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k iller Boat

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k iller Boat

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  1. killer Boat By Bailey Harvey

  2. It’s an icy cold day, so cold I’ve made ice blocks that were hanging from my nostrils, the family decides to go boating. It was mostly Dads idea. I sprint up to him and shout, “Dude are you crazy? Look at my nose, it is much colder than you think, I ain’t goinging boating.” I stroll over to the TV remote to check the marine weather forecast. It reads… “30 knots in the morning, down to a low of 15 knots.” That is ridiculous! Not only is the weather ridiculous but the boat is worse. It’s only got two seats, at the back. It’s got no shelter if it rains. The motor is miles too big and lifts the boat to a point where if it hits a wave you will flip like a pancake. “ Come on time to go to the lake.” Dad shouted. “Hey Bailey, when we get there are you going to sit in sand or on the boat? It’s your choice,” Dad yelled. What shall I do? If I decide to sit in the sand, turn to page 65 If I decide to sit in the boat, turn to page 108

  3. PAGE 65: I’m going in the boat. “Dad are we there yet? Dad are we there yet?” Cried my annoying brother. “NO NONO, about ten more minutes.” We arrive. “Alright, children jump in,” Dad exclaims. “Hey this is awesome,” I shouted excitedly. We floor it hard out. OH NO THERE’S A WAVE. The boat hits. We’re flipping like crazy. We land upside down. I struggle to breathe. I’m drowning, I’m drowning… THE END.

  4. PAGE 108 “ I’m a Maori sitting in the sand” I’m siting in the sand. “I’ve just got to get my fold out chairs out of the car,” I whispered to my self. “ You guys go have fun, I’ll sit and watch.” “There they go, such idiots,” thought to my self, as the boat screams around the lakefront. They obviously don’t remember what happened last time. Suddenly, ever SO suddenly the sun pecks through the clouds, it shines right in my eyes but where ever I move the sun follows. I should go get a fresh and delicious ice cream from the café but if I leave something might happen to the family. What do I do? If I decide to go to the café, turn to page 48 If I decide to stay on the sand, turn to page 148

  5. Page 48 Ah!!! It’s so hot, I head off to the café to fetch an ice cream. “ Hi, one double scoop of cookies and cream ice cream please,” I asked the casher kindly. I walk out of the café enjoying the freshness of my ice cream. “When suddenly I see a boat tipped upside down.” Could It be!! No it couldn’t ? Could it? “Aw it’s dad’s boat!!” I sprint over to the boat ramp hoping that they haven't drowned. I can’t see any sigh of them. I look up and down the lake front to make sure they are not sitting in the sand. Still no sigh of them. I start to wonder are they alive. A person approaches my on the sand, he says, “I’m very sorry about this, even I’m absolutely devastated but…… your parents have drowned.” I called for assistance help is on the way. I sink into the sand on my hands and knees and shout Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! THE END.

  6. Page 148 A massive boat comes flying past our boat, it must have been going 220km. “ It created a huge wake,” I shouted. The wake hits. Uncle Johno comes flipping out the back but no one in the boat notices. I sprint off the sand and into the water, in an attempt to try save him. I reach him in the nick of time as dad and the others are about to floor it again. I scream out “DAD!!” I’m running out of strength and energy as Dad arrives to escort us back to shore. I sit on the sand and think what an exhausting day. THE END