social science computing a division of sas computing l.
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Social Science Computing a division of SAS Computing

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Social Science Computing a division of SAS Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Science Computing a division of SAS Computing Mail System Upgrade New Services Anti-spam Anti-virus Security options Easier account creation More dedicated resources Mail Server To provide new services, mail server change sun.ssc to

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new services
New Services
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus
  • Security options
  • Easier account creation
  • More dedicated resources
mail server
Mail Server
  • To provide new services, mail server change
    • sun.ssc to
  • Consolidating departmental mail servers
    • More efficient to manage one server
  • SAS will invest resources
    • Most mission critical server in SAS
e mail addresses
E-mail addresses
  • E-mail addresses will not change

will still be valid addresses

will also be a valid address

e mail software
E-mail software
  • Continue to use same e-mail client software (e.g. Netscape, Eudora, Outlook)
  • Settings must be changed to contact different server
  • IMAP server

  • SMTP server

imap and smtp
  • IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol
    • For incoming mail and folders
    • Preferred over POP because it can read folders on the server
    • Most e-mail clients support IMAP
  • SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
    • For outgoing mail
  • Change in servers will require an entire weekend
  • The change over will start at:

Friday, 13 June at 5:00 p.m.

  • The change over will be completed by:

Monday, 16 June at 8:00 a.m.

or sooner 

  • During the weekend of the change over, mail will not be available.
  • No mail will be lost, only delayed in delivery.
after server change over
After server change over
  • E-mail software settings must be changed.
  • IMAP server

  • SMTP server

  • Users can change software settings themselves. Instructions will be available.
  • Extra computing staff will be available to help users change e-mail software settings.
disk space
Disk space
  • Inbox size is limited to 20 mb.
    • Higher limits degrade service for everyone
  • Users can move messages from inbox to other IMAP folders on server and still read and respond to them
    • Sufficient disk space for IMAP folders will be available.
  • Messages will be moved automatically to another IMAP folder if inbox exceeds limit
    • Automatic movement occurs when the inbox reaches 15 mb. to ensure that the user can continue to receive mail
mailing lists and aliases
Mailing lists and aliases
  • Must use complete address:

  • Use complete address for all e-mail to ensure proper delivery
special needs
Special Needs
  • Let us know about any special needs that you have such as mail filters
  • E-mail software settings on off campus systems will need to be changed
  • Extra staff will be available to help users to fix any problems that arise
credits upgrade team
Credits: Upgrade Team

SAS Computing

  • Workstation Services
    • Jim Noonan
    • Warren Petrofsky
  • Social Science Computing
    • Tim Cheney
    • Jim Kane
    • Cynthia Kwan-Dukes
    • Vincent Hurtubise
    • John Marcotte
will my email address change
Will my email address change?
  • Your email address will remain the same. Email will reach you if sent to any of these domains:
will my from address be @sas
Will my ‘from’ address be @sas?
  • Many mail packages allow you to set your address
  • You can also set the “reply to” field in your mail software.
  • You can also set your address on the server at this URL:
i don t have an account on mail sas
I don’t have an account on
  • This will be done for you. Your username and initial password will be the same as your sun.ssc account.
  • If you already have a account the username and password will remain the same. If you are unsure of your password you can reset it easily.
will my web page or other non mail files be moved to mail sas too
Will my web page or other non-mail files be moved to too?
  • No. Only mail folders will be moved. If you have special needs please ask us.
why will i need a sun ssc account anymore
Why will I need a sun.ssc account anymore?
  • You will need it for web pages, file shares, and to run programs.
how will new people open accounts
How will new people open accounts?
  • There will be an online webform to open new accounts
  • There are also online applications for changing quotas, vacation messages, forwarding and passwords!
are there quotas on mail sas
Are there quotas on
  • Inbox
    • The maximum size is 20 mb.; that’s a hard limit.
    • When the inbox goes over 15 mb., enough mail is moved out of the inbox to another IMAP folder to reduce the inbox to 12 mb.
  • Other folders
    • Users will have sufficient space to accommodate current and near future needs
can you help with filtering spam
Can you help with filtering Spam?
  • has an optional spam filter
  • It is OFF by default, and you must opt in and set it up. You can do this with the easy web interface.
how about viruses
How about viruses?
  • scans for viruses on the server level.
  • It is not foolproof and local scanners should be maintained as before.
directions more information
Directions, more information