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Transporting Your Skin Through Time PowerPoint Presentation
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Transporting Your Skin Through Time

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Transporting Your Skin Through Time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transporting Your Skin Through Time. Lori Bush President of Nu Skin. Our Nu Skin Mission. We strive to be a distinctive resource for all who aspire to the physical, emotional, or financial rewards that derive from skin care product leadership. Healthy, beautiful skin.

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Transporting Your Skin Through Time

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    1. Transporting Your Skin Through Time

    2. Lori Bush President of Nu Skin

    3. Our Nu Skin Mission We strive to be a distinctive resource for all who aspire to the physical, emotional, or financial rewards that derive from skin care product leadership.

    4. Healthy, beautiful skin On a journey through time

    5. How will your skin travel through time? ?

    6. Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D.

    7. Evolution of Skin Care:The Beginning • Affordable common soap • Increased hygiene and fewer skin infections • Soap removed too much sebum and yielded dry skin

    8. Evolution of Skin Care:The Beginning • Moisturizers needed to counteract the drying effect of soap • Original moisturizers were petroleum, lanolin • Greasy substances prevented moisture from evaporating from the skin

    9. Evolution of Skin Care:The Present • Refined cleansers that provide excellent hygiene, but do not overdry the skin • Elegant moisturizers that hydrate and retard moisture loss • Sunscreens that prevent sunburn and function to counteract the aging effects of UV exposure

    10. Present Skin Care Philosophy • Add to the skin what is missing • Sophisticated cosmeceutical moisturizers to add vitamins and antioxidants (skin care maintenance) • Sunscreens to add additional protection from aging (skin care prevention)

    11. Future Skin Care Philosophy • Adding and supplementing the skin for prevention and maintenance purposes is important • The step beyond is removal of substances that retard optimal skin functioning • Add the good, remove the bad

    12. Critical Questions • What should you add to the skin and what should you remove? • How do you know what is good and what is bad? • How do you remove substances from the skin that promote aging?

    13. Skin Aging Concepts • Skin ages due to UV damage, oxidation • Oxidation by products accumulate • Skin aging progresses as byproducts decrease optimal functioning

    14. Satisfied Oxygen Atom Crippled “Free Radical”

    15. Free Radical Chain Reaction

    16. Antioxidants lose an electron without initiating a chain reaction. Antioxidants inhibit lipid bi-layer and cell membrane breakdown.

    17. Future Skin Care: Adapting New Technology to Skin • Rate of tissue aging is slowed in laboratory by placing tissue in special transport media • Transport media contains substances to remove byproducts from the tissue • Tissues age at a slower rate due to optimal functioning

    18. Evolution of Skin Care:The Future • Important active ingredient in transport media is lactobionic acid • Minimize the damaging effects of: • Oxygen and other pro-oxidants • Transitional metals, such as iron

    19. Evolution of Skin Care:The Future • New skin care products utilize transport media technology to aid in the prevention of aging • Active ingredients placed in moisturizers to hydrate skin • Adding the good and removing the bad

    20. The Future is Now • Add to the skin • sun protection • skin moisturizers • skin antioxidants • Remove from the skin • sebum and environmental dirt • damaging byproducts

    21. Barbara Green, R.Ph., M.S.

    22. Evolution of Hydroxyacid Skin Care AHAs (glycolic acid, lactic acid) PHAs (gluconolactone) New Bionic PHAs (lactobionic acid)

    23. AHA vs. PHA • glycolic acid gluconolactone CH OH 2 O H COOH H O H OH H OH C OH H H OH

    24. PHA: Gluconolactone • Polyhydroxy AHA (PHA): full strength anti-aging benefits • Natural component of skin; cell nutrient • Natural antioxidant/chelator • Highly moisturizing • Strengthens skin barrier (published study) • Non-stinging, non-burning • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin • No increase in sun sensitivity

    25. Gluconolactone - Chelator • Dairy - prevents milk stone • Brewery - prevents beer stones • Foodstuffs - coagulant for tofu • Humans - acidify urine to allow exchange of Mg++ for Ca++ in kidney stones

    26. Lactobionic Acid(Bionic PHA) • Anti-aging effects (it is an AHA) • Gentle to skin • Plumps the skin • Provides unique skin feel attributes – gel/film forming property • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin • Moisturizing/water binding: 8 hydroxyl groups

    27. Lactobionic Acid Gel

    28. Weight (g) of water absorbed per mole of substance* *After exposure to 100 % relative humidity for four hours.

    29. Lactobionic Acid – Skin Protector! • Antioxidant • Medical use - preservative for organs during transplantation procedures – it traps metals • Inhibitor of metalloproteinase enzymes (MMPs) • MMPs degrade skin collagen • Leads to wrinkles, laxity, visible capillaries • UV and aging MMP activity

    30. Cumulative Irritation Study 14 days Nonirritating! MeanScores n = 24

    31. Atopic Dermatitis with PHA Regimen Before After

    32. Antioxidant Effects ANTHRALIN HYDROQUINONE BANANA PEEL oxalic acid oxalic acid oxalic acid ascorbic acid citric acid gluconolactone ascorbic acid ascorbic acid lactobionic acid citric acid citric acid tartaric acid gluconolactonegluconolactone lactobionic acidlactobionic acid Most Effective Very Effective

    33. Anti-oxidant effects on Banana Peel (72 hours) Lactobionic Acid PHAs prevent oxidative browning Gluconolactone

    34. AHAs vs. PHAsAnti-aging Effects

    35. AHA vs. PHA Anti-Aging Study PHA Regimen : 14% daily PHA AHA Regimen : 16% daily AHA X Note: All attributes significantly improved from baseline (p<0.05) X: AHA regimen significantly better than PHA regimen

    36. AHA vs. PHA Anti-Aging StudyIrritation Assessment (mild) + X * * + X * * + X + X (none) * significant improvement from baseline (p<0.05) + significant worsening from baseline (p<0.05) X burning, stinging significantly worse than PHA regimen n=27 (AHA) n=27 (PHA)

    37. PHA SerumAnti-aging Effects

    38. Facial Clinical Evaluation - PHA SerumMean Relative % Improvement (compared to baseline) All attributes significantly improved at Weeks 6 and 12 from baseline (p<0.05)

    39. Facial Clinical EvaluationMean Relative % Improvement (compared to baseline) Significantly improved at Weeks 6 and 12 from baseline (p<0.05)

    40. Total Skin Thickness (Plumping)Mean Relative % Improvement (compared to baseline) * *Significantly increased skin thickness over untreated (p<0.05)

    41. Fine Lines Softened Before PHA Regimen Study 12 weeks After