What is an intervention
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What is an Intervention?. Intervention versus accommodations and modifications. Intervention Defined. Academic or behavior interventions are strategies or techniques used to teach a new skill, build fluency in a skill, or encourage the application of existing skills to a new situation.

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What is an intervention

What is an Intervention?

Intervention versus accommodations and modifications

Intervention defined
Intervention Defined

  • Academic or behavior interventions are strategies or techniques used to teach a new skill, build fluency in a skill, or encourage the application of existing skills to a new situation.

  • Implemented beyond the core instruction

What does it look like
What does it look like?

  • Supplemental Intervention (Tier 2 - ex. students in yellow)

    • MTSS Model recommends 30 minutes of targeted intervention beyond the core for supplemental intervention

    • Small groups of 3 to 5 students focusing on the same skill

  • Intensive Intervention (Tier 3 - ex. students in red)

    • MTSS Model recommends 60 minutes of intervention beyond the core for intensive intervention (kids in the red)

    • Small groups of 2 to 3 students or one-on-one

Examples of intervention
Examples of Intervention

  • Reading Fluency

  • General Academics, Reading Comprehension, Math, Study & Organization, Writing

  • Math intervention using Khan Academy (next slide)

  • Enrichment assignments for higher students

  • Re-teaching beyond core instruction such as chunking (presenting information again but in smaller increments)

    • Remember re-teaching only counts as an intervention is you are teaching information in a different way than how it was taught the first time.

Reteaching practice using khanacademy org
Reteaching & Practice using Khanacademy.org

Accommodations and modifications
Accommodations and Modifications

These are not considered interventions but are commonly mistaken as such

Accommodation or modification
Accommodation or modification?

  • Accommodations are changes in how a student accesses information and demonstrates learning.

    • Do not substantially change the instructional level, content, or performance criteria

    • Changes are made in order to provide a student with equal access to learning and an equal opportunity to show what he or she knows and can do.

  • Modifications are changes in what a student is expected to learn.

    • The changes are made to provide a student with opportunities to participate meaningfully and productively along with other students in classroom and school learning experiences



Modified work load or length of assignments/tests

Projects instead of written reports

Reworded questions in simpler language

Alternative tests/assignments at their level such as lower level spelling test

Simplifying or limiting the amount of information a student is expected to learn

  • Preferential seating

  • Graphic Organizers

  • Use of manipulatives

  • Have student restate what was said

  • Use of a study carrel

  • Quiet corner/setting to calm down or complete assignments

  • Study Guides

  • Visual Schedule

  • Oral testing

  • Untimed tests

  • Read Aloud


  • Interventioncentral.org

  • Accommodations & Modfications Guide

  • Khanacademy.org