daniel webster college s phi beta lambda hosts n.
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Daniel Webster College’s Phi Beta Lambda hosts PowerPoint Presentation
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Daniel Webster College’s Phi Beta Lambda hosts

Daniel Webster College’s Phi Beta Lambda hosts

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Daniel Webster College’s Phi Beta Lambda hosts

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Daniel Webster College’sPhi Beta Lambdahosts Future Business Leaders of America from high schools across New Hampshire October 19, 2006

  2. DWC members of Phi Beta Lambda, the premier student business association. Its mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

  3. More than 500 high school students from around NH came to DWC for FBLA’s fall conference.

  4. DWC Phi Beta Lambda members (left) and members of DWC’s AFROTC participated in the opening ceremony

  5. DWC’s Professor Neil Parmenter, advisor to Phi Beta Lambda thanks everyone in attendance.

  6. Phi Beta Lambda President Sarah Hunt welcomes students to DWC.

  7. DWC’s Professor Tom Anastasi’s leadership workshop, “Who am I?” demonstrated how knowing key personality traits can make you the most effective business person you can be in the areas of leadership, negotiations, motivation and personal development.

  8. Participants learned how to deal with people the way that’s best for them, and tailor interactions to fit many situations and types of people.

  9. DWC’s Director of Admission, Dan Monahan, speaks to FBLA advisors and guidance counselors about Daniel Webster College and the programs it has to offer.

  10. A second workshop was called “The Apprentice: A Leadership and Teamwork Adventure.” Students, working in teams, were provided materials and developed a model of a marketable product, followed by a presentation to potential “investors” (DWC Phi Beta Lambda students).

  11. If you read the words closely, you may be able to understand what this team came up with for their “idea.” The team was voted as having the best idea by members of DWC’s Phi Beta Lambda.

  12. Were you on campus recently? Do you recall this sculpture, the one in the background and the building in the rear?

  13. How about this sculpture? (those posing are high school students)

  14. At the end of the day, DWC had hosted 564 students, 62 adults from 31 New Hampshire high schools.

  15. DWC Phi Beta Lambda 2006-2007 Front from left: Diana Valentine, Historian Jenny Ozug, Public Relations Danyell Goguen, Secretary Amy Ingversten, Kevin Murphy, Professor Neil Parmenter. Rear: Dylan Lavoie, Erin Moseley, President Sarah Hunt, Matthew Welch, Vice President Vlad Arslanov; not pictured: Treasurer Castava Leonard.