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Overview of Aggregate Community Community Health Detailing PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of Aggregate Community Community Health Detailing

Overview of Aggregate Community Community Health Detailing

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Overview of Aggregate Community Community Health Detailing

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  1. LDO/CWO CommunityAgenda • Overview of Aggregate Community • Community Health • Detailing • Promotion, Fitness Reports and Selection Boards • Retirement • High interest items • Closing • Nuclear LDO Community

  2. LDO/CWO CommunityOverview • 56, 182 active duty officers in the Navy • 9% are LDO/CWO (6,148) in 25 LDO and 25 CWO designators • 20% of Submarine Force Officers are LDOs (17%) and CWOs (3%)

  3. Submarine LDO Manning

  4. Submarine LDO Manning

  5. LDO/CWO CommunityDetailing vs. Placement • The Detailer represents You • The Placement Officer represents the Commands • ORDERS • Orders are not simply cut by the detailer • Placement officers and gaining Commands get a cut • Some organizations such as NR, SSP, and Special Projects get a cut • I-STOPs and Training may be required • Record flags such as EFM, PFA, discipline, medical may impact timing • OCONUS/CONUS move • Orders will be written about 6 months prior to transfer • Continuing Resolution = FY14 PCS funds are tightly controlled

  6. LDO/CWO CommunityDetailing Triad Needs of the Navy Career/Professional needs of the individual Personal desires of the individual All three legs of the triad are discussed to produce orders. Balance is always the goal. Needs of the Navy will prevail.

  7. LDO/CWO CommunityNeeds of the Navy • We support the Undersea Warfare Enterprise (USE) • They outline the jobs that require our unique talents • We fill the tough assignments! • Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Submarine Tenders, Special Projects and numerous diverse shore tours • We are World Wide Assignable! • Limited job availability in many locations • Our billets must be filled with the right designator and the right pay grade!

  8. LDO/CWO CommunityCareer/Professional Needs • The Detailer is your career planner • Our number one goal is to get you promoted • You will be offered diverse billets to keep you competitive. This typically means taking orders at several different duty stations in varying geographic locations. To be competitive, take the hard jobs and perform! There is No substitute for Sea Duty. • Senior leadership is consulted from the appropriate designator and board results are tracked • We utilize a ‘complete’ detailing picture • Follow the outlined career progression plan • to remain competitive for promotions. For all but NUCs: • • For NUCs, your career progression plan is found in this brief.

  9. LDO/CWO CommunityIndividual Desires • Special family circumstances (EFM, etc) • Update EFM member status every 3 years - PERS-451X will not release orders if not completed • Priorities: Career more important? Location or Family decision? Extensions required for high school kids? Do you own a house? Upside down on mortgage? • Have a plan if you own a home when you transfer • Be honest • Be careful what you ask for. There could be risk associated with the choice you make and we will discuss that when you call. • Communicate with your detailer – decisions made on case basis

  10. LDO/CWO CommunityPromotion Fundamentals • Flow Point: Average years of service when an officer is promoted (paid) to the next grade • Selection Rate: Percentage of all officers selected for promotion • Denominator is the # selected divided into the # in-zone • Includes officers selected from above, in, and below the zone • Max below zone - 10% (legal limit) (very unlikely for LDOs) • No above zone limits (by law or policy) • As long as you’re on the Active Duty List you will be considered

  11. LDO/CWO CommunityPromotion Fundamentals • Promotion Opportunity is a function of strength, by grade, based on: • Requirements • Defined by Officer Programmed Authorizations (OPA) • Vacancies • Promotions, Retirements, Resignations, Lateral Transfers • Legal Limit • Title 10 USC - Limits number of CAPTs, CDRs, and LCDRs • Best and Fully Qualified Standard • “Up or Out” Principle

  12. LDO CommunityPromotion Opportunity Promotions to LTJG and LT = All Fully Qualified

  13. CWO CommunityPromotion Opportunity

  14. LDO/CWO CommunityPromotion Process • Determining Promotion Zones • Zone message released in December each year • Senior and junior in-zone indicated by name/lineal number • If your lineal # falls within, you are In Zone • Find your lineal #: • Junior Eligible indicated by name/lineal number • If your lineal # falls within, you are Below Zone • Selections message released • April for O6, May for O5, July for O4, Aug for CWO3/4/5 • Promotion Phasing Plan – usually updated several months after release of the selection MSG. This projects when you may be paid for the newly selected rank • Ensure your record (Photo, OSR, PSR, OMPF) is up-to-date

