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THE WEST. By: Achint, Brianna M, Billy, and Yasmin. GEOGRAPHY.

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    1. THE WEST By: Achint, Brianna M, Billy, and Yasmin.

    2. GEOGRAPHY California has two mountains and in between is Central Valley. There are rivers that people irrigate from because Central Valley has little water. People call this the Central Valley Project. Down south, is Death Valley which is the driest place in the U.S.A. The wettest place is Mount Waialeale in Hawaii. Mount Loa and other volcanoes formed all 132 islands of Hawaii. In Oregon the Columbia River flows here and Oregon has many forest which makes recourses.

    3. Climate Climate is the pattern of weather of a certain place over many years. There are many rain shadows in the West. A rain shadow is the side of a mountain that is usually dry because precipitation falls on the other side. High elevation can affect rain shadows and temperature. Rain shadows work by ocean winds carry warm, wet air eastward. Warm wet air rises to form clouds. Winds push the clouds up the mountains. The air gets cold which causes precipitation. Then, the wind gets to the other side with little moisture. That is how a rain shadow works.

    4. Culture The first large totem poles were built in the 1800’s. They were also made by Native Americans. Each totem pole is a symbol of their religious beliefs. Native Americans use them for many occasions. The first people to come to Hawaii were the Polynesians. There were eight groups that often had wars. The groups planted many crops such as taro and poi. Now you know about the Culture of the West.

    5. Economy Economy is the way people make money. One of the many ways California makes money is it sells crops such as strawberries, cabbage, artichoke, grapefruit, oranges, peaches, and cherries. One thing that rose economy in the west was the gold rush (in 1849).

    6. TheWest Governors Montana- Brian Schweitzer Wyoming- Dave Freudenthal Colorado- Bill Ritter Utah-Jon Huntsman Jr. Nevada- Jim Gibbons Idaho- Butch Otter California-Arnold Schwarzenegger Oregon- Ted Kulongaski Washington- Christine Gregorire Alaska- Sarah Palin Hawaii- Linda Lingle

    7. Senators Alaska - Ted Stevens ; Jeff Sessions Harry Reid ; John Tester Nevada- California- Dianne Feinstein ; Barbara Boxer Ron Wyden; Gordon Smith Oregon- Montana- Wayne Allard ; Ken Salazar Orrin Hatch; Robert Bennet Utah- Daniel Inouye ; Daniel Akaka Patty Murray; Maria Contwell Washington- Hawaii- Larry Craig ; Mike Crapo Idaho- Wyoming- Crag Thomas; Mike Enzi Max Baucus ; Jon Tester Montana-

    8. State's Representatives Nevada California 53 3 Colorado 7 Washington 9 Hawaii 2 1 Wyoming 1 Alaska 1 Montana Utah 3 Idaho Oregon 5 2

    9. The End!