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Welcome to Year 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

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Welcome to Year 1

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  1. Welcome to Year 1

  2. Introductions Good evening and thank-you for attending this evening. • Class teachers – • Maggie Webb (Mon, Tues, Weds am and Friday • Anna Shepherd (Weds pm and Thurs) • Class teaching assistant - Chris Harvey

  3. Purpose • To further develop the home/ school partnership. • To outline the work for the coming term. • To explain practical details for the smooth running of the class. • To help you support and encourage your child at home.

  4. The beginning of another day! • We start the day by lining up, waving goodbye and coming into our classroom. • We are trying to encourage independence by saying goodbye when lined up so that they can better settle into the class routine. • If your child is late (after 8.55am) remember to report to the office. • If you are taking your child out of school for an appointment remember to sign out and in again. • If your child is unwell please phone school between 8.30 and 9.00 keep them at home for 24 hours Make sure the school has up to date contact numbers.

  5. What to bring to school • PE kit • Water bottle • Book bag (with reading book and home school diary) • Coat

  6. At the end of the day • At 3.20pm your child will stay with myself or Mrs Shepherd until collected. • If your child is to be collected by someone other than the parent, please fill in the sheet by the door. • If delayed please contact the school as soon as possible.

  7. Our Class Rules Please be kind to everyone Please work quietly Please share nicely Please take turns Please line up sensibly Please Listen to each other Always do your best

  8. Merit System • Merits are given for that which is noteworthy. 10= bronze certificate 25= silver certificate 35= sapphire certificate 50= gold certificate • The class merit cup is also awarded each Friday for the class with the most class merits. • Sanctions- reminded of rule and free warning, if repeated then their name is moved into the orange circle. If the behaviour continues then their name will be moved into the red circle at which point they will be sent to Mr Bryant.

  9. Class 1 rewards • We have 2 stars of the week who are allowed to bring in something special from home to show and put on our interest table. • There is a Literacy Whizz and Maths Magician of the week. • There is a table of the week. • They are rewarded for staying in green for the week.

  10. Literacy This term we will be looking at: • stories with familiar settings (My mum and dad make me laugh, Titch) • stories with predictable and repeating patterns (Monkey Puzzle, Elmer) • poetry using our senses • signs, labels, captions, lists and instructions

  11. Handwriting • Handwriting is practised daily with a focus of the week and various activities to encourage good pencil grip and correct formation of letters. • Joining letters will also be introduced later this year.

  12. Reading and phonics • Spelling will be based on tricky words and then high frequency words which they are expected to spell correctly. These will be practised in school each day and sent home for you to continue to work on at home. Reading: • Your child will take part in guided reading sessions or individual reading twice a week. They will be able to change their book when they have read it to an adult at home. Please help us with this by writing in the home school diary. Phonics: • Phonics is an integral part of Year 1 and there will be a phonic session each day similar to that in reception. Children will be introduced to some new sounds and then alternative ways of pronouncing and spelling sounds they already know.

  13. Numeracy This term we will be looking at: • counting, place value and ordering, understanding addition and subtraction, money and real life problems, measures, shape and space.

  14. Science This term we will be looking at Ourselves: • their senses and how they can use them to explore the world around them, • that humans and other animals move and grow And Materials: • Looking at and comparing different materials and their uses

  15. ICT Modelling: • comparing the representation of situations on the computer to real life situations. :Graphs/pictograms • Making a pictogram to fit in with our Geography unit.

  16. Homework • Homework will be sent home on a Friday and expected back the following Wednesday. • Each week a numeracy task will be sent home. • Each half term a curriculum based homework menu will be sent home from which the children can choose a task which interests them. • .

  17. Sylvester • Each week Sylvester will come home with a child in year 1. • A diary can be kept of his time with that child • Every child will get a chance to take Sylvester home.

  18. Contact times • This is the first of many meetings. Weekly surgery on Wednesday 3.30- 4.00pm. • There will be consultation meetings during Autumn (October) and spring, to discuss your child’s progress. • School reports will be sent home during the summer term.

  19. Thank you for coming. • Any questions?