  15. LDO/CWO CommunityKeys to Promotion • Break out at your command – EP! • What does the CO say about you? “The best STRAT WEPS I have observed in 21 years!” • Leadership Potential – “A future CVN CHENG” • Go to sea and if you can’t - go overseas! • Embrace opportunity when available even when it is not convenient (Hot fills) • Qualify (SS, SWO, OOD, IDWO, Drydock, EOOW) • Keep your record up to date (Photo, AQD’s, Awards, Degree, etc.) • Show “Increasing levels of responsibility” • Execute the Career Path for your Desig

  16. LDO/CWO CommunityKeys to Promotion • Fitness Reports • Soft break outs • EP 1 of 1 - “1 of 10 regardless of designator” • Explain EP performance as an MP if newly reported, behind a senior, forced distribution #’s. • EP Performer; equal to my #1 and #2 Department Heads • Air Gaps - 1 of 1 MP and you are the only one being evaluated • Know your reporting senior’s average • write the FITREP above his avg. and make him downgrade if performance is poor and explained • Stress your future potential • “a sure selection for SSBN WEPs” • “future Dry Dock XO, CVN PA or CHENG” • “has the leadership to succeed as an XO ashore or afloat” • LDO O1E and O2E are expected to receive MP and EP marks • Ensure you are “recommended for promotion to xxxx” on EVERY FITREP

  17. LDO/CWO CommunityKeys to Promotion • Fitness Reports • Block 40: Command Recommendation (this block matters) • XO/CO Drydock • Next At Sea Career milestone • Top 3 lines and the bottom 2 lines (give the briefer of your record easy nuggets to extract and speak too) • Hard Breakouts/ Move to the Right (P then MP then EP) • Tell the board what’s going on if P or MP • Are you an EP performer? If so write it in the FITREP, even if P or MP due to forced distribution! • BLUF: Explaining changes or marks even when obvious means that the Board is not guessing at what really happened! If it’s too late, write a letter to the Board or submit a BCNR if you have time! All letters must be read to the Board!

  18. LDO/CWO CommunityKeys to Promotion • Fitness Reports • What constitutes Declining Performance? • Same Reporting Senior with lowering trait average (when not a Promotion FITREP) • Weaker or Fewer Block 40 Recommendations • Movement from EP to MP to P from same Reporting Senior with no explanation: DOA in the tank • Decline in soft breakout with no explanation • No EP transfer FITREP when 1 of 1 • Stress LEADERSHIP in your performance/achievements! • How did your LEADERSHIP help the command accomplish its mission? • Give your boss a final product !! • Review FITREP Training link on the Mustang Corral!

  19. LDO/CWO CommunityFitness Report Bullets • Best officer of any stripe with whom I have ever served • Hand picked to be a field rep from over XX possible candidates • #1 of XX LT/LCDR on my staff regardless of designator • Performing at the EP level--MP solely due to administrative constraints • My number one officer out of XX officers • Should be the first officer selected by the FYXX LCDR/CDR board • Command ready, future CDR/CAPT--promote without hesitation • A LCDR/CDR now so make it official by promoting him • A true 5.0 performer, this is not a kiss • 1 of 27 in his LDO Year Group – Screened First Look for Dry-Dock Command!

  20. LDO/CWO CommunityFitness Report Bullets • EP performer destined to by my number one officer • ***EP Performer/Ranked MP due to forced distribution – Promote this Top-Notch Star Immediately*** • ***Ranked #4 OF 12 outstanding LCDR’S onboard*** • LCDR XXX epitomizes EXCELLENCE and has my strongest recommendation for promotion to 0-5! • He has the skills and leadership traits to succeed as a CVN CHENG or Sub Tender XO • #1 of 9 Outstanding Division Officers in my Wardroom! • UNSURPASSED LEADER – BEST of the BEST • _____ is the Total Package! Completely Impressive. Mission and Action Orientated! • Eye Watering Performance! Performing beyond expectations! Promote now to _____!

  21. LDO/CWO CommunityFitness Report Bullets • IMMEDIATE IMPACT! Accomplished more in his first four months than most officers do in an entire year. #1 Selection for Promotion…. • LCDR XXX has my strongest recommendation for selection as a Submarine Tender XO or CVN Chief Engineer and promotion to Commander. SELECT NOW! • Singularly outstanding Ordnance Officer! Established himself as a deck-plate leader after arriving only days prior to our maiden deployment!... • LCDR XXX contributions to readiness cannot be overstated. A true expert, he is rapidly establishing himself as a command leader and is ready for 0-5! PROMOTE NOW! • Ranks 1 of 5 LCDRs. The Nuclear Officer I’ve ever had the privilege to serve with. • SELECT NOW FOR 0-5! • Hand Selected to serve as ________ from a field of top performers! • Or 1 of ___ to serve as SWO Senior Watch Officer, _________!

