in the end we believed in hope
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In the End, We Believed in Hope

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In the End, We Believed in Hope - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In the End, We Believed in Hope. The Heart of the Fringe Fandom . Who Are Fringe Fans? Although Fringe’s main network is FOX in the United States, Fringe is a very global show.

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the heart of the fringe fandom
The Heart of the Fringe Fandom

Who Are Fringe Fans?

  • Although Fringe’s main network is FOX in the United States, Fringe is a very global show.
  • During Twitter events coordinated by fans, Fringe related terms and hashtags trended worldwide and in many different individual countries.
  • There are fans present here from Australia, UK, France, The United States, and even Russia.
  • Fringe appeals to various age groups. For instance, fans at the Fringe Event represent teens, 20-somethings, 30-somethings and up.
  • Fringe has something for everyone and appeals to men and women
the power to create
The Power to Create
  • FRINGE inspires creativity in the fanbase, and our passion is manifested in several forms.

Fan Fiction

real is a matter of perception
Real is a Matter of Perception

Why we love the show – it’s more than a

It’s inspired people to live their dreams—to be better people– to build a better world.

It gives people hope that we can alter our destinies and the one person can make a big difference.

cortexifans activated
  • Fringe’s move to Thursday nights—one of the most competitive nights on television—resulted in a drastic ratings drop.
  • Word came that the show would move to Friday nights—a night known as the “death slot”—where shows were sent before cancelation.
  • Ken Tucker’s “Save This Show” article appeared in Entertainment Weekly.
the fringe network
The Fringe Network

Started Rapid-fire events to celebrate Fringe Premieres and Finales.

Eg: Trended #TheDayWeDied

Started a “Twitter Force” which was comprised of fans that would ebgage other Twitter users to tell them that Fringe was returning or moving to Fridays.

Promoted Fringe events with videos and graphics/icons.

a plan set into motion
A Plan Set Into Motion
  • What started as a fan-project for Zoey M. became something more. It ended up becoming an extraordinary journey for her and fellow Cortexifans around the world.
  • Word about the #WhereIsPeterBishop video project was spread throughout Twitter, Tumblr, forums, and various FRINGE Facebook fan groups. The request was simple - fan picture submissions from as many different places/landmarks as possible, featuring the message, "Where Is Peter Bishop?"
  • Over 500 photos from 37 countries were submitted.
  • Ari Margolis, even became involved by taking #WIPB pictures of John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Joshua Jackson.
recognition the blue moon awards
Recognition:The “Blue Moon” Awards
  • What started as a Facebook discussion among a small group of Fringe fans about their discontent with the lack of Emmy nominations for Fringe turned into a real action to send cast, crew, and producers awards and letters from fans.
fringe fans acting at a distance
“Fringe Fans Acting at a Distance”
  • What started as a Skype chat session turned into a more serious discussion about Fringe’s future.
  • We were veterans of The Fringe Network’s Twitter Force, and wanted to pick up the torch and expand the social media reach of Fringe fans.
setting it into motion
Setting it into Motion

Keep it positive toward networks and production.

Interact with other fandoms in a respectful manner.

Involve the fans in the creative and promotion process.

Make the advertisers and sponsors aware that fans see their commercials and placement.

Quantify our results with data and analysis.

A Guide to Fringe Renewal Through the Advancement of Social Media was established, in order to overcome “Nielsen Invisibility.”

television transformation
Television Transformation
  • The Television industry is changing. Social Television is the buzz word among networks.
  • This is because of the emergence of people using a “second scree” during TV show viewing.
  • Networks are investigating the benefits of including the audience more in shaping the shows that they watch.
  • “Fans believe they have power to influence business of TV. And they’re demonstrating that they DO have that power.” – Christy Tanner, TV Guide.
did we save both universes
Did We Save Both Universes?
  • This renewal was the result of love and dedication from many different people.
  • Like a strong strand of DNA, various little things had to line up and zip together in order to make the 13 episode pick-up a reality.
  • There is no doubt that love expressed in a very vocal, positive and quantifiable manner, played a large part.
  • FOX and Warner Brothers worked very hard to make a deal that worked for them as businesses.
  • Folks in the media that believed in the show and fans helped a lot! (Love for Damian Holbrook and Marissa Roffman, especially.)