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PSC-EPM Organization

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PSC-EPM Organization What We Do? Manage enlisted personnel assignments Career Counseling Input on personnel requests (e.g. Retirements, Separations, EADs, CIRs, & Integrations) Guidance on enlisted assignment policies Enlisted Assignment Year Process Career Counseling & Roadshows

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PSC-EPM Organization

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what we do
What We Do?
  • Manage enlisted personnel assignments
  • Career Counseling
  • Input on personnel requests (e.g. Retirements, Separations, EADs, CIRs, & Integrations)
  • Guidance on enlisted assignment policies
enlisted assignment year process
Enlisted Assignment Year Process

Career Counseling & Roadshows

PAL Validation & COMCONS

Transfers, RILO’s & Off-Seasons

Update/Develop Shopping list

Critical ties to Reprogramming, Budget, Advancement, Screening, Education, Transfer season and other processes…

Submit a realistic E-Resume

Issue Orders

Develop Slates


AY11 Timeline

ALCGENL 089/10

  • Jun – Aug CG PSC-epm-2 road shows
  • 15 Jun – 31 Aug Commands/AOs validate PALs
  • 15 Jun – 31 Aug Career counseling available
  • 28 Jun – 26 Aug Command visits @ CG PSC
  • 31 Aug Command concerns due
  • 24 Sep Shopping lists published
  • 24 Sep – 08 Oct Commands validate shopping list
  • Jul - Dec Special Assignments orders issued
  • 26 Nov E-Resumés due
  • Nov – Mar AOs develop slates/issue orders

Assignment Pyramid





Assignment Factors

  • Member desires
  • Assignment policies
  • Assignment priority
  • Command concerns
  • Time in geographic area
  • Time at current unit
  • CO’s recommendation
  • Sea to shore ratio
  • Advancement status
  • Performance
  • Willingness to obligate
  • Competencies
  • Physical condition
  • Security clearance
  • Service Need
how assignments are made
How Assignments Are Made?

Member . . .

  • Desires/E-Resume; e.g., co-location, special needs, geographic area, short/long term goals, short tour, extensions
  • Assignment History & Qualifications
  • Performance/Evaluations
  • Assignment Priority
how assignments are made8
How Assignments Are Made?

Unit . . .

  • Command Concerns
    • PAL discrepancies
    • RELADs
    • Retirements
    • Medical Issues
    • Fleet-Ups
    • Specific qual/skill needs
  • Command Endorsements
how assignments are made9
How Assignments Are Made?

Service Need . . .

Prioritize Mission Critical Positions

Return on Investment (Transfer & Training)

Maintain Effective Assignment & Advancement Process

Attract/Develop/Retain/Deploy diverse & qualified workforce

Mission Execution



  • Professional growth opportunities…
    • Sea duty
    • Career diversity (e.g. geographic region, unit/platform/job type)
    • Qualifications needed for professional development
  • Your assignment priority…
  • The sea/shore rotation for your rating…
realistic e resume

Comments Section

  • I have reviewed the Command Checklist for Overseas Screening, the Financial Assessment Checklist and the Dependent Overseas Screening in Article 4.H. of the PERSMAN, and have verified that I meet the criteria for overseas assignment.My number one desire is to be stationed in Hawaii, so the first five billets are based on geographical preference. My second desire is to get an ATON assignment. So my next grouping of billets is by job type. I have ATON cutters listed first for career building and advancement requirements and would prefer going back afloat. I listed ATON ashore and other shore units last.

Billet Picks

  • 1 - 5 Hawaii Billets
  • 6 - 18 Buoy Tenders
  • 19 - 23 ANTS
  • 24 – 30 Stations
  • 31 – 60 Sectors, Stations, Large Cutters
additional information
Additional Information
  • Women Afloat
  • Special Assignments
  • Overseas Assignments
  • Special Needs
  • Co-location
  • Retirement
  • Obligated Service
  • Unit DECOMS

How to Contact Us?

  • Main Phone: 202.493.1230
  • FAX: 202.493.1269
  • Visit CG PSC-epm-2 Web Site:


  • Priority 1 Positions:
  • 112 Afloat – includes 7th relief crew
  • Five BM/ME Middle East Training Team (METT): Deployed to certify Level II non-compliant Boarding Teams in CG & foreign military throughout region. Requires LE experience at TACLET, MSST DSF, or MSRT; plus Instructor endorsement.
  • Fifteen E-5 thru E-7 Redeployment Assistance & Inspection Detachment (RAID): Team of BM/MK/DC/EM/ET/SK/YN/MST ‘s deployed throughout Mid East.
  • Priority 2 Positions:
  • 80 ashore
  • Overseas Screening
  • Secret Clearance
  • BTM Physical Fitness test w/in past 6 months
  • Meets COMDT’s Weight Standards
  • Command Endorsement for PATFORSWA
  • Priority 1 or 2
  • 15 days of R&R
  • Additional pay
  • Tax exemptions
women afloat
Women Afloat
  • Are you interested in going afloat?
  • Did you know that EPM-2 has a Women Afloat Coordinator to answer any questions you may have?
    • Positions are synchronized with the AO’s based on available berthing in a variety of platforms
    • Manages new mix-gender requests
    • Provides supplemental career counseling to enlisted females
  • Select all AY11 shopped positions for your rate/rank
  • You are not limited to known mix-gender crews
  • Women Afloat Coordinator-
  • MKC Claflin: (202) 493-1252
special assignments
Special Assignments
  • Members desiring a tour outside of their rating should consider Special Assignments (SA)
  • The SA process is completely separate from the regular assignment process. Minimum requirements to qualify are contained within PERSMAN Chapter 4.E.
  • Timeline (much EARLIER than other assignments)
    • AY2011/2012 Tour complete personnel should be considering options now
    • Majority of AY11 E-Resumes & Applications due by 16 July 10.
    • E-Resumes with Command endorsement due in early-mid 2011 for members tour complete in AY2012
    • See SA website for specific program requirements and deadlines
  • Any questions?
  • CWO Steve Merchant (202) 493-1291

