csc208 management information system mis n.
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CSC208 Management Information System (MIS) PowerPoint Presentation
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CSC208 Management Information System (MIS)

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CSC208 Management Information System (MIS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSC208 Management Information System (MIS). Siti Nurbaya Ismail Faculty of Computer Science & Mathematics, Universiti Teknologi MARA ( UiTM ), Kedah | | | | | A2-3039 | ext:2561 | 012-7760562 |. Course Information.

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CSC208 Management Information System (MIS)

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csc208 management information system mis

CSC208Management Information System (MIS)

SitiNurbaya Ismail

Faculty of Computer Science & Mathematics,

UniversitiTeknologi MARA (UiTM), Kedah

| |

| |

| A2-3039 | ext:2561 | 012-7760562 |

course contents
Course Contents

This course is the study of information systems focusing on their use in business and management.

This course provides the students with the leading edge perspectives on the business and management uses of information systems. Businesses invest in information systems because they create business value. The major system investments being made today are enterprise applications that integrate information across the enterprise and create powerful new links to customers and suppliers.

Meta Introduction

course goals
Course Goals
  • Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
    • Learn how managers develop, design, and implement major systems to create new resources of value for the business.
    • Analyse business problems, develop systems solutions, and manage business systems in the digital firm.
    • Apply problem-solving skills to an ongoing real business scenario.
    • Identify the four enterprise applications: supply chain management, customer relationship management, enterprise systems, and knowledge management as the system pillars of the digital firm.

Meta Introduction


Information Systems Creating Business Value


Mark W. Huber, Craig A. Piercy & Patrick G. McKeown:

John Wiley & Sons (2007)

Meta Introduction

course description
Course Description
  • Lab Session
    • Database Management System(DBMS)
    • Microsoft Access 2007
  • Introduction
    • To meet the course requirements, students are required to complete ONE project on Microsoft Access before end of the semester.
    • It is a group project where a team will be responsible to establish a database of tables, forms, reports and queries necessary for managerial and operational purposes of one business process.
    • All team is required to give reports on the progress of activities as specified in the schedule.

Meta Introduction



    • To expose students in organizing collaborative efforts to achieve specific goals.
    • To expose students the roles of IT and technical people in any system development project.
    • To understand limitations and constraints about a project development, particularly concerning costs, time, supports, information technologies, creativity, and others.
    • To know important technical concepts that are considered necessary to facilitate communications with technical people, and ease the development process.
    • To help students improving their skills in organizing work activities and resources, and presentation.

Meta Introduction

  • Decription
    • ONE project.
    • Each team is made up of 2 to 3 members.
    • What you need to do is:
      • In groups (one group contains 2 or 3 students), develop a database system for an organization.
      • Your group is required to conduct some business rules activities to complete of the given project.
      • With the help of DBMS tool e.g. MS Access, MySQL etc, you can efficiently manage your business profits.

Meta Introduction

  • Specification of the system:
    • Tables: Minimum 3 tables, Maximum 5 tables
    • Forms: in order to interact with the database
    • Reports: Minimum 3 reports, Maximum 5 tables
    • Queries: Minimum 3 reports, Maximum 5 tables
  • Marks will be based on the workability of the system, the user interface and report produced (technical and aesthetical values)

Meta Introduction

  • You need to provide a documentation on your work that explains about your application
  • Submission of project:
    • Submit soft copy along the hard copy
    • Schedule of presentation will be determined once all groups have been established

Meta Introduction

civility in the classroom
Civility in the Classroom

Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment which is conducive to learning.

In order to assure that all students have an opportunity to gain from time spent in class, unless otherwise approved by the instructor, students are prohibited from using cellular phones or beepers, eating or drinking in class, making offensive remarks, reading newspapers, sleeping or engaging in any other form of distraction.

Inappropriate behavior in the classroom shall result in, minimally, a request to behave his/herself.

Meta Introduction