romeo and juliet act v n.
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Romeo and Juliet: Act V

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Romeo and Juliet: Act V - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Romeo and Juliet: Act V. By: Joe, Brittani, and Gabby. Scene 1. Mantua. A street. Character Summary. Romeo (Main character of the story, in love with Juliet, a Montague ) He learns that Juliet is dead in this scene and begins his ride home to see Juliet. Balthasar

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romeo and juliet act v

Romeo and Juliet: Act V

By: Joe, Brittani, and Gabby

scene 1
Scene 1

Mantua. A street.

character summary
Character Summary
  • Romeo
    • (Main character of the story, in love with Juliet, a Montague) He learns that Juliet is dead in this scene and begins his ride home to see Juliet.
  • Balthasar
    • (Friend of Romeo and servant) He brings news of Juliet’s “death” to Romeo.
  • Apothecary
    • Gives Romeo a poison to take his life in this scene
plot summary
Plot summary
  • Balthasar comes to tell Romeo the news he found about Juliet, she’s dead.
  • Romeo is so depressed he goes to Apothecary to buy a poison that will kill him as soon as he drinks it. The man is reluctant to sell him the poison, but he gives in because he is tempted by gold.
scene 2
Scene 2

Friar Laurence’s Cell

character summary1
Character Summary
  • Friar John
    • He was suppose to deliver a letter to Romeo saying that Juliet was in a fake death and to come back and collect her.
  • Friar Laurence
    • He explains how important the letter was and then heads out to the tomb to collect Juliet and keep her safe for Romeo.
plot summary1
Plot Summary
  • Friar Laurence finds out that his letter to Romeo could not be sent. They thought the letter was infected so they didn’t send it.
scene 3
Scene 3

A churchyard; in it,

a monument belonging

to the Capulets

character summary2
Character Summary
  • Romeo
    • He arrives to the tomb only to find Paris. He fights and kills Paris. He himself drinks poison to kill himself when he says good-bye to Juliet.
  • Juliet
    • ( Main character, in love with Romeo, a Capulet) She is in the tomb and wakes up to find Romeo dead beside her. The Friar tells her that she must go and join a nunnery, but after he runs, she takes Romeo’s dagger and kills herself.
  • Paris
    • (A nobleman, was going to marry Juliet, killed by Romeo) He was paying his respects to Juliet, but then sees Romeo. Thinking he is there to disgrace the Capulets, he fights him. He is killed. His dying wish was to lay next to Juliet.
  • Friar
    • He comes into the tomb too late and finds Romeo and Paris dead and Juliet waking up. He tells her that she must run away, for her husband and Paris are dead and her family thinks that she is dead. He then explains to Prince how Romeo and Juliet were in love and died for each other.
characters cont
Characters (cont.)
  • Balthasar
    • Explains to Friar that Romeo went into the tomb and that he wasn’t allowed to go into the tomb.
  • Chief Watchman
    • Finds Romeo and Juliet dead in the tomb.
  • Prince
    • (Ruler of Verona) Explains to the Montagues and Capulets how their feud killed Romeo and Juliet. He says that they will be punished severely.
  • Capulets
    • Mourns over Juliet and makes a truce with Montague.
  • Montagues
    • Mourns over Romeo and makes a truce with Capulet.
plot summary2
Plot Summary
  • Romeo finds Paris at Juliet’s tomb. Romeo fights Paris and kills him.
  • Romeo drinks the poison and dies right before Juliet wakes up.
  • After Juliet wakes up she tells the Friar to leave so he doesn’t get in trouble. Juliet shoots herself before everyone gets to the tomb.
  • The Friar tells everyone what happened with Romeo and Juliet. Then the Capulets and Montagues are finally at peace with each other after their children died.