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Harvests at the various seasons …

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Harvests at the various seasons … - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Harvests at the various seasons …. The autumn. In the autumn , we pick up mushrooms in the forest to eat with an omelet , of chestnut that is grilled , walnuts , hazelnut , and quinces . We harvest the grapes to make wine and fruit juice . .

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the autumn
The autumn

In the autumn, wepick up mushrooms in the forest to eatwith an omelet, of chestnutthatisgrilled, walnuts, hazelnut, and quinces. Weharvest the grapes to makewine and fruit juice.

Wehuntgame: hare, woodcock, partridge, pheasant, wildboar and roedeer. Of the supplies of vegetable and fruit for the winter: apples, potatoes and marrows...

the winter
The winter

In winter, to face the cold, weeatdriedvegetables (lentils, peas, beans), soup of vegetables (potatoes, leeks, turnips, pumpkins),

black pudding but also the cheese fondues, the raclettes, the sauerkrauts and the games.

the spring
The spring

In the spring, wefind on the marketof radishes, artichokes, asparagus and peas.

Weplant on the garden of the seedsthatweharvestatthe beginning of the summer.

the summer
The summer

In summer, wecook BBQ with merguez, sausages, chicken or prawnskewers, mackerel and evencheese and bananas.

Weeatsalads and gardenvegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots... Wealsoeat “ratatouille”, sorbets and smoothies made withseasonal fruits: apricots, pears, cherries, peaches.

Weprepare the jams for the winter.

In earlySeptember, wewent to pick up potatoesthat Mr. Boutet CM2 class studentshadplanted in the spring.

Cropsof sweetpotatoesin Champlong

On the leaves of somepotatoseedling, we have found the Colorado beetles, a smallenemyinsect of the potato. Some have taken in their hands.
The adults of the A.V.A.L association explainedthat to pick up the potatoes the leaves must befaded.

Theytookaway the leaves and dug the groundwith a spade and sweetpotatoeswasfiled in buckets.

Then the adults of the association have shown a pumpkinthatithadplanted in pots in spring in class and whohave

been replanted in the field of potatoes by the

CM2. They are huge but are leftstillripen.

There waseven a white marrowcalled


Finally, the adults of the association showed us purplepotato, the “vitelotte” used in cooking to decorate plates. You canalsoeat in chips.
Twolarge bags of potatoes has collected. Back in the classroom, itissharedourcrop. Eachleftwith a small bag of potatoes and a “vitelotte”. Some have eatenthem in French fries, othersalad, slicedpotatoesbakedwithmilk or mashedpotatoes.

Theyweretoo good!

the market of squirrels
The market of squirrels

For the first time in Villerest willtake place on 5 and 6 November 2011 the market of the squirrel.

This market has to propose seasonsproducts: potatoes, pumpkins, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, potatoes but alsohoney, jams and fruit juices. It willenable us to make provisions for the winter as do the squirrels.