fifth part of all my moveables." Fact: Matthew Brooks and Elizabeth Warren Brooks had a daughter who was married to a Pemberton in 1759. 1. From the book Brooks and Kindred Families by Ida Brooks Kellam : "Elizabeth Warren, Widow of Matthew, dated her will 12 -12- 1759 and it was admitted to probate 2-6-1760 in Frederick County Virgina book 2 page 368. Elizabeth Brooks is said to be the Daughter of Thomas Warren who made his will in Spottsylvania County Virgina., 4-13-1749 and probated 12-4 1750 book B. p. 56. He named his Daughter, Elizabeth Brooks." 2. From the book: LLOYD NOTES AND FACTS, Compiled by: Reah Lloyd McGaffey: "Elizabeth Warren Brook's will is dated Dec. 12, 1759 and it named a daughter, JUDITH PEMBERSON (sic)."

    30. Fact: George Pemberton, Jr. had a wife named Judith: E.L. Pemberton, EMail dated May 16, 2001: "The information I have on the the lands of George and Isaiah are copies of the Deeds whereby both men with their wives Elizabeth (Isaiah) and Judith (George) and both to Samuel Washington of 542 acres for Isaiah and 473 acres for George on 1/27 and 1/28/1771 (for Isaiah) for 5 shillings and 435 pounds and 2/1 and 2/2/1771 for George for 5 shillings and 300 pounds. Both Deeds indicate the land joined Robert Worthington's land patent 10-2-1735 and being tract granted to Isaiah and George separately by a Deed from Lord Fairfaxe dated 10-16-1750 (for Isaiah) and 10-15-1750 (for George). My records show that Isaiah was married in 1752 and George ABT 1755. Which means both men were single in 1750." Conclusion: George Pemberton, Jr. married Judith Brooks.

    31. Isaiah " " " Dr. Hall's daughter of Va. [1] Notes for Elizabeth Hall by Jesse Hall used with his permission: Elizabeth's inheritance under her father's will: "Item my will is that my new Survey of land shall be sold by my Executor hereafter mentioned and the money got for the same shall be Equally divided among my four daughters Viz - Elizabeth Pemberton, Ruth Havin, Hannah Harris, and Sarah Keyes and it is my will also that my full children always to have their grain ground tool free during their natural life or the mill ongoing." [2] Elizabeth is named as wife of Isaiah Pemberton in deed to Samuel Washington in 1771. [3] William Wade Hinshaw, Encyclopedia Of American Quaker Genealogy; 1700-1930 (Ann Arbor: MI, 1936), Vol. 1, Page 1023: "Elizabeth Pemberton, w. Isaiah, d. 12-28-1795." Bush River Monthly Meeting. It is interesting that here and later in the scrapbook William Hall is refered to as "Dr.". I have seen no other source that mentions this and indicates the author's first-hand knowledge of the Hall family who lived nearby to George II around the present day site of Halltown, WV.

    32. THREE DAUGHTERS: -- one married Henry Loyd" " Charles Sneed" " Thomas Carney Strangely the daughters of Geo II are not named in the scrapbook, perhaps the writer had forgotten them or the original page had faded too much to be transcribed. (The first scrap is typewritten and must have been transcribed from an earlier page.) We used the following logic to sort out who married who: 1. The will of George Pemberton II identifies the three daughters as Ann, Judi, and Sarah. 2. Judi married Henry Lloyd: In her book, "Lloyd Notes and Facts", Reah Lloyd McGaffey makes this statement: "JUDITH was not HENRY'S first wife, for if we have the right Judith Pemberton, she was JUDITH BROOKS, daughter of MATTHEW and ELIZABETH (Warren) BROOKS of "Opekon". Elizabeth's will is dated Dec. 12, 1759 and it named a daughter, JUDITH PEMBERSON (sic). The chief evidence for thinking this is the Judith who married HENRY LLOYD Sr. is that her granddaughter was named CATHERINE BROOKS MCCONNELL. " It is our contention that Mrs. McGaffey did not have the right Judeth Pemberton. It is apparent from a careful of reading of her account that she was unaware of who the Pemberton's of Frederick Co. were: ". If the name BROOKS came through the Lloyd family it had to be an early Brooks girl (the cousin of Sally?) who married a Pemberton and had a daughter Judith, or through Judith Brooks who married a Pemberton before she married Henry." The last assumption that Judith Brooks married a Pemberton before she married Henry is what gives Mrs. McGaffey problems because if true then she must reach the inevitable conclusion that Henry married twice since: "No marriage record has been found for Judith and Henry but several researchers think that Judith was a second wife. Henry had a daughter born in 1759 when he was 50 years old, and Judith had a son born in 1771 when it seems that a first wife would have been too old. Judith Pemberton Lloyd. daughter of Judith and Henry was born 1763 so it appears that between 1759 and 1763 Henry must have married Judith."

