social science computing a division of sas computing l.
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Social Science Computing a division of SAS Computing PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Science Computing a division of SAS Computing

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Social Science Computing a division of SAS Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Science Computing a division of SAS Computing

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  1. Social Science Computinga division of SAS Computing Mail System Upgrade

  2. New Services • Anti-spam • Anti-virus • Security options • Easier account creation • More dedicated resources

  3. Mail Server • To provide new services, mail server change • sun.ssc to • Consolidating departmental mail servers • More efficient to manage one server • SAS will invest resources • Most mission critical server in SAS

  4. E-mail addresses • E-mail addresses will not change will still be valid addresses will also be a valid address

  5. E-mail software • Continue to use same e-mail client software (e.g. Netscape, Eudora, Outlook) • Settings must be changed to contact different server • IMAP server • SMTP server

  6. IMAP and SMTP • IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol • For incoming mail and folders • Preferred over POP because it can read folders on the server • Most e-mail clients support IMAP • SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol • For outgoing mail

  7. Timeline • Change in servers will require an entire weekend • The change over will start at: Friday, 13 June at 5:00 p.m. • The change over will be completed by: Monday, 16 June at 8:00 a.m. or sooner  • During the weekend of the change over, mail will not be available. • No mail will be lost, only delayed in delivery.

  8. After server change over • E-mail software settings must be changed. • IMAP server • SMTP server • Users can change software settings themselves. Instructions will be available. • Extra computing staff will be available to help users change e-mail software settings.

  9. Disk space • Inbox size is limited to 20 mb. • Higher limits degrade service for everyone • Users can move messages from inbox to other IMAP folders on server and still read and respond to them • Sufficient disk space for IMAP folders will be available. • Messages will be moved automatically to another IMAP folder if inbox exceeds limit • Automatic movement occurs when the inbox reaches 15 mb. to ensure that the user can continue to receive mail

  10. Mailing lists and aliases • Must use complete address: • Use complete address for all e-mail to ensure proper delivery

  11. Special Needs • Let us know about any special needs that you have such as mail filters • E-mail software settings on off campus systems will need to be changed • Extra staff will be available to help users to fix any problems that arise

  12. Credits: Upgrade Team SAS Computing • Workstation Services • Jim Noonan • Warren Petrofsky • Social Science Computing • Tim Cheney • Jim Kane • Cynthia Kwan-Dukes • Vincent Hurtubise • John Marcotte

  13. FrequentlyAskedQuestions

  14. Will my email address change? • Your email address will remain the same. Email will reach you if sent to any of these domains: • • • •

  15. Will my ‘from’ address be @sas? • Many mail packages allow you to set your address • You can also set the “reply to” field in your mail software. • You can also set your address on the server at this URL:

  16. I don’t have an account on • This will be done for you. Your username and initial password will be the same as your sun.ssc account. • If you already have a account the username and password will remain the same. If you are unsure of your password you can reset it easily.

  17. Will my web page or other non-mail files be moved to too? • No. Only mail folders will be moved. If you have special needs please ask us.

  18. Why will I need a sun.ssc account anymore? • You will need it for web pages, file shares, and to run programs.

  19. How will new people open accounts? • There will be an online webform to open new accounts • There are also online applications for changing quotas, vacation messages, forwarding and passwords!

  20. Are there quotas on • Inbox • The maximum size is 20 mb.; that’s a hard limit. • When the inbox goes over 15 mb., enough mail is moved out of the inbox to another IMAP folder to reduce the inbox to 12 mb. • Other folders • Users will have sufficient space to accommodate current and near future needs

  21. Can you help with filtering Spam? • has an optional spam filter • It is OFF by default, and you must opt in and set it up. You can do this with the easy web interface.

  22. How about viruses? • scans for viruses on the server level. • It is not foolproof and local scanners should be maintained as before.

  23. Directions, more information •

  24. Questions or Suggestions