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Best Practices. Current Reality. Standardized Test Prep. Standardized Test Prep. Content separated into separate disciplines. Discrete steps delivered through lecture format. No time to apply skills to authentic activities.

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Best Practices

Current Reality

Standardized Test Prep

  • Content separated into separate disciplines

  • Discrete steps delivered through lecture format

  • No time to apply skills to authentic activities

“Lots of brief lessons on multiple unrelated topics literally force shallow thinking.”

Richard Allington, Professor of Education

Students Struggle With: literally force shallow thinking.”

  • Problem solving

  • Reading and following directions without support

  • Making connections to their world.

  • Inventing things for themselves, including games.

  • Finding different ways of doing things.

  • Lacking a road map for themselves with regard to their learning.

Career Focus literally force shallow thinking.”




Context Based

Critical Thinking







Zapotec Trek Unit literally force shallow thinking.”

Student Feedback literally force shallow thinking.”

It was fun and easy to use!

You can learn a lot.

The website was organized and clear.

It had a lot of cool information.

I had a good time learning about the culture!

Teacher Feedback literally force shallow thinking.”

  • Organized and engaging

  • Website user-friendly and easy to navigate

  • Learning was embedded in technology with a lot of visual content.

  • Each lesson was different so the kids didn’t get bored.

  • Detailed and full of culture and history

Conclusion literally force shallow thinking.”

  • Challenges

  • Impact

  • Acknowledgements

Questions? literally force shallow thinking.”

Media Sources literally force shallow thinking.”

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