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Scotland. Population of Arizona: 5,743,834. Population of Scotland: 5,054,800 . Scotland has roughly the same amount of land mass as South Carolina. Climate .

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    1. Scotland

    2. Population of Arizona: 5,743,834 Population of Scotland: 5,054,800 Scotland has roughly the same amount of land mass as South Carolina.

    3. Climate • The climate of Scotland is temperate, very changeable and rarely extreme. Winters are very cold, and it is not uncommon to see icebergs in the spring.

    4. The Loch Ness is located in the Scottish Highlands at 57°18′N 4°27′W

    5. Some think it is a plesiosaur. A plesiosaur is a prehistoric cold blooded, air breathing marine reptile. Some say the water of the loch ness is too cold for a cold blooded creature. Is it a new species of long neck seal? No one has ever seen one basking on a rock. Could it be an elephant swimming? Many circuses were in town throughout the sightings. Maybe an overgrown eel? A Sturgeon? Or long-necked newt?

    6. Scottish Culture

    7. -The Official Drink of Scotland- In Gaelicit is called uisgebeatha (pronounced oosh-gabeh-huh), meaning water of life.

    8. Edinburgh was the first city in the world which had its own fire-brigade

    9. Official Coat of Arms The lion represents England, and the unicorn represents Scotland. The unicorn is Scotland’s official national animal. It was chosen because in mediaeval times a free unicorn was considered a very dangerous beast and only a virgin could tame a unicorn.

    10. What are Scottish Clans?

    11. Scottish Culture in Early America • The Scottish had much in common with the native people of America • Land was viewed as a resource, not a commodity • Both organized themselves into clans • Native ceremonial dances were similar • Names had special meanings • Both native Americans and the Scottish had quarrels with England

    12. The Current Culture of Scotland