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Best Practices

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Best Practices. Wednesday, June 23. Generating Interest in Committee Work. ASD Newsletter Webinar to advertise work of committee and seek involvement News dissemination Define projects needed – do work in task groups/allow for ownership Possibility of flyer to market committee achievements

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Best Practices

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best practices

Best Practices

Wednesday, June 23

generating interest in committee work
Generating Interest in Committee Work
  • ASD Newsletter
  • Webinar to advertise work of committee and seek involvement
  • News dissemination
  • Define projects needed – do work in task groups/allow for ownership
  • Possibility of flyer to market committee achievements
  • Assign action items for outside the meetings – encourage responsible member to include others at their workplace
committee weeks
Committee Weeks
  • Schedule meeting jointly with other Committees and/or Aerotech conference
  • Standard for ASD Spring/Fall
  • International Conference in May, ‘mid term’ work group meetings in Fall/early winter
  • Hold combined Committees meeting with papers every 2 years
  • Planning to start combined effort with another committee meet as required
  • Already meet with another Committee, have invited a 3rd
succession planning
Succession Planning
  • Steering Committees nominates and vote son membership
  • Committees usually nominate V. Chair and V. Chairperson moves to Chair
  • Co Chairs in Tech Groups
  • Subcommittee Chairs/V ice Chairs and level of commitment to attend and accomplishments
  • Task Group Chairs
  • Key users formal Subcommittee to nominate next Chair
  • Monitor term limits, have depth of organization to fill positions as they are scheduled.
global participation
Global Participation
  • AE-7 Europe subcommittee (is it insulting to participants to call this a ‘shadow’ committee
  • G-12 – Worldwide membership/attendance (Europe/Asia etc)
  • A-6 – schedule semi annual meeting abroad
  • G-3C – Industry 5K PsI fitting harmonization with Airbus
  • EUROCAE/Canada/Japan/Brazil
  • Hard to achieve unless committees can meet overseas
  • SEAT – has worldwide, Europe, Asia, South America
  • If any committees have success, including info in staff report
virtual meetings
Virtual Meetings
  • Targeting monthly Webex meeting between Committee meetings
  • G-3 – occasional meetings to address specific tasks/projects
  • Need for SAE support to run G-3 Meetings with virtual attendance availability
  • Used for specific issues/topics, not for general meeting
  • Used for ‘task group internal’ not for general meeting
  • G-8 has users in Europe that never can attend due to travel constraints. This would help
  • If needed – not required practice
shadow committees
‘Shadow’ Committees
  • Shadow Committees extend Document time
  • Agreements need to be carefully worded
  • When in doubt, don’t
  • Foster greater international participation (AE-7)
  • Match up with EUROCAE
  • Goal of ‘shadow’ situation would have to be well defined and agreed upon
  • We can’t have Subcommittees, but we can have Shadow Committees?
  • Committee meeting jointly at SAE HQ and SAE London office with teleconference
  • Guidance is needed in this area to ensure compliance in a global setting
  • Guidance needed
  • Have to recognize difference between various governments
  • Use Corp ITAR/EAR advisors
  • Solicit independent ITAR review
  • Internal vetting of material before release to Committee
  • Lobby to eliminate
committees focusing on industry needs
Committees Focusing on Industry Needs
  • Good mix of user and supplier involvement helps (DITTO for G-3)
  • Define needs (Aero/SAE staff/Internal to Committee)
  • Survey from SAE ‘What do you need/want?’
  • Seeking a successful practice for injecting standards into academic realm
  • Letters from stakeholder with technical needs
  • Task groups developing requirements for new products or enhanced performance
holding meetings at sae hq
Holding Meetings at SAE HQ
  • At least attend every 2/3 years
  • Would lose some involvement from Committee attendees
  • Location is majority rule. Recommend staff report, include photos, meeting space etc
  • Are other SAE office locations available eg. Troy/Atlanta
  • Consider once every 4 years
  • Good for small Committee Meetings
  • G-3 already has one scheduled for Fall
standardize meetings and processes
Standardize Meetings and Processes
  • Steering Committee – admin task groups (internal work/review s review cycle for Documents
  • Hyperlink all Documents to the agenda for ease of review
  • Already follow SAE Meeting template
  • Retain good leadership after term limit is up by offering other positions in CommitteesWould help to encourage Webex availability for those who can’t be present (DITTO for G-3)
  • Development of spec template to aid in future spec creations and revisions
what is your committees best practice
What is Your Committees Best Practice?
  • AS-3 social dinner night
  • Keeping meeting to one day and assign work off line to save $
  • Webex between the face to face meeting – save $, check/update status/action items, more participation (including member’s bosses)
  • G-3- task groups, Webex participation, driving to resolutions quickly, revising docs (quality and flow)
  • Ability to assimilate members and comments from worldwide membership
  • Doing work in task groups
  • Steering Committee
  • Making meeting interesting, enjoyable and easy to sit through
  • Users and suppliers work extremely well together
  • A-6 – hold document breakout sessions to move document along