  22. LDO/CWO CommunityFitness Report Bullets • A top performer in a group of highly competitive hand-picked Engineering LDOs. He is already ranked 2 of 7 LDO Lieutenant Commanders and 2 of 9 regardless of designator… • XXX is an outstanding Naval Officer with all the tools to be a top-notch CVN CHENG today. He is performing at the 05 level. PROMOTE TO CDR NOW! • Ranks #10 of 37 Lieutenants of all Designators!... • Impressive breadth- he has stepped in for the Executive Officer many times…with superb results! Already performing at the CDR level- he just needs the insignia. Promote now! • Standout by a Wide Margin in an Office of Handpicked Superstars • A clear EP performer. Ranked P due to forced distribution and officer seniority within my command!

  23. Keys to Promotion • AQD’s – Extremely important to board members • SV2 (Gold Dolphins) appear on OSR as LDO/CWO SUB W • LC1 (EOOW Steam), LB1 (OOD Indep), SP2 (SSBN AWEPs), GC0 (IDWO), LA9 (SWO), CD4 (OIC LCDR) • When you achieve one, scan and email me your certificate! • New SSP AQD Codes – link on Mustang Corral Webpage

  24. LDO/CWO CommunityKeys to Promotion • Letters to the Board • College – Institution sends off xscript to: • • or • Navy Personnel Command, ATTN: PERS45E • 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 • URLs respect education • Associate degree is better than no degree • “I’m too busy” is no longer valid • Online degrees – convenient, accessible, and relatively easy • Warfare Qualifications - URL board members respect qualifications

  25. LDO CommunityCommander Promotion 15-17 YCS CDR Promotion Window • LDOs commissioned within 13-15 YOS generally reach Commander promotion board • Those commissioned past 15 YOS generally will not reach Commander promotion board before facing statutory retirement 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 YCS LDO Accession Point O-5 Promotion Window O-4 30 TYOS Stat Retirement 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 TYOS

  26. LDO/CWO CommunityPromote by Enterprise/Designator Will not start until FY 2018 or even later Best and Most Fully qualified SELECT to our NEEDS and VACANCIES OCM is currently building our enterprises • Some are pretty obvious; Aviation, Surface and Subsurface • But where do we put the Nukes, Admin, Info Systems, Bandmaster, Info Warfare, Intelligence, Meteorology, Photo, EOD, Security, Supply, CEC and Law folks? Then Officer Competitive Categories (FITREPS) must change • LDOs and CWOs will only compete within their Enterprise on FITREPS ULTIMATELY the only way to promote to vacancies is to select only those that the NAVY NEEDS, and to Promote by Designator Next stop is valid Enterprises to promote to

  27. LDO/CWO CommunityNPC Website

  28. LDO/CWO CommunityRecord Management

  29. LDO/CWO Applicant BriefRecords Management • BOL Email • Address • Navy • Personal

  30. LDO/CWO CommunityRecord Management SAILOR, JOE B. SAILOR, JOE B.

  31. Officer Summary Record Example of how the Board will mark your record A A 000-00-0000 Press 100 now!! Press 100 now!! SWO pin +++ SWO pin, OOD, EOOW +++

  32. Performance Summary Report Example of how the Board will mark your record ? – 2 EPs one cycle, 1 EP the next. Still ranked 2 of 4! 000-00-0000 ? Good Sea/overseas vs shore rotation 1st 03 FITREP straight to MP 2nd 03 FITREP EP! Always breaks to EP when in traffic Recommended for Drydock XO and LCDR 5 years + With exception of these 2 grades – ind always >> sum Due to new onboard

  33. LDO/CWO CommunityPromotion Boards • NPC Board Space or “Tank”

  34. Example record brief in the tank The following is an example of what takes place in the tank and just how quickly things occur there!

  35. LDO/CWO CommunityOfficer Summary Record A A 000-00-0000 Press 100 now!! Press 100 now!! SWO pin +++ SWO pin, OOD, EOOW +++

  36. LDO/CWO CommunityPerformance Summary Report ? – 2 EPs one cycle, 1 EP the next. Still ranked 2 of 4! 000-00-0000 ? Good Sea/overseas vs shore rotation 1st 03 FITREP straight to MP 2nd 03 FITREP EP! Always breaks to EP when in traffic Recommended for Drydock XO and LCDR 5 years + With exception of these 2 grades – ind always >> sum Due to new onboard

  37. LDO/CWO CommunityScattergram Select 90 and above To select 10 Crunch 6 to select 3 Remove From Further Consideration 45 and below

  38. LDO/CWO CommunityBoard Information • NOV 13 LDO ADMIN BOARD results released • Upcoming LDO ADMIN BOARD in NOV 14 • YG 02 – CO Drydock (3 alt) • YG 06 – XO Drydock (1 pri, 2 alt) • Strategic Weapons Officer – SP2, 6260 or 6262, LT, not selected for LCDR (1 pri, 3 alt)

