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By: Jessica

By: Jessica

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By: Jessica

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  1. German Bier By: Jessica

  2. German Bier • According to a representative survey, bier is a German's favorite drink. 79% of German adults drink bier regularly. 67% of German women and 91% of German men drink bier at least once a month.The Germans are known to the whole world as a true bier-loving nation. And there is no exaggeration here! 

  3. Everyone Loves to drink the German Bier! • The "hops - barley - water - yeast" blend is not that simple as it may probably seem at first sight. The natural components together with minerals and vitamins make the drink special. Bier has been a regular and important component of the daily diet of all population groups for several thousand of years. Bier's history dates back to prehistoric ancient times when the Sumarians discovered the fermentation process (about 6000 years ago).

  4. How To Taste The German Bier • 1.Choose your favorite kind of beer, or the kind mostly advised by your friend. • 2.Open the bottle.   • 3.While pouring the beer into the glass, listen to the mild sound of the flowing beer and the soft noise of escaping carbonic acid. • 4.Enjoy the vesicles rising up and over the glass and building into a gorgeous foam crown. • 5.Inhale the full bouquet of the beer flavor. • 6.And now ..... take the first desired sip. • 7.Taste all beer ingredients: the grain, the hop, the water and the yeast. • 8.Feel your first impression gradually develop as the beer covers your tongue from the tip to the root. • 9.Define the unique taste of your beer with the aftertaste remaining on the tongue. • 10.You will be surprised to find a variety of different taste nuances -- all in only one beer! 

  5. A Type of German Bier • I was over the moon when I discovered there was an alcohol free Weissbier available as I've developed a real taste for this stuff over the years on trips to Munich and Erdinger is brand we've bought here and always found rather fine.

  6. Bier Gardens Beer gardens have a long tradition in Munich. King Ludwig the first is to be held responsible for allowing brewers to server beer outside the "Braustube" (brewer's locale). Outside meant above the cellars where beer could be kept cool without available refrigeration. To keep the cellars cold chestnut trees were planted for shade. The not so wealthy citizens of Munich could not afford the food served but the brewers did not want to miss their business. A compromise arose letting people bring in their own lunches and dinners as long as they bought the beer and sat down at tables without table cloths. This is still true today.

  7. The End!!