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  2. ABOUT UFS FIRE PROTECTION THE VALUE INSPECTION PROGRAME We get it. You want a worry free fire protection program from someone you can trust. That’s why we created the Cintas Fire Protection Value Inspection Program; a program that provides complete compliance along with extraordinary benefits… all backed by our exclusiveguarantee. • IT’S OUR PEOPLE • Locations in your local economy, servicing your neighbors. We are staffed for 24-hour emergencysupport • For any reason we will take over communication and interaction with the Fire Officeon yourbehalf • You are assigned a certified repair specialist when any of your devices are deficient or in need of correction. • Our repair turnaround time is much faster than the industryaverage • IT’S OUR PROCESS • Technicians use portable Device to keep records of your equipment in a central database so that no equipment is missed duringinspection • Service reminder cards and emails so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to schedule aninspection • On-the-spot, printed invoices and inspection reports as well as electroniccopies • Customer awareness report that details your entire fire protection system, devices and any recommended preventative maintenance we noted, even if we weren’t inspecting that equipmentformally • Increased efficiency and reduced risk of extinguisher failure through our Even Exchangeprogram • IT’S OUR PROMISE • At United Fire Systems, we are so confident in the services that we provide that we offer a ComplianceGuarantee. • This guarantee reflects the commitment that UFSC has made to providing perfect service to its customers. • Trust UFSfor your fire protectionneeds. • If after we inspect your devices and the Fire Officerdetermines you are out of compliance, wewill: • Re-inspect the device(s) within 48hours • Credit your account the original value of theinspection • Perform a walk-through with the Fireofficer 3


  4. THE UFS DIFFERENCE : OUR TECHNICIANS Our Fire Service Technicians are the lifeblood of our organization. By hiring, training and deploying the most qualified technicians, we have set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry. Your professional Cintas technicians are always in uniform and easily identifiable. • EXPERIENCE : • Average industry experience of our technicians is 15 years in fireprotection • Over 90% of our advanced technicians have earned at least a NICET Level Onecertification • Over 100 industries servicedannually • Over 1000thousandfire extinguishers servicedannually • TRUSTWORTHINESS : • All technicians are thoroughly screened and background checked duringhiring • Detailed post-service review andexplanation • Authentic and sincere Customer Awareness Report provided, explaining any noted deficiencies and recommended preventativemaintenance • All technicians accountable and guided by the UFS Fire Protection CustomerCharter 5

  5. FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSPECTION & TESTING “Fire extinguishers shall be subjected to maintenance at intervals of not more than one year, at the time of hydrostatic test, or when specifically indicated by an inspection or electronicnotification.” NFPA 10 VersION2010 YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE Portable fire extinguishers are your first line of defense in the event of a fire. Ensuring that every fire extinguisher in your facility is compliant and functional requires a great deal of time and meticulous attention to detail. Apartnership with Cintas gives you priceless peace ofmind. Through our rigorous processes, we will inspect, service and maintain your fire protection equipment to the highest industry standards. Cintas ensures your fire protection equipment will be ready in the event of an emergency by providing consistently reliable service and producing on-site inspection reports, including locationsurveys. Extinguisher Replacement Program Our exclusive Even Exchange program enables our technicians to provide extinguishers of like or better quality that have already been tested inone of our Regional Processing Centers in trade for your extinguishers due fortesting. UFS-Online Service Status Our proprietary Portable Route Computers contain a running inventory of all fire extinguishers within your facility. This level of detail enables us to monitor every piece of equipment, print your invoice and inspection report on-site at the time of service, and provide an itemized invoice with cost forecasts for your next service. • Details of your inspection include: • Size of theextinguisher • Type ofextinguisher • Location • Manufacturedate • Last testdate • Benefits of our Even Exchange program: • Fewer visits cut down onrelated administrativetasks • No discharging, testing and rechargingof extinguishers in yourfacility • Less interruption to productivity • Consistency ofservice 6

