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Alligator by: Connor

Alligator by: Connor. Alligator By Connor. Shelter -under water. Surface feature -sand -water -coral . Habitat Lakes. Vegetation -seaweed. Climate -warm -cold -hot. Diet. Physical Features. Alligator. Quiz. Behaviors. Interesting Facts. Physical Features.

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Alligator by: Connor

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  1. Alligatorby: Connor

  2. AlligatorBy Connor Shelter -under water Surface feature -sand -water -coral Habitat Lakes Vegetation -seaweed Climate -warm -cold -hot

  3. Diet Physical Features Alligator Quiz Behaviors Interesting Facts

  4. Physical Features • The alligator has bumps to help camouflage as a log. • Their teeth help them tear apart their prey. • Their noses help them find their prey. • Their brown colors help them camouflage.

  5. Diet • They eat fish, frogs, snakes, crabs and anything that comes near the water or in it. • They get their food by reaching for the prey’s leg to pull it underwater and then they eat.

  6. Behaviors • After alligators eat the meat of the animal they leave all the bones where they are. • Throughout the day they hunt or rest. • Alligators attack to protect it’s babies.

  7. Interesting Facts • Alligators usually weigh about 900 pounds. • Their length is 10 to 15 feet. • They can swallow without chewing.

  8. Quiz • What does it do through out the day? • Why does my animal have bumps? • What does it do with the dead animals?

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