Oracle Projects Functional Overview 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10 Key Product Highlights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

oracle projects functional overview 11 5 8 11 5 9 11 5 10 key product highlights n.
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Oracle Projects Functional Overview 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10 Key Product Highlights PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle Projects Functional Overview 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10 Key Product Highlights

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Oracle Projects Functional Overview 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10 Key Product Highlights
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Oracle Projects Functional Overview 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10 Key Product Highlights

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  1. Oracle ProjectsFunctional Overview11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10 Key Product Highlights

  2. Release Summary FP J Sep 02 FP K May 03 FP L Nov 03 FP M Projects • HTML Interface • Project Workbench • Receipt Accruals • Customer Billing Retention • Staffing New Products • Project Management • Project Collaboration • Asset Capitalization • Gantt Charts • Personalization • Extensible Attributes • Contingent Labor • Program Management • Enhanced Workplan • Streamlined Forecasts • Earned Value 11.5.8 Nov 02 11.5.9 Jun 03 11.5.10 E-Business Suite DBI 5.0 Oct 02 DBI 6.0 Nov 03 Daily Business Intelligence

  3. Oracle Projects FoundationKey New Features

  4. Common Components Projects Resources Security Dates Utilization* Sales Integration Sys Admin AMG Install Tasks Roles Organizations Calendar/Periods Org Forecasting* PLM Integration Archive/Purge Upgrade Technology Project Foundation Resource Management Update Skills Match Resources Track Utilization Project Management Accounting & Operations PlanProject Manage Change Manage Performance TrackEffort/Costs Manage Contract/Billing Capitalize Assets Cross-Charge Project Foundation Update Progress Resolve Issues Review Documents Collaboration Intelligence *Organization Forecasting and Utilization are shared by Project Costing and Project Resource Management

  5. Project Foundation Features (Subset) • Project Structures • Financial vs. Workplan • Configurable Project Home and Overview Pages in HTML • Project Attributes • Actual Utilization Reporting • Opportunity to Project Integration • Project and Task Date Enhancements

  6. Workplan / WBS Design Build Test v.1 v.2 v.3 Financial Structure Design Design Build Test Rollout Project Foundation Project Structures Task Hierarchy Define different task structures in a project for different business purposes • Workplan Structure for workplan management purposes • Financial Structure for financial management purposes • Same structure for both purposes Rollout Different levels of control for work execution and financial management

  7. Workplan Example

  8. Financial Plan Example

  9. Project Foundation HTML Configuration

  10. Project Foundation HTML Configuration Cont’d.

  11. Before Configuration

  12. Page Layout

  13. After Configuration

  14. User-defined Attributes • Similar to Descriptive Flexfields • Unlimited user-defined attributes • Advanced project and task attribution with no coding • Complex attribute validation logic • User-defined Page Regions dynamically generated • User-defined functions

  15. User-defined Attributes How to Use this Feature Incorporate Business Logic • Validation of attributes using value sets • Support for functions • Custom logic • Java, URL, PL/SQL • Support for actions • Buttons • Links

  16. User-defined Attributes How to Use this Feature • From Project List, search for projects using basic plus user-defined project attributes. • Saved Search Criteria – Create custom search templates based on basic & user-defined project attributes • Results Format Templates – Select the basic & user-defined project information to be displayed in search results

  17. User-defined Attributes How to Use this Feature • User Defined Attributes appear for projects and tasks based on the context and the level

  18. Links to new page regions

  19. Page Region Attribute Group (Single Row) Attribute Group (Multi Row)

  20. Links to new page regions

  21. Extend business logic for projects and tasks Attribute Validation • Static • Dynamic Attribute Styles: • Text • Checkbox • Radio Group • URL etc. Actions • Buttons • Links

  22. User-defined Attributes Alternate Project Search

  23. User-defined Attributes How to Setup this Feature

  24. Define Value Sets Use value sets to validate your user-defined attributes • Define Attribute Value Sets Static or dynamic validation Ranges

  25. Define Value Sets (cont’d) • Define Attribute Value Sets

  26. Define Attribute Groups Use Attribute Groups to gather common characteristics for projects and tasks Multi-Row or Single-Row Unique key for multi-row groups

  27. Define Attributes Mandatory Attributes Display as: • Checkbox • Dynamic URL • Hidden • Radio Group • Static URL • Text Field

  28. Define Attribute Contexts Attribute Contexts control the information that appears for projects and tasks, using attribute groups and page regions

  29. Attribute Contexts (cont’d) List the attribute groups for this context and use data level to control availability for project and/or task

