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The downside of a Bad Reputation PowerPoint Presentation
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The downside of a Bad Reputation

The downside of a Bad Reputation

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The downside of a Bad Reputation

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  1. The downside of a Bad Reputation

  2. What a bad online reputation costs you? Having a couple of fuming comments on a blog post or an unpleasant web review about your service might seem like a minor concern initially. But once “the bad” hits your online reputation, it costs you and your business a lot, both personally and professionally. Here are some common consequences of a bad online reputation.

  3. LOST CUSTOMERS The most evident setback with a bad online reputation is shrunk customer base. Online buyers, today, largely rely on internet reviews, ratings and feedback about a potential seller rather than their actual strengths and possible benefits. They turn to search engines and varied web resources with the purpose of finding something that helps them make informed decisions. If something negative pops up when a prospect searches for your brand name, they’re less likely to trade with you.

  4. INCREASED COST OF BUSINESS When a brand earns a negative reputation, whether resulting from poor customer service, a business scandal or unhappy staff and employees, business becomes simply more difficult to conduct, increasing the operational cost of business. In the wake of a bad image, it becomes challenging to retain current customers, employees, business partners and other important shareholders, making the costs of carrying out core operations significantly higher.

  5. ENDURING STRESS One of the most instant and long-term consequences of a having bad online reputation is panic and stress. People tend to believe what they see and read on the web. The same drive that makes people believe in good things about a company on the internet also have them believe in terrible rumours and reviews they come across. Negative reviews, even when they’re erroneous, create an adverse customer perception of your brand, damaging your internet reputation and causing panic.

  6. PUBLIC HARASSMENT The internet allows users to speak their mind whether positive or negative. There are several networks including social media, review websites, blogs and more, customers can use to express their opinions around any company they did or didn’t do business with.

  7. While most customers would leave their reviews on internet and forget, there are always going to some (mostly disgruntled and unsatisfied) who would attempt to dig up false but settled content about your brand until they make your reputation extremely disastrous. Such cases might need you to take legal action to stop the ongoing web harassment and cope with your deteriorated reputation.

  8. Significance of online reputation management The internet has empowered buyers and customers more than ever. With several review portals and open networks of social media, open to every type of business and user, people are able to say what they want to about availed (even those not availed) products and services, leaving companies to bear the impact of their words.

  9. Online reputation management, when done right, not only repairs a bad brand reputation but provides a number of additional benefits ranging from improved customer relationships to increased brand awareness and engagement. To leverage reputation management to make the most out of your web presence and business image, it is essential to invest on professional brand management services.

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