    33. There is no birth record that I have seen which would prove 1709 as Henry's date of birth, we have no clear record of Judith Brooks or Judeth Pemberton either. We do know that Isaiah son of George Pemberton, Sr. married Elizabeth Hall of Halltown, W.V. before (hopefully) 3 Dec 1753 when according to Hinshaw's Quaker Encyclopedia, their first child was born. They had their last child on 3 Sep 1775. A span which could also apply to Henry and Judith Lloyd. Concerning Henry's ancestry I believe Eileen C. Lloyd <> has the best summary: "Two of our line of relatives have been researching the relationship of David to William Lloyd and have not been successful in proving that fact. In fact, one of them has gone as far as getting a researcher in England and thus far has not found anything. One of the books that I have is "Lloyds, Notes and Facts" by Reah McGaffey who has done a great of research of this line. Her first chapter "Lloyds of Virginia" states: "Thus far, not too much is known of the early Lloyd family in Virginia, altho several of us have searched diligently for proof of clues found there. The earliest member of which we can be sure, was a DAVID LOYD of Frederick County, Virginia, where a warrant for about 400 acres of land was obtained from Lord Fairfax April 4, 1750 in David's name and it stated that he was living on the land at the time. In October of the same year, this land was patented to his son HENRY LOYD." Regardless of Henry's age, (my great grandfather Daniel Buckley fathered a child when he was 62), the fact that he fathered a child in 1759 lends credence to our contention that he married Judi Pemberton daughter of George Pemberton, Sr. In fact there is no reason to believe that Judi was not the mother of all of Henry's children.

    34. Summing up: 1. The fact that Judith Pemberton Lloyd named one her children Catherine Brooks McConnell is insufficient reason to believe that Henry Loyd married Judith Brooks. 2. If Henry's wife had a maiden name of Brooks then why didn't they name their 9th child Judith Brooks Lloyd? Surely that would have been preferable to a dead husband's name. 3. Who could the mysterious first husband be? As far as we know there was only one Pemberton family living in what became Jefferson Co., WV during the time frame in question and in those days there weren't many people living in the whole area. 4. Fact: George Pemberton had a daughter named Judi named in his will dated 1756: "Will Of George Pemberton (Copy Posted at: Transcribed by E.L. Pemberton and G.D. Buckley, Jr. from a photo copy. "Item I give unto my second eldest daughter Judi one fifth part of all my moveables." Fact: Henry and Judith named their 9th child Judith Pemberton Lloyd. 5. The information given in The Pemberton Family Scrapbook by Jesse B. Pemberton supports my position that Judeth Brooks married Geo (III,Jr.) and gives some credence to Mrs. Mahaffey's contention: "If the name BROOKS came through the Lloyd family it had to be an early Brooks girl (the cousin of Sally?) who married a Pemberton and had a daughter Judith,........". In the Pemberton Family Scrapbook Judith Pemberton's mother is listed as Elizabeth Brooks and this would certainly account for her grand daughter naming one of her children Catherine Brooks McConnell. Conclusion: Henry married Judith Pemberton, who most likely was the mother of all of his children. 3. Thomas Carney owned land adjacent to George Pemberton as mentioned in a survey by George Washington . 4. Thomas' wife is identified as Sarah when the property was sold on 7 Dec 1774 in Berkley Co.,public records. Conclusion: Sarah married Thomas Carney