  30. Attribute Contexts (cont’d) Use page regions to control how the attribute information is displayed to the user Controls for displaying navigation links Controls for displaying page region

  31. Define Attribute Functions • Define your own custom logic using functions

  32. Define Attribute Functions (cont’d) • Define Attribute Functions

  33. Define Actions Use Actions to trigger the functions on project and task regions Dynamically change how and when buttons and links appear

  34. Configure Project Templates • Enable/disable and default user-defined attributes through project templates

  35. Oracle Projects CostingKey New Features

  36. Key Features(Subset) • Labor Costing Enhancements • Transaction Control Enhancement • Pre-approved Expenditure Entry via Excel • PO Receipt Accruals Integration • Capital Projects

  37. Labor Costing EnhancementsDescription • Create cost rate schedules by employee or job • Define costing rules • Select a costing method: Rates or Client Extension • Assign cost multipliers for overtime premium calculation • Assign costing rules and rate schedules to organizations • Enter employee overrides

  38. Labor Costing EnhancementsCosting Rules

  39. Labor Costing EnhancementsCost Rate Schedules

  40. Labor Costing Enhancements Rule and Schedule Assignment

  41. Labor Costing EnhancementsEmployee Overrides

  42. Burdening EnhancementsReprocess Impacted Transactions Only When a burden schedule change affects existing transactions, the transactions are marked for reprocessing. The system now selectively marks transactions based on the entered changes. For example: • When the burden multiplier for an organization is changed, only transactions belonging to that organization are marked for reprocessing • When a multiplier attached to a particular burden cost code is changed, only transactions related to that cost code are marked for reprocessing

  43. Burdening EnhancementCreate Incremental Transactions You now have the option to create incremental transactions to account for burden cost changes. This will reduce database volume when a burden schedule change affects a large number of existing transactions • Burden on the Same Line: Account for changes by reversing existing cost distributions lines and generating new ones or by generating incremental cost distribution lines for the net amount • Burden on a Separate Line: Account for changes by reversing the original expenditure items and creating new ones or by generating new expenditure items for the net amount

  44. New Profile Option for Burdening Enhancement • Create Incremental Transactions: • System Profile Option “PA: Create Incremental Transactions for Cost Adjustments Resulting from a Burden Schedule Recompilation” needs to be set to ‘Yes’

  45. Supplier Invoice AdjustmentDescription • Oracle Projects now allows you to adjust supplier invoice expenditures that are matched to accrue on receipt purchase order lines • When the adjustment is interfaced from Oracle Projects to Oracle Payables, the following occurs: • Two New Invoice Distributions are created • A distribution created to reverse the accrual against the PO charge account • A distribution is created to record the expense with the adjusted project attributes • AP Generates Tax for the new Distributions

  46. Supplier Invoice Adjustment How to Use this Feature ..Example A purchase order has the following distributions which will accrue on receipt Number Supplier Quantity Unit Price Charge Account 3040 Capp Consulting 2 100 01-422-7740-000 The supplier invoice is matched to the above purchase order, the following entry will be passed Line Account Account Description Debit Credit 1 01-000-2200-000 AP Accrual Liability 100 2 01-422-7750-000 Tax Account 8 3 01-000-2500-000 AP Liability 108

  47. Supplier Invoice Adjustment How to Use this Feature contd… When this supplier invoice is interfaced to Projects the Cost Distribution Lines of the expenditure will show Line Account Account Description Debit Credit 1 01-422-7740-000 Computer Paper 100 2 01-422-7750-000 Non-Recoverable Tax 8 Note that the Account debited here is the PO Charge account which is different from the account on the Invoice

  48. Supplier Invoice Adjustment How to Use this Feature contd… When the item is transferred in PA and the adjustment entries are interfaced to AP, the original invoice is modified as follows: Line Account Account Description Amount 1 01-422-7740-000 Computer Paper 100 Distributions in Yellow are interfaced from PA and that in Blue are created after invoice re-approval 2 01-422-7750-000 Non-Recoverable Tax 8 3 01-422-7740-000 Computer Paper <100> 4 01-424-7760-000 Computer Paper 100 5 01-422-7750-000 Non-Recoverable Tax <8> 6 01-424-7750-000 Non-Recoverable Tax 8 Note : Please refer the white paper Supplier Invoice Adjustments: Accrue on Receipt Adjustments in PA.PJ_PF.L (Fox, 2003) for more details.

  49. Supplier Invoice AdjustmentDependencies and Interactions • AP one-off patch 2985606 will be pre-requisite for using the Supplier Invoice Adjustments

  50. Oracle ProjectsBilling Key New Features