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  1. Composition Weekly Vocabulary

  2. Week 1

  3. Absurd (adj.) • The idea that Samantha would fail her test was absurd; she had studied through the night.

  4. Acute (adj.) • The acute pain in Jodi’s neck kept her from performing in the talent show.

  5. Conjure (v) • The poem’s vivid language conjured up feelings of sadness in Lily.

  6. Frugal (adj.) • My mother has always been very frugal, spending less money on food in a month than I spend on clothes.

  7. Lavish (adj.) • The party was very lavish, with crystal stemware and $100 bottles of champagne.

  8. Melancholy (n.) • Neither George nor his psychiatrist could pinpoint the source of his melancholy.

  9. Week #2 Quiz: Friday, September 20

  10. Concede (v) • The presidential candidate decided to concede defeat based upon the latest poll results.

  11. Diligent (adj) • Ben is very diligent about getting his homework turned-in on time.

  12. Envision (v) • Please envision yourself on a sandy beach in Maui.

  13. Fickle (adj) • Bob decided to replace his fickle coffee machine with one that works better.

  14. Meticulous (adj) • Janine was meticulous about her appearance and refused to be seen in public without makeup.

  15. Reluctant (adj) • The student was reluctant to reveal his poor grades to his mother.

  16. Week #3

  17. Correlate (v) • Researchers attempted to correlate the length of time a student studies and the grades he/she recieves.

  18. Emulate (v) • Lisa attempted to emulate her sister Emily’s success by taking the same classes Emily did in high school.

  19. Forgo (v) • I am going to forgo dessert because I am so full from dinner.

  20. Aversion (n) • Kelly has such an aversion to strenuous exercise. She would rather eat worms than to consider going to the gym.

  21. Imply (v) • Your bad breath impliesthat you had something garlicky for lunch.

  22. Reciprocate (v) • After Bob bought Angelica’s groceries, she reciprocated the favor by cooking him dinner.

  23. Week #4

  24. Accommodate (v) • The Johnsons built a spare bedroom to accommodate their growing family.

  25. Bereave (v) • A car accident bereaved John of his best friend, whose funeral is tomorrow.

  26. Demise (n) • The demise of last night’s game can be attributed to the poor health of most of the players.

  27. Enrich (v) • The goal of education is enrich minds and promote positive relationships.

  28. Jeopardize (v) • My chances of going to college were jeopardized when I let my grades slip.

  29. Versatile (adj) • I often buy clothes that are versatile, so that I can wear them at work and home.

  30. Week 5

  31. Conscience (n) • While all of Abby’s friends wanted her to attend the party, her conscience told her that it was a bad idea.

  32. Deterrent (n) • Car alarms have a questionable history as deterrents to thieves.

  33. Improvise (v) • Since she forgot her script at home, Karen had to improvise during her speech.

  34. Remedial (adj) • Josh will have to take a remedial math class until he can pass the college basic math test.

  35. Prowess (n) • Chandler’s athletic prowess was overshadowed by his legendary older brother.

  36. Tenuous (adj) • My sister has a tenuous grasp of physics.

  37. Week #6 Quiz: Friday, October 18

  38. Commendable (adj.) • After saving the child’s life, Harry was given a medal for his commendable actions.

  39. Crucial (adj.) • To be accepted into MSU, it is crucial that Bonnie score well on the ACT.

  40. Nostalgia (n) • High school reunions are often full of feelings of nostalgia.

  41. Plausible (adj.) • Although it sounds like a lie, your argument may actually be plausible.

  42. Stoic (adj.) • Kevin’s stoic expression gave nothing away during the poker game.

  43. Suppress (v) • Miranda found it difficult to suppress a gleeful scream when the company manager called to offer her the job.

  44. Week 7 Quiz: Friday, October 25

  45. Competence (n) • Margaret’s experience and knowledge of the product increased her competence as a salesperson.

  46. Enigmatic (adj) • The man in the window stood with an enigmatic smile.

  47. Juxtapose (v) • The student’s essay juxtaposed his first essay with his last, in order to look for growth.

  48. Peculiar (adj) • He is a peculiar man. His clothes never match, and he hates wearing pants.

  49. Procure (v) • Sandy managed, somehow, to procure two tickets to the sold-out concert.

  50. Subjective (adj) • Most mothers think that their kids are perfect, but their opinions are very subjective.