    35. 5. By the process of elimination Ann must have married Charles Sneed. The only information we have linking Charles Sneed is the reference given above in the Smoot book. The descendants of Judith Pemberton and Henry Lloyd begin at: Based on information given in Reah Lloyd McGaffey's book we have included several generations of descendants for Thomas Carney and Sarah Pemberton which will be found begining at: The second scrap of Geo. M's book deals with the life of George Pemberton, III. Dixie Ann Pemberton refers to it as an obituary and this is probably correct. It is important to us for more than the details of Geo III's life because if we can verify it then it will be helpful in our analysis of other documents that are in conflict and those which agree.

    36. He was a stout, robust, athletic man; he could say at his death what few men could say. He never was sick a day in his life; never took a dose of medicine; never was bled; never was drunk; never was sued; neither sued any person; never had an arbitration with any person. When he died [he] just seemed to have fallen asleep. He was a Captain in what was called Bratosks (Braddock's) war. He was a respectable member of the old Regular Baptist Church for about 80 years.The above is my father's statement to me written by me George M. Pemberton ..."George Pemberton served as captain of a company of Virginia troops, under Col. Washington, in the campaign with Braddock's army, and it was through their coolness and bravery that the small remnant of that command was saved from complete destruction."[from the HISTORY OF ELK FORK TOWNSHIP, P 978, in Pettis County History 1882.] Based on my interpretation of the mention of "Bratoehs [Braddock's] war" in the scrapbook and the above quote from the Pettis Co. history book it appears clear that George III fought in the French and Indian war. Gen. Braddock was sent to the colonies to defend British interests and Col. Washington was appointed by the governor of Virginia to command the colonial militia. Braddock was killed in 1755 and could not possibly have had any role in the Revolutionary war. Scrap 3 repeats some of the information found in Scraps 1 and 2. There are some differences here that should be mentioned. 1. The inscription on the gate re: Olives and Commodities is not found in Scrap 3. 2. I did not discuss the list of children and marriages in Scrap 1 because it seemed better to bring it up here since most of the information is duplicated in Scrap 3. There is one difference between the two versions; Scrap 1 lists a child of George III as: Judea Pemberton who married Thomas Worthington. We believe this may be an error however the question remains: Where did the transcriber of Scrap 1 get this? So we are leaving Judea as a child of Geo III with the caution that it may incorrect. To date we have not been able to either confirm or deny it.

    37. Here is Mr. Lisle's reply to a questionaire that I sent him: "Dan,Thanks for your note. I have done a bit more research on the SC Stedmans since I last posted my web site, so maybe I can help a bit. I refer you to a book on the Barton/Steadman family by Joseph Earle Steadman. I think you will find it useful.Steadman's book claims that she married a Thomas Steedman, s/o Robert Steedman of Fife, Scotland.This is what Steadman says about Thomas (9th child of Robert Steedman & a Miss Henderson):Thomas (b. abt 1762 - d. unknown) He is not listed in the 1790 census for South Carolina. According to information given to the late John Edrington Steadman (not a descendant in this line) by later day members of the Pemberton family conneciton living in Newberry County, SC, Thomas married Margaret Pemberton -- (daughter of one George Pemberton who moved from Frederick Co., VA, to Newberry county prior to 1790) - and died prior to 1790. leaving no children. She is listed next to George Pemberton in the 1790 census for Newberry county. On 1 May 1805 she witnessed a deed given to Mary Garner by John Pemberton and others. (Deed Book I, p. 128) At about 1806 some of the Pembertons moved to Miami County, OH, and she probably went with them."

