Aerion supersonic business jet
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Aerion Supersonic Business Jet. FAA Civil Supersonic Aircraft Panel Discussion Baltimore, April 21, 2010. The Supersonic Challenge. Supersonic business jet mission To place a high-value team where they are needed in the shortest possible time.

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Aerion supersonic business jet
Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

FAA Civil Supersonic Aircraft Panel Discussion

Baltimore, April 21, 2010

The supersonic challenge
The Supersonic Challenge

Supersonic business jet mission

To place a high-value team where they are needed in the shortest possible time.

To do this successfully requires an aircraft with

The best possible supersonic cruise efficiency

Good performance at all speeds: landing, subsonic, supersonic

Flexibility to perform both short range and long range missions

Ability to comply with all existing and proposed regulations


Traditional approach
Traditional Approach

  • Delta Wing adopted for supersonic cruise because of its…

    • Better supersonic lift-related drag (but still worse than subsonic)‏

    • Favorable wing structure and fuel arrangement

  • However, it imposes severe handicaps due to...

    • High sweep, short span and ineffective flaps, resulting in…

  • Poor low speed and transonic performance, thus…

    • Long runways and high angle of attack

    • Inability to fly below Mach 1 efficiently for overland legs

    • Lack of flexibility for short range operations from business airports

Laminar wing concept
Laminar Wing Concept





Laminar wing advantages
Laminar Wing Advantages

  • Significantly reduces cruise fuel burn

  • Uses same airports as large subsonic business jets

  • Efficiently cruises just below Mach 1

  • Cruises below 51,000ft avoiding ozone layer

Aerion approach attitude

North atlantic
North Atlantic

Cruise at M1.60: 4:14

Cruise at M0.90: 7:01

SSBJ Completes the Mission ~ 40% less time


When the SSBJ arrives in New York, the subsonic jet is still in the middle of the Atlantic

New York

East coast to asia


New York

Los Angeles


East Coast to Asia

SSBJ Completes the Mission ~ 30% less time

1 hr. stop

TEB – NRT 34kt headwind

Supersonic mission: 9:33, includes 1:00 in Anchorage

Subsonic mission: 13:06 - nonstop

Ny la mission
NY-LA Mission

At Mach 0.98 SSBJ Completes the Mission ~ 10% less time

At Mach 1.1 SSBJ Completes the Mission ~ 19% less time

New York

Los Angeles

TEB – LAX 41kt headwind

Cruise at M = 0.98: 4:19

Cruise at M = 1.10: 3:52

Cruise at M = 0.90: 4:45

Sonic boom
Sonic Boom

  • FAA – Mach 1 or greater prohibited

  • ICAO – “No unacceptable situation on the ground” (no or low boom)

  • Aerion complies with existing regulations

    • Efficient flight at 0.98 Mach over US

    • Boom cutoff flight ~1.15 Mach with no boom on the ground

Reflected Wave

Shock Wave

5000 ft

Evanescent Wave


Aerion supersonic business jet1
Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

Briefing for Bombardier

June 19th, 2007