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Live Inservice

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Live Inservice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Live Inservice
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  1. Need to inservice groups and track online? • Conduct ‘Live Inservice’ training using N0n-CE programs from your online campus. • Upload training record for tracking, reporting, certificates. Live Inservice TRAIN TRACK TREND

  2. Educator – log in • Select a Non-CE program • Complete the lesson online. Learn the content you will present. • Print pdf of course and/or test for classroom use if desired. • Take Test – 80% is passing score. Right click on scored test to print – use as test key • Complete evaluation Live Inservice …process for using online campus non-ce inservices in a group setting …process for uploading training record

  3. Conduct classroom presentation • Add your own examples, exhibits, demonstrations • Test • Complete ‘Live Inservice’ Excel form (instructions follow) • Upload • Program completions then will be captured in administrative reports. Certificates will be in each attendee’s account and are printable. Live Inservice TRAIN TRACK TREND

  4. “Client Account Admin” You must have administrative rights to access “Live Inservice Uploads”. Log In Click “Client Account Admin” as shown. If you do not have this button, call for assistance at 1-888-863-2381

  5. Bulk Uploads After clicking “Client Admin”, you will see these buttons. Click Bulk Uploads

  6. Live Inservice Upload Now you will see multiple upload options. Click “Live Inservice Upload”

  7. Download the template You must use this exact template to upload your record of the Live Inservice Name the file so you can locate it. Entering the date in the file name is recommended; for example “LiveInserviceFeb24_2009”

  8. Saving the template After clicking “download the template”, at this screen click “save” to save the form to your computer.

  9. Live Inservice Form Complete this very simple form with your attendance data.

  10. Example of a Live Inservice upload file This file contains multiple errors……to use as a demonstration. Your file has to have clean, valid data in all cells. Blank cells, incorrect ID numbers will prevent the file from uploading. Data has to match exactly other data in the system. It’s easy!!

  11. Ready to Upload After you have prepared your Live Inservice Excel file: Browse to find the file you wish to upload Click on the file name, and it will populate the field to the left of ‘Browse’ Click “Upload and Validate…”-any errors in the file will be found

  12. Validation process The screen will display the file you uploaded. Click “Validate Data” If there are errors in the file, they will need to be corrected. See next slide.

  13. Correct any errors Look at the ‘Remarks’. Green indicates the information is valid and will upload. RED indicates something that needs to be fixed. You may either EDIT the data right from here, or DELETE the entry.

  14. After editing or deleting Final step is to “Re-Validate and Insert”. This will actually insert the data into the database.

  15. SUCCESS!! Upon successful uploading, entries are shown on screen with the “uploaded successfully” message. You did it!! THAT WAS EASY!!

  16. Benefit – Train, Track, Trend You TRAINED. You uploaded. Now the system will TRACK. Records of completed uploaded inservices will now be included in your reports. Printable certificate is in each person’s account.