    38. My reply and his to me: John:Thank You for the prompt reply. I will read over the information you sent. The Margaret Pemberton who according to the scrapbook married a John Steadman would most likely not have gone to Ohio but rather to KY with other members of Geo. Pem III's family. The Pems who went to Ohio were all descendants of Geo III's brother Isaiah Pem I ie Isaiah II and Richard's widows.The interesting thing at this point is no one seems to have a wife for Elias Eli Steadman and yet both of his children named one of their children Geo. Pemberton Steadman and Geo. Pemberton Worthington. Maybe Eli Steadman was also named John? Wild guess, I know, but why else would the name Geo. Pemberton be there????Thanks again I will take some time studying your information. Dan:I agree that Elias is likely to have married close to the Pemberton or Worthington family. I just have not done a lot of work with him, although I have done considerable work on his descendants (over 200 pages of report...) I think that an exhaustive census analysis is in order to see if we can nail him down and his family. That may provide some clues to his spouse.John.

    39. So at this point we can say Margaret Pemberton married a Stedman but which one is an unsolved mystery. My summary: The 1790 SC Census does show a Margaret Stedmon with one slave and no one else in the household. She is listed between George Pemberton and Peggy Pemberton who I now believe was Margaret Level the widow of Geo.'s son David who died in Charleston, SC. Thomas Steadman had a brother John who according to Lisle married a Hannah McKinney ca 1784 and about 1800 moved to NC. and later to TN. " Eli Stedman Sr. who is listed a brother to the above John and Thomas appears to have had two children Eli, Jr. and Judith by an unknown wife. Judith married Benjamin Worthington and named one of her children George Pemberton Worthington while Eli Jr. married Nancy Hardman and named one of his children George Pemberton Steadman. A possible explanation might read this way: Margaret Pemberton Steadman widow of Thomas had no children so she either adopted or became ward of her dead Brother in Law's children. This might expain the connection to George Pemberton. Perhaps Eli Sr. and wife were killed in the bloody circumstances that existed in the Piedmont area of SC during the Revolution. Of course this does not deal with the conflict between the Scrapbook's John and the Thomas mentioned in Joseph Earle Steadman's book. But it does appear they are one and the same person. Obviously more research is needed here.

    40. Here is Mr. Lisle's notes for Eli Stedman, Jr. Eli Stedman was born in the present day Newberry County, SC, about 1777 (based on being age 73, born SC in the 1850 Census). Eli Stedman was witness to the will of Mathew Brooks in Newberry Co., SC. on 26 Sep 1794. (Will proven 9 Jul 1796, Book B, Page 47.) At present, no other SC records have been found for him. According to LDS records, he married Nancy Hardman (1779 - after 1828), daughter of Uriah Hardman and Frances Chandler, about 1800. Joseph Earle Steadman speculated that she may have been related to Sarah Pemberton (wife of George Pemberton, Sr.), but there is no evidence of that in the known family of Uriah Hardman. He has not been identified on a census for 1800. He moved to Kentucky and on 31 August 1807 in Livingston county he was granted 200 acres of land on Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, south of Green River. (see Willard Rouse Jellson, Kentucky Land Grants, p. 408).[DB H: 214 15 June 1836 James Wood from Jeremiah Rucker. Robert Draper, Trustee for Thomas Rucker and Attorney for Jeremiah Rucker and Eli Steadman... for $350.00, land Dry Fork of Eddy Creek, corner to Thomas Anderson. (Jeremiah Rucker was father of America who married Mason George Pemberton-11352 }G.D.B. 11/09/2003] He has not been identified on a census for 1810. At some time before 1812 he disposed of this land and returned to Newberry County, SC. He has not been identified on a census for 1820. He later moved to Tuscalosa Co., AL, where he acquired other land that on 24 January 1828, he and Nancy conveyed to Donald O. Brooks. (Alabama Records, Vol. 7, p. 41). He seems to have been recorded in the 1830 Census for Madison Co., MS He was recorded on the 1835 paid tax list for Carroll Co., MS.

