how computers changed the world l.
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How Computers Changed The World

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How Computers Changed The World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Computers Changed The World. By: Audrie Langlais . how computers have changed over the years.

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how computers have changed over the years
how computers have changed over the years
  • Computers have changed so much over the years it used to be as big as a room but now it can just fit on a desk and it used to have many switches and codes but now you just makes decisions and clicks and now we use USB flash drives but back then they used big floppy disks to save information
how they help us at work
How they help us at work
  • For business they help us see how the business is going and maybe if you have to present something to your boss you can type it. they can also be used for simple tasks like They were used at first for simple tasks like taking a census or monitoring minor activities in the finances of a business.
  • If you work at a factory computers can help run machines at the factory
  • If you are a teacher you can update websites for the students for the kids
  • They can also help many other people with their jobs
how do they help kids at school
How do they help kids at school
  • They can help kids look up information for a project
  • They can let kids type reports for projects or for homework.
  • You can also download learning processors like kids in typing town that helps kids with learning where the keys are.
writing processors
Writing processors
  • Writing processors are very helpful if you are doing a report because they have word check so that if you spell a word wrong it underlines it so that you can click on that word and it will correct it.
  • It has font sizes and names that you can change.
  • It also has word count so if you need a certain amount of words it shows you how many you have.
  • You can also change if you want it centered or to the left or right.
the internet
The internet
  • On the internet kids can and adults can go to any website to look up for information for maybe a school project you can also look up pictures that you can use on poster boards. On the internet you can basically do anything.
the dangers of kids and computers
The dangers of kids and computers
  • Although computers help a whole lot there are some downsides of computers like for kids they can go on to MySpace they can put up how old they are their age where they live and even pictures of themselves and friends it can be very dangerous because if someone finds out that information it can be very harmful.
  • And kids now are playing violent games on computers kids that play violent games it may influence them to act violent and that to can be very harmful.
  • Another thing is if kids go on to websites and become addicted to them it can make them very lazy.
helpful things about computers
Helpful things about computers
  • Although there are some dangers about computers they can be very helpful things about them like helping you do your job or helping you do a homework assignment and they can also do other things like program robots to make cars computers can also control the process of a car wash.
  • So remember as long as you are using computer right they come in pretty handy when you need them.
computers changed our lives
Computers changed our lives
  • So how did computers change our live and world?
  • They made it so we can talk to friends.
  • We can search the web and find out things that we never knew.
  • Now we can do stuff way faster then writing.
  • And for people that use them in their jobs computers make it a whole lot easier.
  • Computers have helped us everywhere!!!