m arks forts confessions n.
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m arks, forts & confessions

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m arks, forts & confessions. a rt making and the construction of space and place. Marks marking space/marking within space. William Kentridge Ellen Gallagher Alejandro Casazi Thomas Baumgartel. Mark making. What does it mean to mark with paint/ print/ charcoal?

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m arks forts confessions

marks, forts & confessions

art making and the construction of space and place

marks marking space marking within space
Marks marking space/marking within space

William Kentridge

Ellen Gallagher

Alejandro Casazi

Thomas Baumgartel

mark making
Mark making
  • What does it mean to mark with paint/ print/ charcoal?
  • An anecdote about de Kooning
william kentridge
William Kentridge
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpamsEdCbX8&feature=related
  • How do you think mark making can be conceptual?
  • What spaces do you see around you that are defined by the marks they carry?
forts a room within a room space as memory light and economy
Fortsa room within a room/space as memory, light, and economy

Do-Ho Suh

Ernesto Neto

Carlos Cruz Diez

Keith Haring (Pop Shop)

do ho suh
Do-Ho Suh
  • http://video.pbs.org/video/1237715781
  • How do the ways that those artists constructed their spaces…their forts…change your relationship to seemingly everyday material and rooms?
confessions expanding immaterial spaces ritual and remembering
Confessionsexpandingimmaterial spaces/ritual and remembering

Marina Abramović

Gabriel Orozco

Rachel Whiteread

Tracy Emin

gabriel orozco
Gabriel Orozco


  • How does your engagement with the built environment constitute an “event”?
  • By that I mean, how are you creating a moment within which you are asking others to encounter ideas that are not their own. How do you set up the relationship between yourself and the viewer? Is there intimacy there?
  • End. 