Infographic - create an effective segmentation (1)
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Infographic - create an effective segmentation (1) . Behavioural Geographical Psychological. Behavioural segmentation allows you to build segments of potential consumers due to promotion types channels and product category (Chaffey, 2012).

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Infographic - create an effective segmentation (1)

Behavioural Geographical Psychological

Behavioural segmentation allows you to build segments of potential consumers due to promotion types channels and product category (Chaffey, 2012)

Collecting and analysing information of consumers based on their located region

Solomon et al (2010) argues psychological segmentation can help define the market.

Analyses people’s values, beliefs, interests, attitudes and lifestyle.

Students inStudents inMature AdultsManchester cityFallowfieldin city centrecentre

  • Target market population aged 20-30 year olds in city centre increased to 123,500 in 2011 [2]

  • Manchester has the most vibrant inner city [3]

  • Adults living in the city centre must have a reasonable disposable income

  • Nightlife on doorstep resulting to not purchasing alcohol from delivery service

  • Because their not at university may be hard to interact on social media

  • Alcohol on demand may not be what adults want to be associated with as it is a more youth setup

  • variety of 24 hr supermarkets spar, Tesco express, off – licenses open all night in city centre [4]

  • Home to 14,000 people with a large student backbone [1]

  • 2nd and final year students in houses that don’t feel the need to go into the city centre, house parties, demand for instant alcohol

  • Fallowfield smaller area than city centre so much easier and quicker to deliver services with less resources

  • Social media users target through alcohol delivery, universities, nightclubs, friends, student unions

  • local supermarkets and off licenses closed after 11pm

  • Low disposable income as opposed to first years

  • may choose low cost over convenience due to them mainly being 2nd and 3rd year students

  • Large target population with a total of 50,000 students in Manchester [5]

  • More so disposable income than students in Fallowfield

  • Laziness, may choose convenience over price

  • Social media users

  • Appreciate the cool service

  • Busy area, hard to deliver quick, lack of resources

  • First year students would rather experience the city nightclubs than staying in halls of residence

  • Competition such as off-licenses, 24 hr Tesco express open at night

Issues and Risks

  • Payment options when placing an order online or over the phone

  • How to verify discount of orders with student coupons found on social media

  • Confirmation of legal age 18+ when placing an order or delivering the service

  • Ethical issues e.g. if students are too drunk to be placing orders, how to maintain professionalism and great service

  • Focusing on just the Fallowfield area may lead to loss of large custom in the city centre

  • City centre too large for delivering alcohol would require more resources such as staff, vehicles, products

  • Students new to the city would see 24hr supermarkets open at night

  • First year students tend to be in the city, don’t know their drinking limits and therefore don’t need encouragement

  • Nightclubs are on the doorstep alcohol delivery wouldn’t be their service

  • Mature age group may see this service as for more youth

  • City centre requires more resources for the company

  • As social media engagement is priority for purchase, understanding this segments social media would be difficult as opposed to students

  • No positive way of connecting to this segment therefore demand may be low


Demographic – Second, placement and final year students, 19-26, male & female

Geographic– Fallowfield most highly populated student area in greater Manchester, avoids the city centre saves time, cost & resources more of a demand from customers in this area as local off licenses, supermarkets will be closed

Psychographic– Heavier drinkers, more partying local such as in houses as to nightclubs, paying high cost for living therefore want to make the most of it, tend to be larger groups of students, target audience through social media







Chaffey, D (2012) Digital Marketing: strategy, implementation and practice, 5th ed. Pearson LTD