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U.S. HISTORY EOCT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. HISTORY EOCT. ARE YOU READY? HELPFUL HINTS AND REVIEW. We have never mentioned Grover Cleveland in this class… so you must focus on the content of the question. The question is asking about Corporations and how they interact with people….

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We have never mentioned Grover Cleveland in this class… so you must focus on the content of the question.

The question is asking about Corporations and how they interact with people…

In this question, don’t get frustrated about the fact that you might not know all these different railway names…

REMEMBER – Focus on what you know, not what you don’t know.

First thing you should ask is…

  • What is a Corporation?
  • If they are becoming abusive, what is that referring to?

The question in buried in all this mess at the end… Find it and focus on that.

We should ALL know the relationships that are associated with the Transcontinental Railroad!

This question actual has two correct answers.

In this case… choose the one that BEST answers the question or that we focused on in class.


Have we ever talked about the Treaty of Fort Laramine… NO

Figure out what the question is asking and Focus on What You Know!

What’s Your FIRST rule in this question…


Don’t look at the Poster, instead, read the question to determine what you need to know…


To determine if you even need to look at the Poster.

Do you need to look at the Poster to Answer this question?


So what does this title and author tell you about the content of the passage… if you don’t know, You’ll have to read.

What’s My Rule? “Hit Clicker”

  • Don’t read the Passage unless I have too

2. Look to see if there is a Title or Author


Make sure you pay attention to definitional claims here… there could be more than one possible answer.


Remember your rule… don’t read the passage unless you MUST

Read the question and go from there!

With a question like this, don’t get caught up on the date.

Look at the topic or issue the person was surrounded by… Civil Rights!


We have NOT talked about Earth Day… or Sen. Gaylord Nelson…. But does that matter?

What is the focus of the question?

All choices are negative except for one… if the government is going to respond to the environment, it’s going to be in a positive way.

Remember your rule… don’t read the passage unless you MUST

Remember: Focus on what you know.

The question is focusing on John Locke’s “Role of Government”… Don’t let the term “Enlightenment” throw you off!!


These Questions can be tricky… Hint!!

If a question has the word EXCEPT in it, That means that 3 of the 4 answer are correct, you are looking for the one that is incorrect. (A needle in a Haystack)

Instead of looking for the incorrect answer, find all that are correct and that will leave you with the one that is incorrect.


Remember the Rule:

Map of the Louisiana Purchase 1803

Do you need to look at it?

Jefferson’s thoughts Passage… Do you need to read it?


What’s the Rule!!

What’s the Rule!!

After reading the question, can we logically find an answer… or do we need to take a look?


Read The question 1st!!!

What’s the Rule…

Read the question first, find out what it is that you are looking for!!!

Based on the question, do we need to reveal the content of the box?

Based on the information in the box… what generalization can be made about ALL content?

Based on the information, do we need to read the passage?

Content says nothing about:

A: Cold War

B: Civil Rights

C: Industry leaving cities


D: Content shows economic prosperity (growth)

: an ending of unfriendly or hostile relations between countries


Look at your answer choices, what generalization can be made:

A: Amazing resolve

B: Lacked leadership

C: Not able to

D: Did not believe

First off: What is the FOCUS of the question…

So which of these would cause a continuation or prolonging of the Cold War?

DO NOT get caught up in the wording of the rest of the question:

Truman, Fall of Soviet Union, 1991


What’s my Rule!!!

Read the question… Based on question focus, can you answer it without looking at the above timeline?

Yes: We should be able to… BUT, if you can’t, what MUST you do?

Where is the Townshend Act… The question focus is, how did the colonist respond to it…

So, on the timeline we are looking for colonial actions that take place AFTER the Townshend Act!!

If the Townshend Act were enacted in 1767, and repealed in 1769, your answers has to have taken place between those two years.


What’s the Rule?

Can you answer the question without looking at the content?

This is the end of Part 1. You will now have a 5 minute break. You may not go back and look at any questions in Part 1.