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Robert Kennedy Assassination

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Robert Kennedy Assassination. By Taylor Pompei. Why was RFK in California ?. June 4, 1968 Los Angeles, California Robert F. Kennedy was waiting for election results to come in from the Democratic primary in California.

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why was rfk in california
Why was RFK in California?
  • June 4, 1968
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Robert F. Kennedy was waiting for election results to come in from the Democratic primary in California.
  • 1,800 supporters waited for him to come down to the Ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel to give his victory speech.
the shots
The Shots
  • After his victory speech, RFK went through a side door that went to the kitchen pantry.
  • He took this door as a short cut to the Colonial Room where the press was waiting.
  • While making his way through the pantry short cut, SirhanSirhan opened fire with his

.22 pistol.

  • Kennedy's Assassination
six wounded
Six Wounded
  • Sirhan was able to shoot off all eight bullets.
  • Six people were hit.
    • Robert Kennedy fell to the floor bleeding.
    • Speechwriter Paul Shrade had been hit in the forehead.
    • Seventeen-year old Irwin Stroll was hit in the left leg.
    • ABC director William Weisel was hit in the stomach.
    • Reporter Ira Goldstein's hip was shattered.
    • Elizabeth Evans was also hit in the forehead.
  • RFK was taken 18 blocks away to Central Receiving Hospital.
  • They realized he needed brain surgery and transferred him to Good Samaritan Hospital in which he arrived at 1:00 a.m.
  • Kennedy went through 3 hours of brain surgery but at 1:44 a.m. he was pronounced dead at the age of 42 on June 6, 1968.
  • Once police searched Sirhan’s house, they found handwritten notes stating thing such as:
    • “RFK must die”
    • "My determination to eliminate RFK is becoming more and more of an unshakable obsession… He must be sacrificed for the cause of the poor exploited people.”
  • On April 23, 1969, SirhanSirhan was sentenced to death but was never executed due to California getting rid of the death sentence in 1972.
  • Sirhan is currently imprisoned in Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California.
multiple shooters conspiracy
Multiple Shooters Conspiracy
  • Based off the autopsy, the bullet wound located behind Kennedy’s right ear was too big for it to be Sirhan’s .22 pistol.
  • The autopsy also shows that the bullet would have had to come from behind RFK when Sirhan was ALWAYS in front of Kennedy.
multiple shooters conspiracy1
Multiple Shooters Conspiracy
  • Witnesses have also said that after RFK was shot, they heard a girl in a polka dot dress shout “ We got him, we got him! We shot Kennedy” as she hurried away.
  • People have claimed they saw Sirhan talking to a girl in a polka dot dress before the assassination.
  • Police have not looked into it and claim that she was probably shouting “They shot Kennedy.”
hypnotized conspiracy
Hypnotized Conspiracy
  • Sirhan pleaded that he was hypno-programmed into killing RFK.
  • It is said that he cannot remember anything that had happened the night of the assassination.
  • Doctors have also found that he has memory blanks in his mind.
  • Hypno-programmed could be the cause of his memory loss.
palestinian conspiracy
Palestinian Conspiracy
  • SirhanSirhan was a Palestinian–born and moved to the United States at the age of 12.
  • RFK was an Israel supporter.
  • Due to the dislike between the Palestinians and the Isrealites, Sirhan could have been taking his anger out on RFK because he supported Israel.
works cited
Works Cited