Introductory lesson the basics of how to play
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Introductory Lesson: The Basics of How to Play. Welcome to Celebdaq !. Your Mission. To make as much money as you can… by buying and selling ‘shares’ in celebrities. Shares.

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Introductory lesson the basics of how to play l.jpg

Introductory Lesson:

The Basics of How to Play

Welcome to Celebdaq!

Your mission l.jpg
Your Mission

To make as much money as you can…

by buying and selling ‘shares’ in celebrities

Shares l.jpg

  • A share is a portion of stock that a company, or in the case of Celebdaq: a Celebrity, is divided.

  • A company/celebrity can be divided into millions of shares which are sold to many investors.

  • If the company/celebrity is successful the investors get a share of the profits (a dividend) and their shares will go up in value

What happens l.jpg
What happens

  • Every day BBC editors count the amount of press coverage (in column inches) that the each celebrity gets

  • On Friday the shares you own pay out a ‘dividend’. The more press coverage a celeb gets, the bigger the dividend

  • Just like in the real world, the more people want (demand) the share the higher its price becomes

Investment l.jpg

  • Investing means to spend money now in order to gain a financial return later

  • Any money made from an investment is called a return. The bigger the return the better!

Investment6 l.jpg

  • There are two ways to make a return:

  • Day trading: trading shares on a daily basis for profit, rather than holding them for dividends

  • Dividends: That part of a company's/celebrity’s profits distributed to shareholders, usually expressed in pounds per share

  • Play the Flash games in the Interactive Zone to get your head around day trading and dividends.

How does celebdaq work l.jpg
How does Celebdaq work?

  • Each player receives £10,000 to spend (Celebdaq £ not real money!)

  • The player picks which celebrity shares they want to buy and the amount of shares

  • The player buys and sells shares in order to maximise their return

Top tips l.jpg
Top Tips

To do well here are some tips that might help:

  • Read the Daq Diary for lists of celeb events to watch out for in the coming week

  • Dividends and capital gains are closely related. When a celebrity’s dividend payout increases, they become more attractive (financially!), demand for them increases, and their price goes up.

  • Demand for a celebrity can increase because people expect a story to break. The story does not actually have to break for the price to go up.

Go to it l.jpg
Go To It!

The best way to learn is to play the game so create your profile and start investing your Celebdaq pounds!

Head to the Celebdaq site and get started: