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The Hospitality Industry and You

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The Hospitality Industry and You - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Hospitality Industry and You. Chapter One. What is Hospitality?. “The reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers with liberality and good will”. Oxford English Dictionary. I bet many of you are wondering… What Does “Liberality and Good Will mean ”?.

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what is hospitality
What is Hospitality?
  • “The reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers with liberality and good will”.
          • Oxford English Dictionary
i bet many of you are wondering what does liberality and good will mean
I bet many of you are wondering…What Does “Liberality and Good Will mean”?

Liberality: means generosity or broad-mindedness

Good Will: means willingness to help others

three main objectives of the hospitality manager
Three Main Objectives of the Hospitality Manager
  • As a successful manager in the hospitality industry, you must exhibit many skills and command much specialized knowledge all directed toward achieving the managerial objectives listed below:
    • Make the guest feel welcomed
    • Make sure things (products & services) work for the guest
    • Make sure the operation continues to provide service and make a profit
    • Lets explore each objective individually...
make the guests feel welcome
Make The Guests Feel Welcome!
  • This requires both a friendly manner on your part toward the guest and an atmosphere of “liberality and good will” among the people who work with you in serving the guest. That often translates to an organization in which workers get along well with one another.
  • (Chapter 1 Page 6)
make things work for the guests
Make Things Work For The Guests
  • Everything needs to be clean and in working order before the guests step foot on the establishment. A hospitality system requires a lot of work and the manager must see that it is done properly and maintained at all times.
  • (Chapter 1 page 6)
make sure the operation continues to provide service and make a profit
Make sure the operation continues to provide service and make a profit.

As a manager, the key to achieving this objective

lies in achieving a controlled profitable operation.

A good term to describe this management concern is

“conformance to budget.”

(Chapter 1 Page 6)

brief summary of management s role in the hospitality industry
Brief Summary of Management’s Role in the Hospitality Industry
  • There were three main objectives of a hospitality manager:
    • Make the Guests Feel Welcome
    • Make Sure Things Work for the Guests
    • Make sure the operation continues to provide service and make a profit.

Simply stated, these objectives suggest that managers must be able to

relate successfully to employees and guests, direct the work of their

operation, and achieve operating goals within a budget - that is, to run

a productive operation within certain constraints.(Chapter 1Page 6)

why study in a hospitality management program
Why Study in a Hospitality Management Program?

As Peter Drucker, a noted management consultant, pointed out,

“Today the center of our society’s productivity is the knowledge

worker, the man or woman who applies to productive work ideas,

concepts, and information. In other words, knowledge is crucial to

SUCCESS, and studying is a necessary part of your overall

preparation for a career as a supervisor or manager.

We spend at least half our waking hours at work. Work lies at the

heart of a person’s life and can lead directly to self-discovery!

So Why Do People Work?

(Chapter 1 Page 7)

why people choose to study hospitality management
Why People Choose to Study Hospitality Management
  • They have experience in the industry and want to continue growing and changing with the industry.
  • They are interested in the hospitality industry.
  • They have ambition and know that they can grow as a professional in the industry.
why do people work
Why Do People Work?
  • Work is an activity that produces something of value for other people
  • To make a living
  • To get a sense of who they are and to bind themselves to the community
  • To enhance self-esteem
  • To feel self-fulfillment
  • To contribute to others
factors to consider when evaluating a job offer
Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Job Offer
  • Income
  • Professional status
  • The employer: company’s commitment to training, opportunities for advancement, and quality of the company’s operations
  • Potential job satisfaction
  • Skilled jobs
trends affecting the future of the hospitality industry
Trends Affecting the Future of the Hospitality Industry
  • Increasing competition
  • Emphasis on service
  • Customers’ growing value consciousness
  • Changes in marketing and management made possible by technology
trends affecting the future of the hospitality industry1
Trends Affecting the Future of the Hospitality Industry
  • Increased responsibility for employees and managers through employment
  • Greater diversity of the workforce
  • Customers’ concerns with security
  • Consumers’ and governments’ concern with sanitation
  • Globalization