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Resumes Top Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Resumes Top Tips

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Resumes Top Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on - The skilled job application writer will ensure that their cover letter is punchy and grabs the attention of the recruiter.

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Resumes Top Tips

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resumes top tips
Resumes – top tips
  • Job application writing is a skill most seem to have difficulty with. It is very hard to sell yourself effectively and therefore most people would not think they were a great job application writer.
  • Cover page :- I like to be different and call my “Resume” an Experience and Skills Summary – just to be different and stand out. If the recruitment agency or business gets 1000 Resumes – they are sure to only get one Skills and Experience summary and therefore this will help you have your application remembered. Your “Resume” will be instantly distinct.
  • Career Objective:- While this really is a bit wishy washy I do still put a statement about my career objective or the career objective of my client and show how this aligns with the job you are applying for.

Qualifications/Professional Memberships:- I next list any formal qualifications ietertiary studies or professional memberships.

  • Career Achievements:- This is where I try and include 3 to 5 significant career achievements to really demonstrate your skills and experience and what you have accomplished over your career. You don’t state here that you have delivered quality service to clients or that you are a great team member.
  • Career History:- This is where you detail the jobs you have undertaken over your career and who you worked for, from when to when, what was the position title and what were the key roles and responsibilities of that role. You need to make the roles sound really important – not just mundane run of the mill duties. Only generally go back to the past 10 years – roles older than 10 years ago are now out of date and to me not really relevant..

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Provision of specialist carpentry and labouring services to residents of Brisbane and South East Qld.
  • Coordinate materials, equipment and other resources require to complete jobs for clients in line with client needs and budget.
  •  Oversee project progress and completion.
  •  Undertake estimating activities in order to price jobs and provide competitive quotes to clients.
  •  Liaise with client to identify job requirements and expectations.
  •  Liaise and consult with other stakeholders including Government/Council agencies, suppliers etc with respect to job progress;
  •  Undertake innovative marketing activities to promote business services.
  • Undertake financial management activities including preparing invoices and meeting ATO requirements with respect to BAS and taxation issues.

Training/Certificates:- List here any training you have undertaken in-house or any certificates you hold.

  • Personal information:- Yes here is where your personal information is address/contact details are put. You do NOT identify your age, marital status, whether you are a smoker etc. Most people put their personal details up the front of their Resume on the first page.
  • Referees:- List two or three referees here their contact details and position titles. These referees must say the sky is green if you say that in an interview so they really have to be people who will support you and your claims 1000%.

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