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Division of Science

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Division of Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division of Science
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  1. Division of Science 2010-2011 Ruth Stark, Acting Dean of Science CCNY Review Committee Meeting April 27, 2011

  2. Divisional Mission • To provide undergraduate and graduate programs in the Sciences and Mathematics • To advance knowledge through creative research and scholarship • To provide academic, educational and technical services to the City and State of New York • To provide opportunities to a diverse student body by fostering student-centered education and advancing knowledge through scholarly research

  3. MMA Ruth Stark Organizational Chart Acting Dean Ruth Stark CCAPP Nkem Stanley Norma Archer Assistant Dean Laurent Mars Undergraduate Advising/CCAPP Millicent Roth Advising Dianne Campbell Connie Harper Darla Thomas • Research Facilities • Bykov, I. Falquez, • J. Morales, A. Pacheco, • P. Pradhan,H. Wang, • L. Yang Accreditation & Graduate Programs Elizabeth Rudolph Computing Services Karl Li Sandy Ko Communication & Finance M. Boydston-White Daniel Fimiarz Frank Pace Premedical Studies Belinda Smith Annieta Brown Centers and Institutes Interdisciplinary Degree Programs Departments Academic Support Programs MARC/RISE Jonathan Levitt Mark Steinberg Biology Christine Li RCMI Jerry Guyden Earth Systems Sci & Engineering JeffreySteiner Chemistry Simon Simms CASI/CENSES Daniel Akins CCNY/MSKCC Partnership Karen Hubbard Sustainability in Urban Environment Kyle McDonald IUSL Bob Alfano EAS Jeffrey Steiner PLTL / PLUSH D. Gosser & G. Kowach Mathematics Ethan Akin Biotechnology Christine Li Levich Morton Denn Physics Marilyn Gunner

  4. Undergraduate Enrollment Waiting for Science Declared Major

  5. Promoting Student Success • City College Academy for Professional Preparation (CCAPP) (NYS CSTEP grant) • UG peer mentoring partners • Service Learning: obesity, sustainability, food & cancer • UG – G mentoring partners: Palefsky; Sloan (pending) • Problem solving: peers, technology, tutors

  6. Adding Vibrant Academic Programs • BS – MA: Biology (9/10); Chemistry (LOI) • Biotechnology: BS, Joint BS with BCC, MS (LOI approved by CUNY, full proposal in preparation) • Sustainability: Joint MS with GSOE & Arch. • Geotech: Environmental Assessment Technical Masters Degree (under construction) • Nano- and Bio- Materials Science: CENSES, MS course • Biophysics: MS courses

  7. Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded

  8. Graduate Enrollment

  9. Graduate Degrees Awarded

  10. Tenure-Track Faculty

  11. Faculty Hiring Strategies

  12. Promoting Faculty Success: Research, Teaching, ‘Life’ $6.2M 5-yr total (avg $1.24M/yr) Challenges: renovation, cash flow • New Faculty Handbook • Workshops on Teaching

  13. Faculty Success: External Research Funding

  14. Infrastructural Improvements

  15. Research Infrastructure: Core Facilities Expenditures (users + Dean of Science)

  16. Facility Manager: Jorge Morales Light Microscopy: Electron Microscopy: *Usage includes time required for maintenance

  17. Facility Manager: Alexey Bykov Nanofabrication: X-ray diffractometer: *Usage includes time required for maintenance

  18. Facility Manager: Hsin Wang Facility Manager: PradhanPadmanava Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: *Usage includes time required for maintenance

  19. Facility Manager: Lijia Yang Mass Spectrometry: Facility Manager: Scott Berlant Chemical Stockroom: Killed by RF *Usage includes time required for maintenance ** Sales figure for 03/2009-03/2010

  20. Raman Microscope John LombardiChemistry PhosphorimagerKevin Ryan Chemistry Histology Mark PezzanoBiology Facilities Managed by Faculty 2-Photon Microscope Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras Biology Electronics and Machine shopsPhysics Department

  21. Division Communication and Management • Science Forum (http://forum.sci.ccny.cuny.edu) • intranet for communication, organization and resource management • Student and faculty surveys • Divisional database • ForumCURES • New Facilities Work Order • New IT Work Order System

  22. Intellectual Life, Community, Fun! • Research Seminars & Colloquia (>150/yr!) • ‘Who got the Nobel Prize & why?’ (with other divisions) • Open House events for new Ph.D. students • Macromolecular Assemblies Institute ‘Taste of Science’ events • Departmental kickoffs for undergrad majors • CC Academy for Professional Preparation Poster Presentation • Family Science Day, Family Dinner • Community Meetings, Groundhog Day Party • Science Division Graduation/Celebration • ‘Einsteins in the City’ Student Conference

  23. Research Staff Organization (other than core facilities)