the kennedy assassination n.
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The Kennedy Assassination

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The Kennedy Assassination - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Kennedy Assassination. November 22, 1963 Friday Dallas, Texas. Clip 1. John F. Kennedy. Jacqueline Kennedy. Jackie. JFK. Gov. John Connally (TX). To help local candidates running for office. Attend a fund-raiser for local Democrats. His VP (Johnson) is from Texas.

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the kennedy assassination

The Kennedy Assassination

November 22, 1963


Dallas, Texas

Clip 1




Gov. John Connally (TX)

why is kennedy in texas

To help local candidates running for office.

  • Attend a fund-raiser for local Democrats.
  • His VP (Johnson) is from Texas
Why is Kennedy in Texas?

Clip 2, 3

why might tx be dangerous

In 1963 – 400 threats on JFK’s life

  • Texas is (politically) ____________
  • Traditionally, they vote _________
  • JFK is ____________
  • Adlai Stevenson (UN Ambassador) had been in TX and was spit on.
Why Might TX be Dangerous?

Many people watching the parade.

  • Made had still cameras.
  • Some had movie cameras.
the zapruder film

Only film recording of the bullets hitting.

  • Zapruder was a local dressmaker who happened to be filming this event for his daughter.
The Zapruder Film
timeline of major events

Friday - November 22, 1963

  • JFK lands at Love Field (Dallas, TX)
  • JFK and motorcade head to Trade Mart
  • 12:30 – Shots fired at JFK
    • Police rush into Book Depository
    • Only employee missing = Oswald
  • 1:00 – JFK pronounced dead
Timeline of Major Events

Clip 6


1:15 – Oswald shoots police officer Tippet

  • 1:50 – Oswald arrested in movie theater
  • Sunday - November 24, 1963
  • 11:00 - Jack Ruby shoots Oswald
    • (on live TV!)
  • Monday – November 25, 1963
    • JFK buried (Arlington Nat. Cemetery)
    • Oswald buried
timeline cont

November 29, 1963

    • Warren Commission created
    • To find out who killed JFK
  • September 24, 1964
    • Warren Commission findings published
Timeline (cont.)
warren commission says

Oswald shot JFK by himself

  • Shot from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository
  • Used an old Italian bolt-action rifle
  • Shot THREE bullets; hit JFK with TWO
Warren Commission says…..
warren commission says1

Oswald killed Officer Tippet.

  • Jack Ruby then killed Oswald the next day.
Warren Commission says…

Magic Bullet Proof



    • District Attorney Jim Garrison (of New Orleans) tries Clay Shaw for the murder of JFK
    • Only trial brought in the assassination
    • Clay Shaw found not guilty.

1976 – 79

    • House Select Committee on Assassinations
    • Case re-opened
    • JFK was “probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy.”
    • Oswald still blamed as shooter.
    • No other person named!


    • Acoustical Report
    • National Academy of Science to review auditory evidence.
    • Said NO shot was fired from Grassy Knoll Area


    • Oliver Stone makes JFK
    • Puts forth conspiracy theories.
    • Popular at box office


Together Breathe

More than one involved

why think conspiracy

Seems like difficult shots.

  • Eyewitnesses talking immediately.
  • Ruby killed Oswald.
  • Government had lied about Watergate…why not this?
  • Balance needed.
Why Think Conspiracy?
three shots fired
First shot missed JFK’s car

a. JFK turns around at the sound

b. James Teague hit of the cheek by a pavement fragment while standing ahead of the car.

  • Second hits both JFK and Connally

a. The “Near-Pristine”

b. The “Magic Bullet”

Three Shots Fired
shots from the grassy knoll

Veteran gets on ground when he hears shots from behind him.

  • Zapruder saying shots coming from behind him.
  • RR worker saying he saw a flash of light and smoke behind the fence.
  • Jean Hill (across street) saw smoke and movement behind fence.
Shots from the Grassy Knoll?
who might want jfk dead
The Mob
  • The Teamsters (Union)
  • The Cubans
  • Left-Wing Extremists (Communists)
  • The CIA
  • Right-Wing Extremists (Conservatives)
Who Might Want JFK Dead?
the mob
RFK expanding prosecution of organized crime (since he was Attorney General)
  • Judith Campbell seeing JFK and Sam Giancana (at the same time). (Ended in 1961)
  • Jimmy Hoffa being indicted on jury bribery charges.
    • Kill the President to get Bobby off their case?
The Mob

Turned up 24-hour coverage of Giancana.

  • JFK seemed fallible since he…
    • Had many women
    • Sought Castro’s death
    • Putting too much pressure on Mob
  • Mob wanted access to Cuba for tourism, gambling
jimmy hoffa teamsters

Teamsters = only union NOT favoring JFK in 1960s

    • Local unions moving AWAY from Teamsters
  • On trial for wiretapping. Trials NOT going well for Hoffa!
Jimmy Hoffa (Teamsters)
the cubans
Eisenhower had given Mob the “green light” to assassinate Castro.
  • JFK wanted Castro out also.
    • Knew of Ike’s assassination attempts before the Bay of Pigs.
  • Had motives, but probably not involved.
The Cubans
left wing extremists communists

Upset over anti-Cuban policies

  • Upset over Bay of Pigs Invasion
  • Upset over Cold War tensions with USSR.
Left-Wing Extremists (Communists)
the cia
Screw up with Bay of Pigs Invasion.
  • JFK splintering CIA and its power
  • Firing many important people
  • Probably not involved.