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Fashion from the 80s

Fashion from the 80s. Created by Jessica Matus. The audience is for Seventh and Eighth grade students that are taking a Family and Consumer Science Education Course. The students will be in a computer lab and they will be able to work at their own pace. . Objective.

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Fashion from the 80s

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  1. Fashion from the 80s

  2. Created by Jessica Matus

  3. The audience is for Seventh and Eighth grade students that are taking a Family and Consumer Science Education Course.

  4. The students will be in a computer lab and they will be able to work at their own pace.

  5. Objective • Given background information, students will select images with the appropriate name and gender category. • Given information and images, students will explain how the 1980s trends have started to become prevalent in today’s decade while they are out in their community.

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  7. HOME HairFads Clothing80sMake-Up InfluencesFinal TestAccessories

  8. The 80s • The 1980s were known as the “Me” generation of status seekers. • Power dressing was in, and Madonna had a big influence on young fashion. • In the 80s, cable came to every household that owned a television. • MTV was very popular with the young crowd.

  9. The 80s • MTV had a major influence for music and dancing. • Rap/Hip Hop became especially popular in the 80s. • TV trends included sitcoms that were anti-family, like Roseanne.

  10. Hair GirlsGuys

  11. Girl’s Hair • Many hairstyles in the 1980s were very large. • Even when hair was short it was still big. • Women like to hair spray their bangs back in a quaff look.

  12. Girl’s Hair • Head bands were a major hair accessory. • Feathers and Side ponytails were a big deal as well. • Many women went Platinum Blonde. • Crimped hair or perms were big too.

  13. Girl’s Hair • Girls also would have multicolored hair and use glitter! Take Quiz

  14. Quiz 1 correct incorrect T F • Did women like big hair? • Did women get their hair straightened? 3)Were hats a big hair accessory? 4)Ultra-teased hair was a way to have huge hair. correct incorrect correct incorrect correct incorrect

  15. Application • How has the 1980s girl’s hairstyle been revived today?

  16. Men’s Hair • Guys wore their hair in Mohawks or slightly teased. • Also, some guys had long and layered hair and some even had bangs. • Guys liked to wear their hair curly.

  17. Men’s Hair • A shocking fact is that some guys went platinum blonde. Take Quiz

  18. Quiz 2 T F • Did men have bangs? • Did men color their hair? • Did men use glitter? • Men liked flat hair. incorrect correct correct incorrect correct incorrect correct incorrect

  19. Clothing GirlsGuys

  20. Girl’s Clothing • Much of the fashion was either small and tight or large and baggy. • Women would wear mini skirts, crop tops, off-shoulder shirts, super tight mini skirts, and leggings.

  21. Girl’s Clothing • Neon color was a huge factor in the 1980s fashion. • Women also wore long t-shirts, sweaters, leg warmers, and tight stone washed jeans.

  22. Girl’s Clothing • Exercise gear was also a part of daily fashion; along with spandex. • Colored hose with rips in them were popular too. Take Quiz Let’s get physical

  23. Quiz 3 • Name 3 items that would be considered small and tight clothing • What was the main colors from the 1980s fashion?

  24. Application • In the past few years what has been a major clothing article that has been showing up from the 80s? Leggings Legwarmers Ugg boots The North Face jackets

  25. Men’s Clothing • Black and Neon was very popular for guys. • They wore band t-shirts, leather or jean jackets, and rolled sleeves. • Men also liked to wear tight stone washed jeans like girls.

  26. Men’s Clothing • Parachute Pants were very big in the 1980s; along with corduroy pants. • Men also work leather pants. (maybe to make their leather jackets ) Take Quiz

  27. Quiz 4 • How did men’s clothing resemble women’s clothing? • Name two types of pants that men wore?

  28. Application • What colors have started to show up recently in the clothing stores that have come from the 80s fashion?

  29. Great Job, you are working very hard!

  30. Accessories Women • Friendship stuff • Beads • Hoop Earrings • Slap Bracelets • Jellies • Big Hair Bows • Clock Necklace Men • Rhinestone Glove • High-tops • Brimmed Hats • Rubber bands Take Quiz

  31. Quiz 5 • Name what gender the accessory belongs to and what it is.

  32. Make-Up/Face Men • Piercings • Ray Bands • Glasses Women • Light Pink Lips • Glitter (colored) • Mascara • Bright Eyeshadow

  33. Influences Women • Banana Republic • Reebok • LA Gear • Keds • Gap Men • Guess • Izod • Ralph Lauren • Adidas • Vans

  34. Keep up the GREAT work!

  35. Fads • In any decade, there are many fads that come and go. • Here are some that lasted through out the 1980s and even carried on through other decades.

  36. Fads Take Quiz

  37. Quiz 6 • Name 4 fads that were talked about in the video. • What fad was created by a Hungarian Sculptor and professor achitecture?

  38. Quiz 6 3)What was considered to be the best if it was bigger? A)Cabbage Patch Doll C)Boom Box B)Break Dancing D)Video Arcades 4) What was an activity for the whole family? A)Roller Skating C)Trivial Pursuit B)Rubik’s Cube D)Break Dancing

  39. Application • What fad has continued to grow through the decades? A)Skateboarding C)Arcades B)Boom Boxes D)Rubik Cube

  40. Correct, Good Job!!!

  41. Try again. You can do it!

  42. Not as growing as you would think. Think harder.

  43. Perfect! Rubik’s Cubes have grown since the 1980s. Now there is a 7-way Rubik Cube!

  44. Final Test 1)What was a big hair accessory for women? A)Hats C)Glitter B)Hair Scrunches D)head bands

  45. Final Test 2)What was a way women had big hair? A)Hair teasing C)wearing breads B)In a ponytail D)wearing hats

  46. Final Test 3)What color did men like to color their hair? A)Platinum Blonde C)Black B)Red D)Brown

  47. Final Test 4)What did women like to wear? A)Athletic shorts C)Jerseys B)Leg warmers D)Boots

  48. Final Test 5)Main colors used for clothing in the 1980s were? A)Neon colors C)Blacks B)Earth tones D)Patterns

  49. Final Test 6)What types of clothing have been seen in stores recently that resemble the 80s? A)Ugg Boots C)North Face Jackets B)Neon colors D)Scarfs

  50. Final Test 7)What is one type of pants that men wore? A)Parachute pants C)Athletic Shorts B)Leggings D)Sweat Pants

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