    41. He was recorded in the 1840 Census for Carroll Co., MS, on p. 40. On the 1850 federal census of Carroll Co., MS, Eli was shown living with Henry D. and Alice (Stedman) Smith. (Southern Division on 5 Sep 1850, Page 196, House 32, Family 40, Age 73, born SC) Based on the 1850 Census, the approximate birth years and places for his children were: James Hardman Steadman age 49, born SC? (about 1801) (however, 1860 census is age 62, born KY and reading is clear) George P. Steadman age 45, born KY (about 1805) Jesse B. Steadman age 41, born KY (about 1809) Sabra (Steadman) Jones age 37, born KY (about 1813) Bluford Steadman age 36, born KY (about 1814) Mary (Steadman) Cotton age 32, born AL (about 1818) Alice (Steadman) Smith age ? , born ? (unreadable - but another reading was -age 31, born NC) Samuel Steadman - not located (1801, SC?) Joshuay Steadman - not located (1812, SC?) - ? Forsythe Co., GA, p. 187? Based on the births of the children, it seems that Eli must have been in Kentucky for a longer time than otherwise expected. He died in testate sometime after 1850; Children listed cannot be "proven" but all research indicates that he is the father of the children listed. Based on the information that we have so far I am tentatively assigning Thomas as husband of Margaret Pemberton. Our Stedman family listings begin here: .

    42. Polly married Dan'l Brown one of ablest old Baptist preachers of his day. The following quote shows that the Rev. Daniel Brown followed the same migration from SC to Western KY as did the Pembertons, Brooks, Wadlingtons, and Stedman families: History of Kentucky Baptists, From 1769 to 1885, by J. H. Spencer, 1886,Reprinted by Church History and Archives, 1976, Lafayette, TN.Little River Association. Caldwell County. "Daniel BROWN was one of the early settlers of what is now Caldwell county, and is believed to have emigrated from South Carolina. He aided in gathering Eddy Grove church, in 1799, and Salem church, in Livingston county, in 1804. His membership was at Eddy Grove, and he is believed to have been the first pastor of that, and also of Salem church. He was in the constitution of Red River Association, in 1807, and preached the introductory sermon before that body, in 1811. He was also in the constitution of Little River Association, in 1813, and labored among its churches some three years. About 1816, he emigrated to Alabama." Source; His move to AL and details of his family were found at this web site: Friends Of Historic Northport, Alabama Web Site - Cemeteries.

    43. Chapel Hill Baptist Church CemeteryChapel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery is located in T20S R10W S29 on Hwy 43 North.This church was known as White's Chapel as late as the 1930's. In Memory ofJesse Mercer Finnell 12-29-1821 8-1-1864Joseph Adison Finnell 6-23-1823 11-12-1878Daniel Brown Finnell 11-21-1824 11-12-1877Sons of Collin & Nancy Brown FinnellThey were buried widely separated unknown graves.This community church was their home.This was their church In Memory ofRev. Daniel Brown Pioneer Baptist Preacher 1755 VA 1835 Clinton ALPolly Pemberton Brown 1755 VA 1845 Caddo Parish, LAParents of Nancy Brown FinnellThey lie in widely separated unmarked graves but abundantharvests are being reaped each year on accountof their missionary work here 1818-1835Browne, John Tanner son of George Pemberton Browne& Hardinia Tanner Browne, nephew of Nancy Brown Finnellb. Christian Co., KY 10-26-1815 d. Moundville AL 10-26-1874Finnell, Polly Pemberton 1830-1831Finnell, Collin 1793-1848Finnell, Nancy Brown 1795-1875Collin Finnell PVT GA Troops War of 1812 & Indian WarsJuly 9, 1793 Dec 10, 1848."