mylibrary integrating library resources with the luminis portal l.
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MyLibrary: Integrating Library Resources with the Luminis Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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MyLibrary: Integrating Library Resources with the Luminis Portal

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MyLibrary: Integrating Library Resources with the Luminis Portal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MyLibrary: Integrating Library Resources with the Luminis Portal. Tim McGeary Lehigh University Sr. Library Systems Specialist

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mylibrary integrating library resources with the luminis portal

MyLibrary:Integrating Library Resources with the Luminis Portal

Tim McGeary

Lehigh University

Sr. Library Systems Specialist

what is mylibrary

“MyLibrary is a user-driven, customizable interface to collections of Internet resources -- a portal. Primarily designed for libraries, the system's purpose is to reduce information overload by allowing patrons to select as little or as much information as they so desire for their personal pages.”

- Eric Lease Morgan, University Libraries of Notre Dame

What is MyLibrary?
why use mylibrary
Why use MyLibrary?
  • All of your electronic resources organized in one place
  • Allows Librarians/Content Administrators ability to select/highlight “Top” of the e-resources
  • Gives users the ability to customize and personalize their list of resources
  • It can be used as a stand-alone portal or it can be integrated SCT Campus Pipeline or another uPortal standard portal application
  • Open-source and free
  • At Lehigh, faculty are requesting a place to manage their e-resources on the portal
systems linked in lehigh s campus portal
Systems Linked in Lehigh’s Campus Portal
  • Blackboard
    • Courses
      • Posted Notes, Assignments
      • View Grades in each course
    • E-reserves
  • SCT Banner
    • Alumni Services
      • Alumni Directory
    • Giving to Lehigh
    • Updating Personal Information
    • Employee Information
      • W-2, Vacation
    • Student & Financial Aid information
      • Registering for classing, Drop/Adds
      • Financial Aid Applications
      • Grades, Transcripts
mylibrary lehigh model
MyLibrary – Lehigh Model
  • Data Processing
    • Disciplines defined by SCT Banner system and then mapped to Library Fund codes for simplicity.
      • Faculty are assigned by Banner Department
      • Ugrad and Grad students assigned by Major or Undeclared
      • Staff assigned to a “Staff” discipline of General resources
    • Librarians/Content Administrators
      • Mapped each e-resource to a discipline code/fund code
      • After harvesting process was completed, selected discipline defaults or “Tops” list for each e-resource area in each discipline they cover
    • Cataloging Support Staff
      • Edited each e-resource record selected to be in MyLibrary (all subscription resources)
        • Inserted the appropriate fund code in a local MARC field 692
harvesting e resource data from sirsi unicorn
Harvesting E-resource Data from Sirsi Unicorn
  • API selection tools are used and then a series of perl and sed scripts massage the data from Unicorn into the necessary format required by MyLibrary:
    • E-journals
      • Denoted Call number"Electronic Journal"
    • Electronic Reference and Books
      • Denoted by location “WWW”
    • The Catalog Key from Unicorn is used as the DB_ID in MySQL of MyLibrary to establish complete uniqueness between the resources that will allow for seamless updates. In MyLibrary version 2.63, each URL requires a separate DB Record, which is solved by a simple algorithm to use the Unicorn Catalog Key.
  • The Perl scripts will read in the discipline/fund code from the 692 field are also used to setup lists that will be added to MyLibrary to associated each e-resource to its Discipline
  • Automated scripts will update resources that have changed URLs or update resources that have been added to the catalog, as well as remove deleted resources.
patrons user in lehigh model
Patrons/User in Lehigh Model
  • Since the disciplines were mapped from Departments and Majors in SCT Banner, every user is also able to be mapped to a discipline in MyLibrary
    • This allows for pre-populating user data, thus “signing-up” user
    • Users login using his/her Lehigh LDAP/AFS login username and password, which is new to MyLibrary v. 2.63
integrating mylibrary with sct campus pipeline uportal
Integrating MyLibrary with SCT Campus Pipeline/uPortal
  • Inline Frame to insert the MyLibrary interface into our Campus Portal.
    • This requires a separate login to enter MyLibrary so that the MySQL backend can handle customizations
    • A “single sign-on” has been developed in cooperation with SCT and is now being tested
  • Work at Notre Dame is also underway to “channelize” each e-resource list
    • uPortal standards
    • MyLibrary and uPortal can communicate with each other for customization
users customizing their resource lists
Users Customizing their Resource Lists
  • After clicking the Edit button on the resource list they want to customize, users are presented with the following:
    • Their current list of e-resources in that area
    • A link to an A-Z list of ALL e-resources in that area
    • Links to e-resources by discipline
contact information
Contact Information
  • Tim McGeary (
  • MyLibrary @ Lehigh repository