citizenship in srsd a celebration of community spirit n.
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CITIZENSHIP in SRSD A Celebration of Community Spirit! PowerPoint Presentation
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CITIZENSHIP in SRSD A Celebration of Community Spirit!

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CITIZENSHIP in SRSD A Celebration of Community Spirit! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CITIZENSHIP in SRSD A Celebration of Community Spirit!. June 25, 2013. Citizenship in our students’ words…. “I wanted people that have cancer to have hair. It is important because they could be just like everyone else and who they use to be. It might make them feel better!”

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Presentation Transcript
citizenship in our students words
Citizenship in our students’ words…

“I wanted people that have cancer to have hair. It is important because they could be just like everyone else and who they use to be. It might make them feel better!”

McKenna Burbank, Samantha Vien, Emerald Sebastian

“ I will continue to help others because it makes me happy to see people smiling.”


“ We sell cookies and cards for the homeless!”

Tianna Campbell and Mya Mann

“ Volunteering is a good way to help our community. We get to help each other out and support each other.”

Ethan and Avery Cochrane

“If we win we would love to donate to Children’s Hospital. We think it’s an important charity because every kid should get the chance to be healthy again.”

Abby Pelletier, Jordynn Barrett,

TaylerArkle, Rowan Shwaluk

“ I believe a good citizen is someone who follows rules and regulations, uses their voice and opinion for good and who respect themselves and the people around them.!”

Tyra Turbovsky

“ A good citizen is someone that is a good person even when no one is watching!” Devon Caron

“ …every good citizens makes a difference!.”

LinaPoplavski & MirjamLik

“ …my efforts are worth it because I feel the impact a bit of elbow grease can make!”

Marie Wrede

“…to strive to be the best I can be both in school and in my community!”

Karmen Britton

“ Social Justice has taught me all about being grateful for the life I live!”


“I think a good citizen is a person that is always willing to be helpful, caring, positive and in general being a good role model!”

Trevor Broesky

“Sharing Circle was a great learning experience and has helped each of us in the circle to grow as individuals. The circle has showed us how to become active citizens in our community.”

Rachel and Katelyn

cole lorette immersion ethan avery cochrane
ÉcoleLorette ImmersionEthan & Avery Cochrane

We stand for:

  • Providing a water pump to Haiti through UNICEF
  • Initiative and Responsibility
  • Helping others
parc lasalle tianna campbell and mya mann
Parc LaSalleTianna Campbelland Mya Mann

We stand for:

  • Creating and selling Christmas Cards at the Annual Breakfast with Santa for homeless people. We raised $230.00 and fed 300 people with chili!
ste anne collegiate trevor broesky
Ste. Anne Collegiate Trevor Broesky

I stand for:

  • Active living (Volleyball, Basketball and Baseball school teams)
  • Coaching and being an umpire
  • Clean up our school surroundings
  • Student helper
  • Being helpful
  • Respect for others
ste anne collegiate kaira lavalle
Ste. Anne CollegiateKairaLavalle

I stand for:

  • Student Voice
  • Social Justice
  • School Musical
  • We Day
  • Volunteer in the SAE kindergarten class
  • Volunteering to care for animals
ste anne collegiate karmen britton
Ste. Anne CollegiateKarmen Britton

I stand for:

  • Student Voice and Social Justice
  • Summer in the City volunteer
  • School Musical
  • Grad Committee
  • Dance instructor assistant
  • Peer Tutor for Pre-Calculus
  • Winnipeg Butterfly Gala
ste anne collegiate marie wrede
Ste. Anne CollegiateMarie Wrede

I stand for:

  • Student Voice (School dance, Writer’s club)
  • Social Justice (Rachel’s Challenge, fundraising drive for humanitarian projects)
  • School Musical
  • Grad Committee
  • High Academics
  • Helping with Kindergarten to grade 2 children at the Gospel Chapel Superclub
ste anne elementary devon caron
Ste. Anne ElementaryDevon Caron

I stand for:

  • Positive attitude and cheerful nature
  • Well-being of other students
  • Respect and kindness for others
  • Helping out at school
  • Facing life’s challenges with pride and courage!
la salle school grade 6 craft club
La Salle SchoolGrade 6 Craft Club

We stand for:

  • Develop, plan and instruct literature craft program for younger students
  • Leadership
  • Creativity and literacy for young students
cole ile des ch nes mckenna burbank samantha vien emerald sebastian
École Ile des ChênesMcKennaBurbank, Samantha Vien & EmeraldSebastian

We stand for:

  • Free the Children Campaign
  • Collecting food for the school hampers and helping families in need
  • Supporting Cancer Care Manitoba by donating our hair
coll ge lorette collegiate clc sharing circle
CollègeLorette CollegiateCLC Sharing Circle

We stand for:

  • Discovering oral traditions and storytelling through a Metis elder
  • ManitooAhbee Aboriginal Youth Leaders
  • Seven Sacred Teachings through Drumming
  • RM of Tache Food Bank
  • Creating murals for CLC with the support of SRSD Visual Art support teacher
  • Supporting students learning about Aboriginal culture in K to 8 schools
arborgate school lina poplovski mirjam lik
Arborgate School LinaPoplovski & MirjamLik

We stand for:

  • Leadership
  • Breakfast for Learning
  • Canteen helper
  • Lunch Monitor
  • Math and Reading Buddies
  • Babysitting
  • Picking up garbage around the community in the summer
richer school tyra turbovsky
Richer SchoolTyra Turbovsky

I stand for:

  • Student Voice (We Day, Penny Drive, Anti-Bullying Week)
  • Christmas Food hampers
  • Special events at school
  • Fundraising for a Water Pump for Haiti
  • Richer Local Urban District student representative
  • Reading buddy for EAL students.
  • Student representative on the PAC
last word
Last word….

“There’s a radical – and wonderful – new idea here… that all children could and should be inventors of their own theories, critics of other people’s ideas, analyzers of evidence, and makers of their own personal marks on the world.  Its an idea with revolutionary implications.  If we take it seriously.”

- Deborah Meier