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 starter activity. King Richard I, 1189-99. What qualities do you think were most important for a medieval king?  How many did Richard’s father, Henry II have?.  starter activity. Rich, but not greedy. Hard working. King Richard I, 1189-99. Inspiring. Good soldier. Healthy & strong.

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starter activity

King Richard I, 1189-99

What qualities do you think were most important for a medieval king? How many did Richard’s father, Henry II have?

starter activity

Rich, but not greedy

Hard working

King Richard I, 1189-99


Good soldier

Healthy & strong


Good judge of character

Which of the qualities do you think were most important for a medieval king? Can you add any more?



Firm but fair

were all medieval monarchs successful
 Key words: Crusades

Were all medieval monarchs successful?

To identify the characteristics of a good king

To assess the success or failure of King John (1199-1216)


your task
 Your task
  • Sequence the story of King John
  • List examples of his successes & failings as a king
  • What was the worst failure for a medieval king?
  •  The picture opposite comes from a contemporary manuscript. How do you think the artist views John?
correct sequence
Correct sequence
  • C
  • A
  • H
  • G
  • G
  • E
  • D
  • B

King John’s tomb, Worcester Cathedral


King John and Isabella

Henry II trusted him to rule Ireland

Richard trusted him to rule England whilst he went on crusade

Richard named him as his heir

The English barons supported John


Irish barons rebelled against him

He betrayed his father by siding with his enemy, Philip II

He betrayed Richard I while he was on crusade & didn’t help to save him

He possibly murdered his nephew, Arthur

He angered the French barons & King by marrying another man’s fiancė

He lost against Philip II at Bouvines

He signed the Magna Carta limiting his powers

Britain was invaded by Prince Louis (1216)

your task1
 Your task
  • Imagine you are King John and you are writing a letter of apology to your family about your actions. Refer to mistakes you have made, but try to explain why, as a medieval king you made them!
  • How many reasons can you give as to why John was such a bad king?
  • Any successes?
  •  How does he compare with other medieval kings you’ve studied, like William the Conqueror or Henry II?
  • Do you think English kings were more or less powerful after John?
 Homework

Next lesson we are going to study the Magna Carta. Conduct your own research into the Magna Carta and write down the web addresses of 3 websites (including film clips & interactive sites) you think will help students find out about this important document. In a paragraph explain why each site is so useful and what key facts you can learn.