lcls undulator system status and schedule n.
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LCLS Undulator System Status and Schedule

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LCLS Undulator System Status and Schedule - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LCLS Undulator System Status and Schedule. Geoff Pile. Safety Minute. Even though you wear your PPE you’re not always as safe as you might think. This guy is wearing his face mask while arc welding. In this case, it’s almost as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

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safety minute
Safety Minute

Even though you wear your PPE you’re not always as safe as you might think. This guy is wearing his face mask while arc welding. In this case, it’s almost as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

  • Two really important statements –
  • 1. Never Underestimate the Power of Co-incidence (There could be more safety issues less obvious than the one you are trying to negate)
  • 2. ISM – Do what you say you do!
    • Define the scope
    • Analyze (ALL) hazards
    • Develop/implement controls
    • Perform the work within controls
    • Feedback & improvement
All Argonne girder components are planned to be available at least 1 month before the P3 “Early Start” of Girder Assembly

Schedule Considerations

controls status and schedule
Controls Status and Schedule
  • Controls -1.4.2 – Work Remaining
    • Undulator In-tunnel Rack (UIR)
    • Intra Undulator Cables
    • Electronic Interface Assembly (EIA)
electronic interface assembly eia
Electronic Interface Assembly (EIA)

~1800 Intra Undulator Cables(pre-made/pre-tested)

undulator magnets and supports 1 4 3
Undulator Magnets and Supports 1.4.3
  • Undulators (39 @ SLAC 7/2007)
  • Support & Motion System - girder, cam movers & fixed supports (37@SLAC 3/2008)
    • X translation issue
  • Quads and Correctors (36 @SLAC 4/2008)
girder manufacture at metalex critical engineering and qa oversight by argonne
Girder Manufacture at Metalex Critical Engineering and QA Oversight by Argonne

Girders Assembled and Packed at Hi-Tech

1 4 3 5 quads and correctors - Quads and Correctors

37 magnets and 2 sets of spare coils completed 4/08

vacuum systems 1 4 4
Vacuum Systems 1.4.4
  • 46 Vacuum Chambers produced
    • Manufacture started September 2007 & ended May 2008
      • 33 required
      • 7 spares
      • 1 LTT
      • 5 sacrificed for surface finish measurements
    • Monumental task, huge effort, successful ending.
    • Interest has already been expressed in this technology by other projects around the world.
inspection and correction of the lcls vc end flange perpendicularity
Inspection and correction of the LCLS VC end flange perpendicularity

Inspection of the total length of the LCLS Vacuum Chamber

surface finish data of 46 chambers 33 required 7 spare 5 sacrificed 1 ltt
Surface Finish Data of 46 Chambers…33 required (7 spare – 5 sacrificed – 1 LTT)


The transverse rms slope tolerance is 60 mrad


Slope Criteria from H-D Nuhn adjusted for the oval shape



Not Desirable

Should Avoid

diagnostic systems 1 4 5
Diagnostic Systems 1.4.5
  • BPM –
  • BFW –
  • BLM –
beam position monitor
Beam Position Monitor
  • Large effort- solved serious production problems
    • Many brazing issues

(differential thermal expansion)

    • Window QA problems
    • Multi-step Process now


8 now delivered to SLAC

-remainder on track

Promising World Class Diagnostic

beam finder wire
Beam Finder Wire
  • All production problems are resolved at this point, but we were somewhat delayed due to issues with repeatability, chamber coating, and electronic modules.
  • Two units that should have shipped last week are on the way to SLAC at this time.
  • Details in Dean Walters’ talk
beam loss monitor
Beam Loss Monitor
  • Five production BLMs will be used to protect the undulators by inhibiting beam bunches following an “above-threshold” radiation event.
  • A joint R&D effort is aimed at enhancing these 5 units to enable LCLS to track each undulator’s accumulated radiation dose.
    • Undulator protection is the highest priority. The BLM will be integrated into the Machine Protection System (MPS) and requires only limited dynamic range from the detectors.
    • Dose tracking will enable long-term magnet damage to be characterized, but requires a radiation detector with large dynamic range (order of 106) and sophisticated diagnostics hardware and software.
  • 30 production BLMs may be built in FY09 if R&D is successful
blm in inserted position can be easily made to track out with undulator
BLM in Inserted Position(Can be easily made to track out with Undulator)

Beam Loss Monitor

Interface Module

status and schedule
Status and Schedule
  • Undulator System Management and Integration
    • CPR & Costs to go –
      • Generally in good shape. Some unplanned effort has been required in the last two months to solve problems and meet production schedules.
      • Most spares costs were moved to OPC. Final spares costs will be recalculated using actuals and any required adjustments will be made.
    • Green Sheet System
      • A Web-based, almost real time, method of managing Argonne-APS cross- matrixed effort – (up to 60 staff 18FTE’s/year)
    • ASK System
      • A Web-based method of managing deliveries and technical documentation. A dictionary/index style look-up system.
  • Almost all deliveries complete by July 2008!
    • Production BLMs? TBD (2009)
  • Argonne Construction team rolls off the project in July
  • Argonne Management team drops to half-time in mid-July, and rolls off the project in September.
  • FY09 – a small budget is included for installation and commissioning support