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Review for Final Exam PowerPoint Presentation
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Review for Final Exam

Review for Final Exam

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Review for Final Exam

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  1. Review for Final Exam

  2. The most noted king of the Mali was:

  3. The Mongol Tribes were first united by:

  4. The Aztec Capital was:

  5. Symptoms of the Black death first appear where:

  6. The Great Schism was finally ended by:

  7. The Lollards were followers of:

  8. The Byzantine Empire finally fell to an invasion from:

  9. Who was the Father of Humanism?

  10. The longest lasting of the sub-khanates after the breakup of the Mongol empire was:

  11. The Divine Comedy was written by

  12. The War of the Roses was a civil war in:

  13. The Family that traditionally controlled Austria, and in turn the Holy Roman Empire was:

  14. What city was referred to by its ruler as “The Third Rome”

  15. The most famous of the Northern Humanists was:

  16. The Father of Renaissance Art is:

  17. During the “Babylonian Captivity,” the seat of the papacy was moved from Rome to:

  18. The First English King to claim both the English and French Throne was

  19. Which of these battles resulted in a French victory?

  20. Spain was created by the unification of:

  21. The Caravel was developed by:

  22. West African trade focused on ________, __________, and _________

  23. What nations signed the Treaty of Tordesillas?

  24. Machiavelli argues that the ends justify the means in the book:

  25. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, was also known as

  26. The Incas were conquered by:

  27. The first squadron of ships to circumnavigate the globe were originally led by:

  28. The 95 Theses were proposed by:

  29. England officially separated from the Catholic Church with the:

  30. The Edict of Nantes:

  31. The first Tsar of Russia was:

  32. The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre was directed against:

  33. The Battle of Lepanto was fought between:

  34. The leader of the rebellion against Spain in the Netherlands was:

  35. Which English King was executed by parliament?

  36. The Peace of Augsburg ended the struggle between Charles V and:

  37. The first English attempt at colonization was:

  38. An Indulgence is:

  39. Ulrich Zwingli led the Protestant Reformation in:

  40. The Catholic Counter-Reformation was responsible for:

  41. True/False • Chinampas were used by the Inca. • The Turning point of the Hundred Year War the arrival of Joan of Arc • The fall of the Byzantine Empire and the End of the Hundred Years War signal the end of the Renaissance. • Movable Type was developed by Johann Gutenberg. • The Medici’s were a powerful German family. • The primary goal of Spanish colonization was precious metals. • Alexander VI (Borgia) is considered the church’s most corrupt Pope. • The Guise were one of the most powerful Families of France. • The Institutes of the Christian Faith was written by Ulrich Zwingli. • The Marburg Colloquy tried to bring Luther and Calvin’s reformation together.

  42. Leviathan was written by:

  43. Oliver Cromwell’s constitution was called the:

  44. The Act of Settlement:

  45. The system of Intendants was developed by:

  46. Europe's first intercontinental war was the:

  47. The ruler most associated with absolutism is:

  48. First European to propose a "Heliocentric" universe:

  49. Isaac Newton’s most important work was:

  50. Tycho Brahe’s major contribution to science was his: