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Structures, Strategies & Composition

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Structures, Strategies & Composition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Structures, Strategies & Composition. Roles & Relationships Technical, Physical and Personal Qualities. Roles and Relationships. On your list mark whether you think the statement is a role of either the Guard, Forward or Centre Check your answer with page 5 of your course notes.

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structures strategies composition

Structures, Strategies & Composition

Roles & Relationships

Technical, Physical and Personal Qualities

roles and relationships
Roles and Relationships
  • On your list mark whether you think the statement is a role of either the Guard, Forward or Centre
  • Check your answer with page 5 of your course notes
  • In basketball and specifically the fast break there are four main skills you can do when in possession of the ball
  • Dribble
  • Pass
  • Rebound
  • Shoot
  • For the guard, centre and forward list these skills in order of importance. What they would use or look to use the most in the game
key concept 2 key feature 1
Key Concept 2 Key feature 1
  • Recognising the demands of individual roles
building answers
Building answers
  • Players need different qualities to carry out the demands of their role
  • Build a sentence for your role, either guard, forward or centre
  • You must get a quality (Technical, Physical and Personal) from each column in your answer
2009 higher question 7a
2009 Higher Question 7a
  • Describe the role you played or the performance you gave within a structure, strategy or composition you have used. (4marks)
example general play in basketball
Example – general play in Basketball
  • Give a general description of what your role does in a game of Basket ball
  • “In basketball as a centre my role was to rebound the ball in offence and block out in defence… shoot close to basket… to link with forwards and guards in passing movements in and around key.”
make specific to fast break
Make Specific to Fast Break
  • Now identify your role within the fast break
  • Discuss:
  • Defensive phase
  • Transition phase
  • Attack phase
defensive phase example
Defensive Phase Example
  • In the defensive phase I need to be side on to see where the shot is going….. block out the opposing centre…….rebound the ball….turn in the air and land side one……
  • New paragraph
  • In the transition phase I will…….
do not
Do not….
  • Discuss strengths needed
  • E.g. Physical, technical or personal.
  • You would use that in another question/answer –

“Discuss the strengths required to carry out this role or performance effectively.”

  • Simply give a definition of what, when and why you do what your role requires you to do