Annual Special Assignments Timeline

Programs are CGIS, CMCs/CSC’s, Recruiting, CCs, CPOA/LAMs/MLEA Instructors, Divers, MAA, CDA, EOAs, & numerous others. On the PAL, positions listed as MCPO, SCPO, CPO & POs.

Feb-Jun: Majority of program ALCGENLs released

Apr-Sep: Program panels convene & shopping list posted on webpage

Mid Jul: Most program packages & E-Resumes due. Silver/Gold Badge due later in AY.

Jul–Dec: Prioritize & select candidates; coordinate reporting dates & issue orders.


Overseas Assignments


  • Members should ensure they will screen successfully beforelisting overseas positions on E-Resumés
  • State in E-Resumé comments that you have reviewed PERSMAN and meet Overseas screening requirements
  • Command endorsements shall address member’s suitabilityfor overseas assignment
  • Commands must complete overseas screening within 10 Daysof issuance of orders
  • Per 4.A.5, CG PERSMAN, members may request 1-year tourincrease. Requests must be submitted to EPM-2:
      • Prior to reporting to overseas unit, or
      • Within 12 months of reporting to overseas assignment
      • Tour length increases are not tour “extensions”

Special Needs Program

COMDTINST 1754.7 (Series)

  • Member support for dependents w/diagnosed & professionally documented long-term medical, physical, psychological, mental, and/or educational disabilities.
  • Enrollment is mandatory. Needs must be validated every 2 years.
  • Failure to pre-screen E-Resume with HSWL staff in advance could result in cancelled orders if assignment can’t be cleared by AO
  • Enroll prior to submitting E-Resume.
  • Include in Member Comments that you are enrolled in special needs.
  • Enrollment does not guarantee a specific unit, nor does it preclude members being assigned to afloat units.


Art. 4.B.8, CG PERSMAN

  • Contact AO’s early in assignment season
  • Tour lengths may be adjusted to effect transfers – Review PERSMAN!
  • Married Couples:
    • Won’t be assigned to same ship, restricted unit, or unit with < 60 members
    • With Dependents will not normally be assigned to shipboard duty simultaneously
  • Needs of Service may preclude ability to co-locate members.
  • Clarify your co-location desires in Member’s Comments
  • Geographically align E-resume selections w/ spouse


Art. 12.C.11, CG PERSMAN

  • Submit requests to CG PSC-epm-1; 6-24 months prior to retirement date
  • Retirements normally approved SEP thru DEC to minimize gaps during summer transfer season
  • Command endorsement shall contain acknowledgement and acceptance of temporary position gap if retirement will occur outside of normal retirement window (SEP thru DEC)

Obligated Service

Art. 4.B.6, CG PERSMAN & ALCGENL 051/10

  • Must obligate service (OBLISERV) within 5 business days after receipt of orders.
    • Amount of required OBLISERV noted on PCS orders.
    • < 6 years active duty INCONUS; OBLISERV full tour
    • > 6 years active duty INCONUS; OBLISERV 1 year
    • OUTCONUS/Special Assignments; OBLISERV full tour
  • Commands must advise CG PSC-epm-1 via message if members refuse to OBLISERV.
  • Failure to OBLISERV may result in discharge within 30 days
silo rilo
  • Separation In Lieu Of Orders
  • Art. 12.B.7, CG PERSMAN
  • Members on Indefinite Enlistment (>10 but <20 years) in receipt of orders
  • Requests must be submitted to PSC-epm via message within 5 calendar days of issuance of PCS orders
    • Effective date of SILO is normally within 30 days of orders issue date
  • Retirement In Lieu Of Orders
  • Art 12.C.11, CG PERSMAN
  • Retirement Eligible members in receipt of orders
  • Requests must be submitted to PSC-epm via message within 5 calendar days of issuance of PCS orders
    • Effective date of RILO is 01 September of current AY.
  • Considered on case-by-case basis; approved/disapproved based on Service need
unit decoms
  • AY11 Proposed decom’s: 4 - 378’s, 3 - 179’s, CGC ACUSHNET & 5 - MSST’s
  • Pending Congressional approval
  • Shopping list will include these AY11 vacancies in case Congress keep any or all online
  • All crewmembers will submit AY11 E-resumes
  • Potential for 1034 additional Priority 2/3 members tour complete in AY11
  • There are not enough vacancies to transfer all affected members to local units
  • Affected members will not be given Priority upgrades