document management systems for government agencies n.
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Document Management Systems For Government Agencies PowerPoint Presentation
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Document Management Systems For Government Agencies

Document Management Systems For Government Agencies

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Document Management Systems For Government Agencies

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  1. Document Management Systems For Government Agencies Infocrew Solutions Pvt Ltd

  2. Government Offices in India Government offices Municipal Corporation High Court, Supreme Court, Civil Court RTO Public Safety Department Police Department PWD Project Drawings Vendor List Inspection Reports Materials Reports Valuation Doc. Clearance Bills FIRs Inspection Doc. Fine Receipts Case Details Legal Papers Pending cases Present cases Lawyer details Vehicle Reg. License Details Property Details Tax details Birth & Death Doc. Commercial Details Health statistics Education statistics PAPER INTENSIVE

  3. Problems Faced in a Paper Intensive Environment • Loads of Money is spent every year to store the documents • Waste of space • Lack of Productivity • Lack of efficiency • Time wasted by employees to search documents and files • Money spent to recruit employees to manage the ever increasing documents • Redundancy of work

  4. How can these Problems be solved? Answer : Implement Document Management Systems What is Document Management Systems (DMS)? • A Document Management System (DMS) is a  set of computer programs which is used to store, manage and track the electronic documents and electronic images of paper based documents captured through the use of a document scanner. • A Document Management System is a holistic system which is designed from the ground up to assist the entire organization by managing the creation of data, storage, retrieval and expiry of information stored as documents. • A Document management system allows full integration of all files in a related project and acts as a single platform that manages the documents involved, providing the tools needed for electronic storage, sharing and retrieval of all documentation and paperwork.

  5. v2 docs- DMS • v2docs is our Complete Document and Content Management Application Software in two variants as – 1) PCM-Personal Content Management and 2) ECM-Enterprise Content Management It facilitates document management in organizations across all the verticals in handling any form and type of physical document and converting it into electronic format. • It provides electronic document management solution for enterprise use as well as personal use. • With v2docs all your documents are saved as valuable information for a life time. • Join Hands with us to make the environment “Green” by eliminating the use of paper.

  6. Features of v2docs - DMS

  7. How Does v2docs - DMS work for a Government Office Documents are scanned and stored in Digitized format Government Office Documents are securely stored and can be accessed from anywhere around the globe Physical documents are cleaned and stored safe in termite free boxes

  8. How will Government Offices Benefit from v2 docs - DMS SAVES COST PAPERLESS Supreme Court High Court Civil Court v2 docs DMS SECURITY PWD Police Department Public safety Department SAVES SPACE SAVES TIME Municipal Corporations Government Hospitals

  9. Other Benefits ……….. • Eliminates the costs of printing, shipping and storing paper because the content is captured digitally • Improves Productivity by providing instant access to content and processes from anywhere, even a on a mobile • Speeds up Processes by automating predictable decisions without increasing staff. • Reduces the labor required to for the critical document-intensive processes • Greater collaboration fostered by real-time access to content • Eliminates the delays and inefficiencies inherent to manual processes • Provides customer self-service with secure Web-based access to important documents • Better support for governance, risk and compliance initiatives by enabling secure access to content, standardized business practices and retention of content based on policies • Improved litigation readiness and reduced litigation risk