super c tau in novosibirsk n.
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Super-c-tau in Novosibirsk PowerPoint Presentation
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Super-c-tau in Novosibirsk

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Super-c-tau in Novosibirsk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Super-c-tau in Novosibirsk. Bogomyagkov Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Novosibirsk International Workshop on e+e- collisions from Phi to Psi September 19-22, 2011. Requirements. Beam energy from 1.0 to 2.5 GeV Peak luminosity is 10 35 cm -2 s -1 at 2 GeV

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super c tau in novosibirsk

Super-c-tau in Novosibirsk


Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics


International Workshop on e+e- collisions

from Phi to Psi

September 19-22, 2011

  • Beam energy from 1.0 to 2.5 GeV
  • Peak luminosity is 1035 cm-2s-1 at 2 GeV
  • Electrons are polarized longitudinally at IP
  • Energy calibration by Compton backscattering

(~(5  10)10-5)

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

  • Two rings with Crab Waist collision scheme and single interaction point
  • Sub-mm y at IP
  • Preserving of emittance and damping times through the whole energy range to optimize the luminosity
  • 5 Siberian snakes to obtain the longitudinally polarized electrons for the whole energy range
  • Highly effective positron source (50 Hz top-up injection)
  • Polarized electron source
  • 2.5 GeV full energy linac

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

crab waist
Crab Waist

(P.Raimondi 2006)

  • Large Piwinski’s angle (z/x∙/2) – to decrease the overlapping area
  • Low y – luminosity increase
  • Crab waist – to suppress betatron resonances (sextupoles in phase with IP)

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

main ring scheme
Main ring scheme

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

facility scheme
Facility scheme

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)


A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)


A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

optical functions
Optical functions

IP: y=0.8 mm, x=40 mm

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

final focus
Final focus

Compensation Solenoid

Detector Yoke


Anti Solenoid





A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

final focus1
Final focus

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

qd0 quadrupole
QD0 quadrupole
  • SC iron yoke twin aperture magnet
  • Excitation current 8.5 kA·turns
  • Single aperture 2 cm
  • Gradient 10.7 kGs/cm
  • Length 20 cm
  • Prototype production has started!

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

radiation parameters
Radiation parameters

4x1.5m Wigglers @ 50 kGs λ=20cm

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

damping wiggler
Damping wiggler

Wiggler field amplitude vs energy

Wiggler prototype is ready

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

polarized electron source
Polarized electron source

In 1995 this kind of PES was developed by BINP for NIKHEF (Amsterdam).

Well-known technology!

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

polarization scheme
Polarization scheme

Arrows show the electrons spin direction

Electrons come from polarized source and 2.5 GeV linac

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

polarization degree versus energy
Polarization degree versus energy

5 snakes

3 snakes

1 snake

luminosity tune scan
Luminosity tune scan
  • CW advantage:
  • BB coupling resonances are suppressed
  • Wide red area corresponds to 1035 cm-2s-1

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

beam beam simulation
Beam-Beam simulation

Working BB parameter

CW advantage: even for y = 0.2 there is no large beam blow-up and luminosity degradation. Safety margin for BB effects!

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

energy acceptance
Energy acceptance

Energy bandwidth 2% with chromaticity corrected and all main nonlinearities (including the crab sextupoles) is obtained.

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

dynamic aperture
Dynamic aperture

ΔE/E = 0

ΔE/E = -0.5%

ΔE/E = +0.5%

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

injection facility
Injection facility

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)


FF region

Ready-built tunnel

Technical reg. (RF and injection)

Damping wiggler sections

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)

  • The lattice, meeting all main requirements (800 m y, chromatic correction, momentum bandwidth, longitudinal polarization, luminosity optimization for wide energy range, etc. ) is ready.
  • FF key element, twin-aperture SC quadrupole prototype is being manufactured.
  • Prototype of the damping wiggler is ready.
  • Civil construction is under way.
  • Detailed machine design and beam dynamics simulation is in progress.

A.Bogomyagkov (BINP)