what is musical information n.
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What is musical information?

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What is musical information?. Music 253/CS 275A Topic 1A Stanford University. What is the basic essence of music?. Sound Text Act Mental image. What is music representation?. Sound : parameterization of sound qualities Text : symbolic representation of scores

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what is musical information

What is musical information?

Music 253/CS 275A Topic 1A

Stanford University

what is the basic essence of music
What is the basic essence of music?
  • Sound
  • Text
  • Act
  • Mental image

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

what is music representation
What is music representation?
  • Sound: parameterization of sound qualities
  • Text: symbolic representation of scores
  • Act: symbolic representation of gestures
  • Mental image: rules, hierarchies, principles

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

software domains for musical information management
Software domains for musical-information management
  • Sound-based: MIDI (sequencer du jour)
  • Text-based: Guido, Finale, SCORE, Sibelius, abcm
  • Analysis-oriented: Humdrum Toolkit
  • Data and Data Interchange: MuseData, Plaine&Easie, MusicXML, MEI

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

frontiers of musical information
Frontiers of musical information
  • Data resource development
  • Data management and identification
  • Data interchange
  • Data query and analysis
  • Datavisualization




2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

selective understandings of music
Absolute vs. relative


MIDI key nos.


Intervallic information

Complete vs. selective

Selection by domain

Selection by reduction

Selective understandings of music

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

selective understandings
Raw vs. interpreted data

When interpreted?

On input

In processing

Common vs. application-specific data

Data attributes

Application attributes

Selective understandings . . . .

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

musical information confounds
No symbolic data-content:

"Pure" graphics

"Pure" sound

Sign vs. sound:

Domain-specific attributes

Musical information confounds


“Logical work”


2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

the guidonian hand mnemonics
The Guidonian hand (mnemonics)

Mnemonic devices (c. 1000 AD)

Giordano Bruno (1582)

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

piano rolls as music representations
Piano rolls as music representations

J. S. Bach: Chorale No. 1

Chopin: Prelude

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

the music animation machine
The Music Animation Machine

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field

harmonic representation schemes
Harmonic representation schemes

J. S. Bach: Prelude in D Major, Fugue in D Minor

[work of Craig Sapp]

2009 Eleanor Selfridge-Field