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Welcome to Year 1

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Welcome to Year 1

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  1. Welcome to Year 1 Miss Koltai and Miss bradley

  2. STaff Miss Eniko Koltai– Class Teacher Miss Alison Bradley– Teaching Assistant Mrs Fenella Bosomworth– SENCO and PSHE teacher Mrs Kate Bodell – Spanish Teacher Mr Joao Deus– P.E. Coach Mr Mark Hewitt – Head Teacher Mr Liam Peters – Deputy Headteacher

  3. thecurriculum In Maths and English this term there will be a strong emphasis on revising basic skills. The English focus will be on phonics, spellings, punctuation and grammar. Maths will be focused on number work, i.e. addition, subtraction, number and place value. Art/Design, ICT, Geography, History and Science MOON ZOOM is our first cross-curricular topic this term. We’ll travel through space to learn about the Solar System. We’ll investigate an alien crash site, write an incident report and try to find the aliens who have landed.We’ll make models of the Solar System and design spaceships and space-related toys.

  4. the curriculum Religion Our units are: Why Christians make and keep promises to God? Advent This term, the main focus will be on the foundation teachings of Christianity and what it means to be Christian. P.E. An exciting opportunity for the Year 1 students is MEND! It teaches children tasting and enjoying different fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks in a creative way. MEND empowers children and adults to become fitter, healthier and happier and to reach or maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  5. Differentiation • Lessons are all differentiated accordingly to fit your child’s needs. • We use LOTS of resources! • Sometimes the children sit in certain attainment groups – depending on the activity and subject. We learn how to work with talk partners and how to collaborate in a group. Maths English Guided Reading Topic Phonics R.E.

  6. Weekly timetable • We cover ALL subjects in our weekly timetable. • PE is on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS

  7. Homework • ALL homework is given out on Monday and needs to be returned by the following Monday. This will give you the weekend to help your child with any misunderstandings that occur. • Every Monday we will have a spelling test.This term children will not be asked to write them in a sentence, instead they should concentrate on learning the correct spelling. • Children are encouraged to read for ten minutes every day. The book will be given to the children each week. The pages read need to be recorded into their reading record. And also, please make notes if there is any misconception.

  8. Want to talk? • If you would like to have a private meeting with me to discuss your child or any concerns you are having, please don’t hesitate to contact via the office to organise an after school meeting.

  9. Any questions?