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Electronic Document Management for Temporary Staffing Agencies

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Electronic Document Management for Temporary Staffing Agencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Temporary staffing agencies, also known as labour hire companies on on-hire recruitment organisations, have some of the most demanding and complex document management requirements in the world. \n

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Temporary staffing agencies, also known as labour hire companies on on-hire recruitment

organisations, have some of the most demanding and complex document management

requirements in the world. Documentation has always been important in business even in

generations passed. However in the past all documentation had to be printed on paper, which

meant all documents had to be stored and filed by hand. This made managing agencies a nightmare,

due to the huge amount of personal documentation that had to be securely stored yet always

retrievable. Here is where great HR Management Software systems like entireHR can solve so many

problems, with secure, encrypted electronic documentation accessed immediately with the click of a


Having immediate access to personnel documents is so important for staffing agencies, as the labour

hire industry is extremely focused on compliance management and proper processes and structures.

Some of these are known as accreditation awards, such as ISO: 9001, which is very important for any

business as companies strive to improve their quality management systems. With amazing software

systems like entireHR suddenly achieving ISO: 9001 certification is actually achievable for temporary

staffing agencies, which is amazing consideration the amount of documents that need to be stored

correctly and accessed at any time.

Within entireHR the documents can be stored as per customised needs of each company based on

their industry specifications. So the names and categories of documents can be specific to each

industry rather than generic “identification” you can have “Australian drivers licence”. This is

extremely important as it helps both Members and Applicants know which information they are

required to upload, whilst staff members can quickly find information at any time. Even better with

entireHR, documents can have different rules attached to them, a very handy feature that means

companies can use documents to ensure all their current agency staff are up to date in all their

compliances, qualifications, expertise and legal paperwork.

Because labour hire companies are supplying their agency staff as contractors to their clients, often

clients these days will request to see the documentation of staff or demand that it produced for

every shift. This is why electronic document management is so useful. With a system like entireHR,

On-Hire agencies can book a shift with a client, confirm the staff member and select a template to

send directly to that client in an email. That template can be customised by each company and will

pull all selected documents (pre created) as per that Member profile. This is amazing as it saves the

agency digging through all their folders to find all the right information, instead allowing all the data

to be attached directly from the cloud database. Even better, clients can upload documentation as

well, accessible on the Members App so their emails are reduced as well. This allows almost

instantaneous return and response on document requirements. Absolutely amazing for the labour-

hire industry, allowing companies to become a 100% paperless business with total accountability

and security.

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