  39. LDO/CWO CommunityRetirement • MILPERSMAN 1810-020 • Retirement is your last set of orders, and must be negotiated in advance • In most cases, a relief will be required • You cannot execute a set of orders and then immediately put in for retirement. Must complete a Prescribed Tour Length (PTL) • MPM 1301-110 • Submit your request one year in advance • If facing a promotion board, submit a letter to the board to remove your name from promotion consideration • Only the member can have their name removed from consideration---If this action is not taken, a (vacant) promotion selection may occur Submit your request one year in advance

  40. LDO/CWO CommunityRetirement Benefits FY07 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Lifted 75% retirement pay cap at 30 YOS • Eligible to receive 100 percent base pay at retirement • 2.5% increase per year for each year of service past 30 YOS • LDOs can reach 95% base pay with 38 YOS (statutory limit) LDO service compensation greater than enlisted

  41. LDO/CWO CommunityItems of Interest • Spot Promotions (SECNAVINST 1421.3K) • Spot Promote eligible billets are listed on the NPC website • • Must have 2 yrs TIG before the quarterly board meets (Para 6.b) • You retain the spot promote status if transferred and • Selected for permanent LCDR or • Assigned to another eligible spot promote billet • Frocking • MILPERSMAN 1420-020 • Normally only for XO and OIC positions • Nuclear AIB (OPNAVINST 7220.11C) • IAW para 8.f.2, letters are required by 15 July for the inclusive year • If changing commands during the year ensure inclusive dates are covered on both NOIP letters

  42. LDO/CWO CommunityItems of Interest • Submarine Pay (OPNAVINST 7220.15) • Member has personal responsibility to track of TOSS • Send updated TOSS sheets when changes occur • Include validated page 4/5s • Include Encl 12 worksheet and (encl 9 and 10) of unit underway time if ride time associated • Monitor TOSS status at 12 yr gate (72 months) and 18 year gate (96 months) from SSED • CONSUBPAY can be lost at 12 yr gate, but regained at 18 yr gate if member accumulates 96 months of TOSS • Members can NOT accumulate TOSS past 18 year mark • Members can lose sub pay by declining assignments • Awaiting Your Commissioning Date? - Sign your Oath, go to PSD – Your pay must be shifted from Enlisted to Officer!

  43. LDO/CWO CommunityItems of Interest • Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) • Meeting the standard? • Officer Development Course (ODC) Changes • LDO/CWO only class • IAW OPNAVINST 1420.1B, ODC is mandatory for all except NR selected NUC LDOs • 10% of Officer Development Course (ODC) new accessions arrive out of PFA standards • On average, 20% of students fail the swim test • 2nd Class swim test, tread water 5 min • Command Quals are coming • CO of the Dry Dock and those screening for Command and Major Command • INST will say: before 9 YCS. Still required if already over 9 YCS. • ODC: Arrive within PFA standards, pass second class swim test

  44. LDO/CWO CommunityItems of Interest • Navy is eliminating CWO designators • NUC (740X) –Eliminated • Submarine Eng & Repair (723X) - Eliminated • Submarine Electronics (728X) – Eliminated Statutory Retirement for CWO5s out to 33 YOS • Approved by FY13 NDAA Permanent Appointments for LDOs • February 13 - all LDOs promoted to Lieutenant are now permanent appointments • FY14 – all new LDOs who commission are permanent • Submarine Comms (6290) potential IDC off-ramp • Unplanned losses (DUI, Poor performance, adultery, larceny, etc) – “Don’t be that guy”

  45. LDO/CWO CommunityFinal Thoughts • Lead by example • Your leadership example is the one you demonstrate today---not from past performance • Remember that you are always watched by juniors, seniors, and peers from all communities so be the one they want to emulate • Accept and embrace the tough assignments • Maintain world wide assignable status • Enterprises need the services of LDOs and CWOs • Mentoring - Recruit your relief; at least 1 per year • Seek out sailors that show potential. Don’t wait to be asked – seek them out

  46. LDO/CWO CommunityMustang Corral • Check out our website • Go to the BUPERS Home Page and click on • Officer • Officer Detailing • PERS-42 • Mustang Corral • Submarine Nuclear LDO/CWO Facebook page

  47. Questions? Nuclear Community Brief to follow…

  48. Nuclear LDO/CWOCommunity Brief PERS 422 PERS 422A N-133E

  49. Nuclear LDO/CWO Community Community Management Topics Nuclear LDO Community • Billet Base restructuring • Reviewing sea-shore flow balance • Developing career path to correct viability issues • Promote-by-Enterprise analysis • LCDR Continuation • Major Command screening • Exploring incentive changes/restructuring