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Political Parties

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Political Parties. Development of Parties. Overreaching Concepts. Political parties, once _____ in the United States are now increasingly _____ Political parties function differently at the national, state, and local levels.

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overreaching concepts
Overreaching Concepts
  • Political parties, once _____ in the United States are now increasingly _____
  • Political parties function differently at the national, state, and local levels.
  • The United States has a strong __________________ that makes it difficult for minor parties to succeed
  • Political party delegates often differ ___________ from average voters
growth of american parties
Growth of American Parties
  • James Madison warned against factions in Federalist No.10
    • “The Public Good is disregarded in conflicts of rival parties, and …measures are too often decided, not according to rules of justice and the rights of the minor party , but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority.”
  • Farewell Address of 1796 President George Washington warned against the “baneful effects of the spirit party.”
growth of american parties1
Growth of American Parties
  • By President’s Washington 2nd term two parties had formed:
    • Federalist-
    • Democratic-Republicans-
  • Parties Before the Civil War
    • After John Adams in 1796 the Federalist power quickly declined
    • The Democratic –Republicans Banner helped Thomas Jefferson win in 1800 and 1804
      • They continued to dominate through the 1820’s
    • Conflicts over Banking, tariffs, and slavery shattered the party by 1828 (Andrew Jackson)
    • The Democratic-Republicans split into two parties:
      • The Democrats (Andrew Jackson) and the National Republicans (Whigs)
growth of american parties2
Growth of American Parties
  • Through the 1850’s and the Civil War a split emerges within both parties. The _____ merge into the Republican Party who stands on a platform of opposing the spread of _______
  • After the Civil War
    • .
  • Great Depression and After
    • 1932 -
    • After 1968 -
what is a political party
What is a Political Party?
  • A political party is a…
functions of political parties
Functions of Political Parties
  • Recruiting-
  • Provide Information-
functions of political parties1
Functions of Political Parties
  • Organize the government-
  • Act as a Watchdog-
    • Both of our major parties are “election-oriented”
history of the two party system in the u s
History of the Two Party System in the U.S.
  • Tradition-
    • Federalists-led by Alexander Hamilton
    • Anti-federalists-led by Thomas Jefferson
  • Single-Member Districts-
    • The single-district system discourages minority parties because there can only be one winner and most people do not want to waste their vote on a candidate that can not win
history of the two party system in the u s1
History of the Two Party System in the U.S.
    • Voting laws also _______________________ (majority candidates are automatically placed on the ballot, where are minority parties have to get a certain number of signatures.
  • Shared principle and Beliefs- although there are differences, the 2 major parties are similar because they try to __________ as many voters under the same umbrella
    • Americans are a …….
    • Both parties are …….
parties and party systems
Parties and Party Systems
  • One-Party System
    • The party is the government
      • Their _______ set governmental policy
      • In some cases dissent only arises….
      • Often in elections only …
      • Authoritarian
        • 1917 Russian Revolution
        • Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, and China
      • Non-Communist Nations
        • Theocracy: Iran (Islamic Republican Party) and Mexico (PRI-Institutional Revolutionary Party)
      • *domination of one party over another party in regions of the U.S.
        • This has changed over the past thirty years as more elections have shown changes in voter patterns
types of parties
Types of Parties
  • Multiparty System-
    • Several parties can join to from a majority or a ___________________
    • When shared power breaks down, new elections must be held
    • Causes instability
    • More than one political party
      • France-5; Italy-10
        • Different parties have different ideologies
  • Two-Party Systems--
types of parties1
Types of Parties
  • Minor Parties or Third Parties-

(Usually neither major party is meeting the needs of those who join.)

    • Ideological Parties-
      • Comprehensive view of social, economic, and political matters Ex: socialist party, Libertarian Party
types of parties2
Types of Parties
  • Single-issue Parties-
    • Ex: Free-soil Party opposed slavery, Know Nothing Party opposed immigration of Irish Catholics, or the Right to Life Party which opposes abortion today.
    • Most ___________ as the issue is resolved or one of the major parties has embraced their cause.
types of parties3
Types of Parties
  • Economic Protest Parties-
    • Usually sectional parties that proclaim their disgust with major parties
    • Focus anger on enemies such as wall street or the railroads
    • Ex: Greenback Party focused on farmers who were experiencing difficult times between 1876 & 1884
    • Ex: Populist Party that demanded public ownership of railroads
types of parties4
Types of Parties
  • Splinter Parties-
    • Usually formed around a _____________
    • Someone who has not gotten the presidential nomination
    • Collapse when that leader steps aside
    • Ex: Teddy Roosevelt started the Bull Moose Party when he broke away from the Republican Party in 1912
types of parties5
Types of Parties
  • Reform Party (1996)-Ross Perot the leader of this party does not fit any category because he was interested in a variety of issues such as tax reform, medicare, social security, trade policies, and campaign finance. He felt that neither party was capable or willing to lead the country.
functions of political parties2
Functions of Political Parties
  • Impact of Minor Parties
    • Influence the ________ of elections
    • Force major parties to pay ________ to important issues
    • Major parties than take their ideas as their own
  • Membership in Parties- membership in a party is _________, usually composed of a broad-base of voters. (Never have all members of a particular group tied themselves permanently to one group or another.)
development of parties1
Development of Parties
  • American political parties are among the _________ in the world
  • At one time parties were able to ______________ in a way that gave local machines enormous power
  • Today, parties are relatively weak because of the ______________ that has reduced their power
  • Many Americans have lost an ___________ to a particular party