  6. FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSPECTION & TESTING Regional Processing Centre Our Regional Processing Centers perform all necessary testing and maintenance for every type of fire extinguisher. Operated bytrainedand certified professionals, these centers ensure consistent service by minimizing the number of persons handling each extinguisher, maintaining assembly-line production in a temperature-controlled climate, and performing quality audits on everybatch. • What does this mean foryou? • Drastically reduces the chances of pressure leaks inextinguishers • Fosters greater efficiency and productivity in theworkplace • Ensures industry compliance and reducesliability • OUR TESTING • MONTHY, OUR TECHNICIANS VEFIFY THAT : • Every extinguisher is in a designatedplace • No objects are obstructing access orvisibility • Pressure gauge reading or indicator is in the operable range orposition • Proper fullness is achieved for self-expelling-type extinguishers, cartridge-operated extinguishers and pumptanks • Tires, wheels, carriage, hose and nozzle for wheeled extinguishers are in operablecondition • Indicator is working properly for non-rechargeable extinguishers using push-to-test pressureindicators • ANNUALLY OUR TECHNICIANS VERIFY THAT: • Observe and document hazards aroundextinguishers • Check gauge for properpressure • Check extinguisher manufacture date to determine if additional testing/maintenance isneeded • Check cylinder for visible damage that wouldresult in removal fromservice • Remove discharge hose and check forobstructions • Remove tamper seal and pull pin to ensureremoval is notinhibited • Clean theextinguisher • Ensure extinguisher is mounted on approvedhook • Apply new tamperseal • Replace annual inspectiontag 7

  7. HYDRANT, SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSPECTION & TESTING “The facility owner is required to have the automatic sprinkler system component tested annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly, in accordance with NFPA 25. More frequent testing may be required by the local authority having jurisdiction." NFPA25 REASONS FOR SPRINKLERS FAIL TO OPERATE 2% Damagedcomponent Manual intervention defeated system 9% Lack of maintenance 15% 53% System shut off beforefire Inappropriate system for fire 20% • UFS COMPREHENSIVE INSPECTION & TESTING : • Think of your Hydrant & sprinkler system as your lowest cost employee. It is there 24/7, always on duty to help extinguish a fire automatically and report an alarm condition to the firedepartment. • UFS Technicians inspect your systems with meticulous detail and care, keeping you and your facilities' safety in mind at all times. We ensure your system is properly inspected and ready to activate in a fireemergency. • Every one of our technicians is dedicated to continuous education in theseareas: • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) • State and local Fire Office codes • Factory training andcertification • UFSprovides 24-hour emergency service to diagnose and repair any problems you may have with yoursystem. 12

  8. HYDRANT, SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSPECTION & TESTING • OUR TESTING • QUARTERLY OUR TECHNICIAN INSPECTS: • Water flow alarmdevices • Valve supervisory alarmdevices • Supervisory signal devices(except valve supervisoryswitches) • Hydraulicnameplate • Mechanicaldevices • ConsiderThis • Sometime before midnight on October 15, 2004, afire began on the 34th floor of a 56-story government office building in Caracas, Venezuela. Fortunately, the building was unoccupied at the time, exceptfor • a handful of security personnel who evacuated safely. • Despitethefactthatasprinklersystemhadbeeninstalled, the fire did more than $250 million in damage, burning the structure’s contents from the 34th floor to the 50th. Why? Because, as previous inspections revealed, the sprinkler system had not been properly tested or maintained, thus it wasn’t in working condition. The building designers said local fire alarm panels weren’t connected to a building-wide panel and the standpipe system was inoperable at the time of thefire. • Properly maintained sprinklers save lives and prevent costly propertydamage. • ANNUALY, OUR TECHNICIAN INSPECTS : • Buildings before rainy season • Hanger/seismicbracing • Pipefittings • Sprinklers • Sparesprinklers • Informationsignage • Water flow alarmdevices • Valve supervisory alarmdevices • Supervisory signal devices(except valve supervisoryswitches) • Nameplate • Mechanicaldevices 13

  9. FIRE ALARM TESTING & INSPECTION Facilities are required to have detection and alarm systems’ components visually inspected and tested monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually as spelled out in accordance with Table 10.3.1 of nFPA 72. “Visual inspections shall be performed in accordance with the schedules in Table 10.3.1 or more often if required by the authority having jurisdiction.” NFPA72 UFS TECHNICIANS KNOWS HOW TO MAINTAIN THE FIRE ALARMS AND KEEP THEM OPERABLE • At UFS, our technicians are experienced and trained in the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems to ensure code compliance and full functionality. Our trainingincludes: • Factory certifications for specific fire alarm types andmanufacturers • Local certifications by state and localauthorities • Third party certifications such as UL,, CSA International, NAFED andNICET The UFSdedication to continuous training and education for our fire alarm technicians ensures that inspections of your systems not only meet the standards, but exceed them. Additionally, our technicians can provide design and installation support due to expansion, tenant improvement or local/national codechanges. 14

