the age of exploration n.
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The Age of Exploration

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The Age of Exploration. MA.A.2.4.2; SS.D.2.4.6; LA.A.2.4.8; SS.A.3.4.3; SS.B.2.4.6; SS.B.2.4.3; SS.B.2.4.5. There is a world outside the Mediterranean?. Europeans start traveling past Mediterranean region Marco Polo , writes The Travels , about his journey to China

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the age of exploration

The Age of Exploration

MA.A.2.4.2; SS.D.2.4.6; LA.A.2.4.8; SS.A.3.4.3; SS.B.2.4.6; SS.B.2.4.3; SS.B.2.4.5

there is a world outside the mediterranean
There is a world outside the Mediterranean?
  • Europeans start traveling past Mediterranean region
  • Marco Polo, writes The Travels, about his journey to China
    • Many Europeans read Polo’s account
  • Ottoman Empire prevents Europeans from traveling East by land, a sea route to E. Asia needed
why explore god glory gold
Why Explore? God, Glory & Gold
  • European nations wanted to grow more trade with Asia:
    • Spices - Arab middlemen= $$$$
    • Gold, finding mythical “El Dorado”
  • Desire to spread religion
  • Desire to make self and nation look better to others by growing in wealth and spreading faith
europe stretches out
Europe Stretches Out
  • 1420: Portugal explores Africa’s west coast; ordered by Prince Henry the Navigator
    • Gold found on Africa’s Gold Coast
  • First Bartholomeu Dias, then Vasco da Gama sail around the Cape of Good Hope
    • Da Gama brings spice from Calicut, makes several thousand percent
  • Many Portuguese follow same route
trade battles spice up
Trade Battles Spice Up
  • Portuguese send warships to take control of trade routes from Muslim ships
    • 1590: Portuguese ships defeat combined Turkish/Indian forces
    • Admiral Afonso de Albuquerque est. Port of Goa on India’s west coast
  • Portugal colonize Melaka
    • From Melaka travel to China and Spice Islands
  • Portugal est. small trading empire
discovery of america
“Discovery” of America
  • Portugal reaches Spice Islands by sailing east, Spain sails west
  • 1492: Italian Christopher Columbus convinces Queen Isabella of Spain to fund voyage
    • Reaches Cuba & Hispañola, eventually explores all Caribbean islands and Honduras
    • Thought he was exploring The Indies
stay out of my yard
Stay Out Of My Yard!
  • Treaty of Tordesillas: Spain & Portugal draw “Line of Demarcation” running north-south through the Atlantic and S. Amer.
    • Portugal’s land= east of line (Africa)
    • Spain’s land= west of line (Most of America)
  • More Europeans believe Columbus had found totally new continent; not Asia

Portuguese Speakers (Pop: 240 million): Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome & Principe, East Timor

Spanish Speakers (Pop: 500 million): Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Bolivia, D.R., P.R., Honduras, El Salv., Paraguay, Uraguay, Nicaragua, C.Rica, Equ. Guinea, Panama

on your mark set go
On Your Mark, Set, Go…
  • John Cabot: Venetian man, explores New England coast for England
  • Pedro Cabral: claims Brazil for Portugal
  • Amerigo Vespucci:writes letters about what he saw in New World
    • New World renamed “America” after Vespucci’s letters
  • New World to Europeans= Home to Native Americans
spanish conquest
Spanish Conquest
  • Conquistadors: Spanish conquerors of America
    • Hernan Cortez defeats mighty Aztecs in just three years
    • 1550: Spain controls Mexico
  • Francisco Pizarro: takes control of Inca Empire in S.A. Andes Mts.
  • Spanish have tight control of L.A.
    • Queen Isabella issues encomienda, the right to use Natives as slaves
spain the native americans
Spain & The Native Americans
  • Slavery, starvation and disease decimate Native populations
  • 1492-1538: Population of Hispañola from 250,000 to 500
  • Spanish missionaries come to baptize Native Americans
  • Spanish way of life replaces the Native American ways of living
the global economy
The Global Economy
  • Columbian Exchange: great exchange of animals, plants, people b/w Old & New Worlds
  • Other Europeans want in on what Spain and Portugal have
    • Portugal replaces Italy as main trade port of Europe
    • Spain grows rich with American gold
  • England est. trade with India, Dutch East India Co. follows
england the netherlands

Est. colonies in N.A.; Mass. Bay & Virginia

Colonize East Coast of N.A.

Growing French presence in Canada worries English

Colonize Caribbean


East India Co.

West India Co.

Est. colony around Hudson R.

Lose New Neth. To England; renamed New York

Remain in Caribbean

England & The Netherlands