  10. FIRE ALARMS INSPECTON & TESTING • OUR TESTING • SEMI ANNUALY OUR TEAM INSPECTS : • Batterylife • Radiant energy firedetectors • Water flowdevices • Valve supervisory switches • ANNUALY OUR TECHNICIAN INSPECTS : • Batterylife • Fiber-optic cablepower • Control unit troublesignals • All reporting devices to the control unit testedfor operation, including audibletesting • ConsiderThis • A properly maintained fire alarm alerts occupants and expedites evacuation of thebuilding. • The fastest, most accurate data is communicated to the monitoring entity and forwarded to the firstresponders. • Data shows a fire can double in size and intensity every 30seconds. • EVERY ALTERNATE YEAR INSPECTION: • Perform sensitivitytest 15

  11. FIRE ALARM MONITORING UFSNet : Faster signal transmission speed vs. traditional fire alarmcommunication CintasNet Internet Telephone Cellular 1 -3 Seconds 4 -6 Seconds 45 Seconds 45 Seconds UFSNetlinks your existing commercial fire alarm panel to your central emergency monitoring station (EMS) via radio frequency—without telephone line charges, cellular charges or tower-based private radio fees. Patentedmesh network technology enables the CintasNet system to analyze and select alternate routes for the EMS. Cost is reduced as speed and reliability areenhanced. EMERGENCY RESPONSE IS AS FAST AS YOUR ALARM COMMUNICATIONS UFS understands the value of your people, property and productivity. With every second a fire burns unreported, losses increase dramatically for you and yourbusiness. A reliable monitoring service can make a significant difference during an emergency at your facility. UFS provides both top-of-the-line standard, hard-line fire alarm monitoring and an even faster, less costly wireless monitoringsystem. 16

  12. FIRE ALARM MONITORING UFSNet Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring • Lowercosts • No phone lines, cell orradio towers, or relatedfees • Units in the network areboth receivers andtransmitters • Multiple communicationpaths to the EMS add system stability andresilience • Long-rangemonitoring • Network easily expandableby adding more transceiverunits • System accommodates multi-buildingfacilities • High reliability andspeed • Patented mesh network creates multiplepaths for theEMS • Faster signal transmission speed vs. traditional fire alarm communication technology; morereliable • Low installation and managementcosts • EZ Switch installationprocess • Cost efficiencies when bundled withCintas fire alarm monitoringagreement 17

  13. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS TRAINING UFS Fire Training Program Includes : • Overview of the fire protection equipmentinstalled in yourfacility • Review of proper procedures and evacuation routes in case of afire • Emergency preparednesstraining • Awareness of firehazards • Review of the types of fire extinguishersand their properuse • Identification of the classes of fires and how to fight eachone • Indoor and outdoor hands-onexperience 21

  14. THE UFS FIRE PROTECTION CENTRALISED ACCOUNTS DEVISION TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: For corporations and property managers with multiple locations/facilities, fire protection is too important to ignore, yet too complex and widespread for you to dedicate adequate resources and fullycontrol. At each property, there could be multiple service due dates, multiple vendors, numerous upgrades and dozens of contacts to remember—not to mention working with the Fire & Safety Officers and staying compliant with new localrequirements. At the UFS, Centralised Accounts Division, we simplify the web of vendors, regulations and obligations of fire protection for you— across all yourfacilities. ONE VENDOR, ONE SAFETY MANAGEMENT PROGRAME • A single, dedicated point of contact for all yourneeds • Full service on all types of fire safetyequipment andsystems • Track equipment in all locations with service dates and notes in a singledatabase • Consolidated billing and customizedreporting • Routine and emergency service from 03UFSC-owned- and-operated facilities • Every invoice and repair quote from thefield • is independently audited for technical andcost validity by our team of technical experts at our Fire National AccountsCenter • We take full responsibility for any and all communication with the local Fire Office 22


  16. UNITED FIRE SYSTEMS CONTACT US Mahad, Raigad Chiplun, Ratnagiri Contact No : +918149149149 +919820715865 Khopoli, Raigad Email : sales@unitedenergysystems.in Mangaon, Raigad service@unitedenergysystems.in Nerul,Navi Mumbai WWW.UNITEDFIRESYSTEMS.IN Bavdhan, Pune

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